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Update (July 17)

Due to school, things have been a little slow. But I have finally updated a new chapter of Spider-Man! Only two more chapters until the volume is finished. I will fill you in on the future when I post the final chapter. Stay Tuned and please review!

"The Marvelous Spider-Man - Volume 1" (25/27 Chapters)

The Marvelous Spider-Man is my first and only fanfiction series right now. The series contains 5 story arcs of 24 chapters up to right now and three more are in the plans to be added.

"The Marvelous X-Men" (2/5 Chapters)

The X-Men will be the next Marvelous series will be my next installment in this universe. I have been wanting to do X-Men as long as I've wanted to do Spider-Man. The thing about the X-Men is I know a lot less about them than I do Spider-Man. This will hopefully allow me to do some more unique stuff, while adding the comic influence I do know. The series is up! I will post the first five chapters before deciding whether or not this series will continue. So if you like it. Review! Message me! Comment! I take all kinds of feedback. Thanks for checking and I look forward to posting this.


Hello! I am MarvelWriter03. I have been a big fan of marvel comics in the past and use fanfiction to show off my own ideas for the characters created by the great Stan Lee!

I am known to those who keep track as the creator of "The Marvelous Spider-Man" I have crafted 20 chapters up to now and although its been slow due to the lack of urge to write Spider-Man, I am happy with the distance I got in the story and really enjoyed writing every single chapter allowing the series to grow. I also want to thank those who have taken the time to read and review each chapter! It did not go unnoticed and I appreciate every single one!

As for the future, there is no doubt I want to continue writing as a hobby. And maybe in the future I will be able to start on another series such as the X-Men or Avengers! I have several ideas and would love to write each of them. But for now I am simply burnt out in the writing. I will defintely update as much as I can if there will be a new one coming soon!

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the Marvelous Spider-Man. Although it may not see a complete end, I still appreciate every reader and every review. I can only get better with the comments!

Special Thanks

I want to point those also interested in comics to MarvelMaster616, he is an X-Men fanfiction writer who takes his story very seriously! He has devoted lots of time into a website and also has posted several pieces of art, which you can see some pictures I have added to his story. I encourage you to check him out! He has defintely given me some good advice in his reviews and writes great stories himself!

I'd also like to mention ZeroBen, a loyal follower and fan of the series. He's always willing to drop a few comments after reading the latest chapter and i very much appreciate it! So thank you!

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