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Author has written 19 stories for Samurai Pizza Cats, Harry Potter, Rugrats/All Grown Up!, Scooby Doo, Bridge to Terabithia, Breakfast Club, Captain Planet, and Digimon.

Welcome to my little corner of!

Who is louie?

I've written fanfiction since I was fourteen - which, needless to say, was an extremely long time ago! Seriously, I think the internet had just been invented ... anyway! The first story I ever wrote was for Samurai Pizza Cats, it was a first draft of T'was The Night Before My Coma. Back then my penname name was Kat*.

Writing for Samurai Pizza Cats was my thing for a long time, then my focus shifted to Harry Potter. Around this point I changed my penname to Louielacious Moe, and stumbled across this website where I've been a writer for over ten years now. I remember the first time I received reviews in my inbox, it made me ridiculously and embarrassingly happy! Down the track I settled on the name stuffbylouie and I've written for many different fandoms ever since.

A bit about the fandoms I've written for:

Samurai Pizza Cats

I discovered this show in the early nineties and it remains my favourite cartoon show of all time. It's hilarious! Flat out comic genius. The first story I ever released on the net was The Samurai Stalker. To rave reviews, I might add! Despite the hideous grammar and spelling errors.

If I had to select a favourite story that I've written, it would be between Some Like It Schmot and Chasing Polly. Some Like It Schmot because I think it's the funniest; Chasing Polly because it ships my all time favourite couple, Polly and Guido. And because Speedy thinks he's pregnant, ha ha! I'd love to write another Polly/Guido fic one of these days.

Favourite character? When I was a kid, Polly. Now it's Guido.

Harry Potter

My whole purpose of writing for Harry Potter was to put Harry and Hermione together. I started writing fanfiction between book four and five, before any of the ships were official. I was also very active on the Harry/Hermione website, writing essays to prove this pairing was going to happen. That's right, essays. Yep, I was a crazed shipper.

So by book six it was clear Harry/Hermione were not going to happen (as the kids like to say these days, I was DEVO). My interest in writing for Harry Potter kind of waned after that. I had a really cool idea for another story, which I've kept on file. Maybe one day I'll give this fandom another shot, but for now I'm very happy and proud of my Everybody Loves Hermione series.

Favourite character? Hermione.

Rugrats/All Grown Up

I was a fan of Rugrats but I never really watched All Grown Up, however I did see a couple of episodes and remembered I briefly liked the idea of Tommy and Lil together. Then I began to muse: wouldn't it be funny if Chuckie and Angelica got together?

Writing for this fandom was very spontaneous. Only Lil and Flavour of My Life are, for some reason, the stories I re-read out of all my stories the most. I'm particularly fond of Chuckie and Phil's military operation in Flavour of My Life. That was a trip.

I'd like to write another story and make the series into a trilogy. Alas! It's in the 'some day' pile along with a lot of other things.

Favourite character? Phil and Lil. More Phil, I love writing Phil the most.

Scooby Doo

A classic! I watched it religiously back in the eighties and nineties, hanging out for romantic moments between Daphne and Fred. It was only natural to write them a little tribute fic, Snowflakes. But you know, as I get older, I actually really like the idea of Daphne/Shaggy. This could be a future story in the making ...

Favourite character? Daphne.

Bridge to Terabithia

I very, VERY rarely get upset in movies ... damn you Bridge to Terabithia!

It's been a long time since I watched it, but I remember after I watched it the first time I had an idea for a story almost immediately. When I wrote Wild Horses, I was very serious about it. I usually write comedy, so this was a nice challenge. I wrote it while listening to the song 'Wild Horses' by Charlotte Martin non-stop.

Favourite character? Jesse and Leslie equally.

The Breakfast Club

It was in 2001 or 2002 that I first watched The Breakfast Club and it instantly became one of my all time favourite movies. I was then compelled, like most authors on here, to write a story about Monday. The future of John and Claire's relationship intrigued me the most. In writing Bender Goes to Prom, I've tried very hard to get Bender's character right. I couldn't write this story if I didn't feel I could do Bender justice! I think for the most part I've done a good job.

This is by far my sexiest story to date. I did not foresee this at all! Maybe this is why it's so popular? I know I'm not the only girl out there who would like to be in Claire's shoes, sneaking around Shermer High School to make out with John Bender. If only!

Favourite character? Bender.

Captain Planet

Hands up if you only watched Captain Planet to see Wheeler and Linka hook up? I know I did! Thank god for Wheeler/Linka, it's what made that show entertaining. You can only put up with Captain Planet's puns for so long ...

I had to write a story for Wheeler/Linka, I loved them so much when I was growing up! I'm so grateful to the readers who said they feel I captured the characters of both Wheeler and Linka in my story If This Wall Could Talk. I hope to finish it one of these days, but first I have to finish Bender Goes to Prom. If I don't, I'm pretty sure my readers will hunt me down with pitch forks ...

Favourite character? Wheeler.


Another moment where I was very, very devo. HOW did Tai and Sora not end up together? Matt and Sora came completely out of left field! This is the basis for my story I Think I Might Love You.

I never actually watched the Digimon series, I only saw the movie and thought it was hilarious. The dialogue was witty and sharp, it reminded me a lot of Samurai Pizza Cats. I then watched a few episodes and immediately stopped watching once I found out about this Matt and Sora rubbish. I Think I Might Love You, besides being a Taiora, is a rich tapestry of shipping madness! It's lots of fun, and I hope to finish it in the near future.

Favourite character? A tough call between Tai and Yolei.

Update, September 14th: Hi! Just checking in. I'm still here, just not writing at the moment. But I will soon :)

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