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Hi. My name is Lachlan.

Well, those of you that have stuck with me and are reading this message, I mainly wanted to say sorry. I apologize for not updating in... jeez it's probably been over a year now. I'm really sorry, it's really all I can say.

I just sorta lost interst in the story and never picked it up, and since then a lot of things in my life have kept me busy and unable to even consider my writing. However I still have been reading other people's stories on Fanfiction, and reading the comments that you guys send to me, and I feel kind of ashamed of myself for not finishing my second story.

I want to get this story finished, and be proud that I put the time and effort into putting it up for you guys to read and enjoy.

I can't give you any kind of date or time, as I have lots of other responisbilities I have to put before my writing, but just keep note that I haven't forgotten Fanfiction or the amazing people that contribute to it, or simply come to support upcoming authors and enjoy their works. The Chipettes Meet the Wolfman will be completed, hopefully soon.

As well I also want to write Fanfiction for other shows, such as My Life As A Teenage Robot.

As I said, I can't give you any date or time, but just remember I am still here and I will update my story again.


Hey guys. I am almost finished on the next chapter, however I am a little stuck. I have a request for anyone who is still paying some interest to my story.

As it has been so long since I updated, I have lost track of the story's timeline (ie How many weeks/days until the school play and consequently the full moon). As this information plays a vital role in the chapter, I can't proceed any further until I know what the timeline is, and I don't want to have to re-read the whole story to work that out, as I am extremely busy at work at the moment, and the precious spare time I have at home can't be wasted re-reading the story to find out.

So if anyone has recently read my story, has memory of the timeline or would be willing to re-read it, I would be most appreciative if you could give me a hand.

Thanks guys, and keep up the great work on your stories, as I still check fanfiction regularly and it makes me happy to see you all becoming better and more skilled writers everyday, and reading all the wonderful, action packed, dramatic or horror filled creations you make so well :)

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