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Joined 07-01-10, id: 2427582, Profile Updated: 07-03-10 a fifteen year old girl. i have a huge crush on kyle, but i kinda wanna marry spiderman someday. im more mature than you might think, and i absolutely love writing. poems, stories, hate letters, love letters, or something totally random, I'LL WRITE IT. im really looking forward to posting stories on here, i have a bunch of ideas :D my stories suck ass compared to most of the amazing writers on this site, but bear with me, im trying my best to improve. (: PS, i can be really perverted. more than you can imagine, coming from a 15 year old girl. ;)

UGH. im not allowed to post stories until two days after i sign up): i've been reading fanfic for like, ever, but i lost my old account & never bothered to create a new one. so yeah, i wrote this one story and i thought, hey, i want some feedback on this, so i decided to make a new account :D and just for the record, im not making fun of jewish people nor am i jewish (im an atheist) but i DO in fact, LOVE

yup, so, about me...i love music, just as im sure the rest of you do. i love reading, writing, drawing, and talking to people :D sometimes i like using big words 'cause it makes me feel kinda smart : i don't want to sound conceited, but i AM smart, just unbelievably lazy. ): anyway..i like pillows, stuffed animals, fruit, singing, being happy, helping others, running, SWIMMING, and...the beach. those are the basics, i believe. oh and also, my favorite color's blue. just..putting it out there(:

uhmm...about my writing, im totally inexperienced, i applied for SOTA for creative writing, obviously, but i didn't make it in. D: people told me they don't accept anyone during the first round & that they're looking for perseverance...but it took me forever to write up my entire portfolio. so uh. yeah. a couple days ago, one guy i know read one of my stories, and he straight up said it sucked. (today's july 3, 2010) i wrote that story when i was thirteen, and i admit, it's not exactly...great..but he wrote three paragraphs criticizing my writing):. so please don't hate on me TOO much. i understand if you don't like it, but..yeah. i still feel stupidly insecure =x= thanks(: oh and ONE MORE THING, i don't usually write sex scenes, i've written one once..i'll try my best with guy on guy though. oh i'll try alright. (:

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