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About My Fanfics...

Well, for awhile I refused to even try my hand in TNG fics because of all that techno babble they do. I didn't think that I was smart enough or well versed in writing to pull it off. So, I finally faced my fear and wrote my very first fic called "If Only" . I have to admit that I'm not that well pleased with it, as I was when I first wrote it. It has occurred to me many times to delete the story altogether, but for some reason I leave it up. I did have almost thirty chapters written, but my computer's hard drive was completely destroyed and the chapters were lost. So I'll have to basically go from memory on that story - If I decide to keep it!

My second fanfic, which I've noticed has become my most popular one so far is "Within the Confines of Time." Which I have to admit I am very proud of. Although it is still a work in progress. And yes, it will be completed, I am simply too proud of it, to leave it unfinished. But as I've mentioned, life seems to take me away from my escapes.

My third fanfic was "Parallels." Which is a story that is basically up in the air right now, but it's slowly starting to take shape in my mind. That one is simply in a full force state of writer's block mode. But don't worry, I have a timeline for all my stories, except "If Only." So, I have a back up to go too when I'm lost as to what direction I was planning on taking the story. So when the walls come down on this story, it will be updated.

And another little fun fic, which was also my fourth, about Data/Tasha's little incident during the episode "The Naked Now." It's called "Tell Me No Lies." I always wondered what happened, I mean I know they remained close but honestly, was Tasha really never tempted to repeat her history with him. I personally think so, which brings me to what brought about my fifth fanfic, "Deja Vu." That and the fact that I secretly ship Picard/Crusher. So this story was basically a way for me to explore that relationship and see if I could make anything out of it. And to all my Picard and Crusher fans, yes, I am currently working on an update with this story...So don't fret, I plan on taking Picard/Crusher there.

And then there is the sixth, "What a Tangled Web We Weave." A fic featuring Sela/Data but I will let you in on this: Sela has a deep, dark secret that she is trying to keep hid, one that will surely cost her her life and well, let's just say Data is a little too close to figuring it out. This story will also feature another couple that I ship, which is Data's parents...Noonian Soong/ Juliana Tainer. So, me placing Noonian on Romulus with Data, and Juliana just so happening to be on the Enterprise during the rescue mission, well, that was just my way of making that happen. Yep, I manipulated that story line big time!!!

Then there is the seventh - A pure, one shot, smut fic that I wrote based on "Yesterday's Enterprise." I kept replaying that scene where Data and Tasha was alone in the Turbo-lift and I couldn't believe how that scene held so much potential, and yet was neglected. And then I read the original script that was written for that episode, where it was supposed to be Data that figured out that Tasha wasn't supposed to be in that timeline. And yes, they were in a relationship in the original script, so that lets me know that the TNG writers were planning on hooking them up, but then the dern producers dismissed it because, yes, you guessed it, Data isn't supposed to have emotions. Crazy, right! Anyways, I decided to tweak that scene and let it play out the way I saw it happening. It's called "What If." This story is actual Completed, although I have considered a sequel to it.

And then there is my eighth story, (OMG, I NEED TO UPDATE, I AM SUCH A SLACKER) and my latest, "Lien Indissoluble" (which means a permanent binding or unbreakable bond) I went with a French title because, I don't know, I'm just cool like that. Anyhoo, that story revolves around Data/Tasha being reprimanded by Starfleet for having a breakdown in communication concerning their professional lives, so Starfleet decides to send the two to a harsh, frozen planet in hopes that the conditions will cause the two to become closer and stop all the God-forsaken PMS'ing on Tasha's part. After all, Survival Instincts can do some amazing things, especially when your stuck in a perilous condition with someone that you supposedly care about. And yes, I plan on updating it soon, like, very soon.

Now, I will admit that I have another story stirring around in my head concerning this pairing, but I refuse to write it for now because I already have too many unfinished stories out there.


As of right now, ALL of my stories are works in progress, except "What If", that story is complete - Although I might write a sequel to it, not sure yet. But, as a writer, I promise to finish whatever I put out there. The updates may take me a while, partly because I'm involved in helping a lot of people and on top of that I have two little boys that are almost eight and seven years old and they tend to take up a lot of my time. I'm a single mother with three jobs, as well as full-time college, where I am trying to earn my Doctor's degree in Theology. So I am a pretty busy individual, which is why the updates might take so long, so yes, I do go on hiatuses for awhile, but I promise to always come back and update...All I ask is that you hang in there with me, please. I won't leave you guys hanging as a fan of my stories, I promise. It may take some time for me to update, but I will UPDATE!

So, if you enjoy the fanfiction that I write, please review. You would be amazed at how much time a writer invests in just one story, let alone, one chapter. Although I have to admit that I mainly do it, because I love writing and I love the characters. I believe that the TNG writers sorely neglected the relationship between Data/Tasha. I will always believe that despite what happened to Tasha, that Data did always care for her in his own way, even if he wasn't necessarily aware of it himself. And that is why I choose to write my stories from the point of view that Data did have feelings all along...He just didn't know how to recognize them because he had been told most of his life that he had no emotions, so I do try to explain why I believe this theory in my fics.

I also have to admit that I love to entertain the readers as well. I know on a site like this, it's really hard to find a good author, who can actual entertain you with a good story and I know that I may not be that person, but if you think I am, please review. Because it really does fuel the mind and gets the fire burning again. Otherwise, we kind of just get worn out and the updates start becoming slower and slower. But for those of you who do leave a review, I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so... :-)

About Me:

Well, there really isn't much to tell. I write lyrics, theology views and poems. I am a follower of Jesus Christ who takes her faith and relationship with Him very seriously. To me, God is EVERYTHING. I know most of my fics are rated M and have a little bit of cussing in them, but in all honesty, I am writing from the perspective of the character and not from me. It's kind of like, I push aside who I am and place myself into the character instead, much like an actor getting into character. But, in my personal opinion, we serve one Awesome GOD and if you have an open heart, you can see HIS handiwork everywhere! His whole character is LOVE, so I try my best to display that belief because I represent HIM as a follower. But despite all of that, I truly hope you guys enjoy my fics, and I PROMISE to complete each and everyone of them. Right now, I kind of bit off more than I can chew with six fics unfinished. So I believe I'm going to finish my most recent first, then go back to "In the Confines of Time" to complete it. And move from there, towards the others. I am truly sorry that you guys have to wait so long for updates, I plan on trying to rectify that, as I am currently working on some of my stories now. But I want to write ahead a few chapters before I start updating, that way the updates can be more consistent and regular, instead of three to six months apart. I love all you guys and thank you so much for all of the reviews and the support. I am in the process of creating another website on Livejournal, so you guys can find me there too. As soon as it's finished, I'll place the link on this page...But I will always update this page first, before I go to Livejournal. I hope you all are well and I promise to be coming back soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!! :-)

- Wildfire1980

I'm BAAAACCCKKKK!!!! Yes, after a 3 year hiatus, I have decided to hold true to my promise and start the updates my sweet, little peeps! I've even created a poll to see where I should start first. So, if you would all be so kind to cast your vote and if you would share, share, share the link on your social media of your choice, that would be amazing. I've missed you guys! And I've actually checked the stats on my stories and all I can say is God Bless those of you that are still reading my stories in 2018. Always remember to review! Much love to you guys!!!! ;-)


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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The Tsiolkovsky VIrus caused members of the senior staff to reveal their attraction toward certain co-workers. Some even gave in to those desires while others were strong enough to remain at a distance. But what happens when the crew is forced to face their unrequited love for one another again? (This story also revolves Riker/Troi, but mainly focuses on P/C and D/T.)
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