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'ello there

I'm Sara AKA Crimsonella and I live somewhere in North America. I'm under 20 so I guess I'm still considered young.

I think I started the whole phase of Twilight obsession about two years ago through a classmate. She claimed Edward Cullen had stolen her heart and what did I do? I laughed and stole a piece of licorice from her. Two months later, guess where I was? At a bookstore buying Twilight. Then hunting for money to buy New Moon. Then Eclipse. Then waiting in line for Breaking Dawn. Then, by some miracle, a couple years later I stubled upon fanfiction; which is pretty freaking fantastic, no? I think so.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. I started my first fanfiction called Cradle Me Close (it's down there, do you see it?) It's Bella x Edward from there tween/teen years into their adult stage and it's angst/drama.


AH/AU: When they were young, she stared into his eyes with love and adoration. Now, when she looks into his emerald gems, she sees the cold hard man that tough times made him. When they are faced with blinding reality, they must struggle to re-kindle the flame they thought was buried long ago. A tale of powerful teenage enamor, forgetting the way back, and falling in love with that special person all over again. A tale of the delicacy called love and a tale of the lengths you have to go to bring it back to life.

Check it out. Please? *puppy dog face*

UPDATE 06/08/2011:


I've decided to pull the story Cradle Me Close. If you've read the story you'll notice the mistakes everywhere. I didn't really take the time to get it beta'd which was a huge mistake. To be perfectly honesty, I started this story on a whim. I got hit by this idea of Edward and Bella falling in and out of love and I was so excited to write it that I didn't wait to plan it out first. I thought of a plot as I went along and I kept getting new and new ideas that I just threw them all in there and after a while, I lost track. The story just kept getting less and less realistic and if I were to write the story until it got to the prologue it would probably be 80 chapters. I am so sorry to have to do this because I think it's so ANNOYING and so pointless when authors do this but I finally understand WHY they do it. It's really hard to update a story (and I didn't even have that big of a following for CMC so imagine what the popular authors feel like) and after a while, you sometimes just lose inspiration. Thanks to the small following that supported me for this story and I am really sorry that I had to do this. Maybe one day I can return to the story (but definitely have it revised, haha!) but for now I am pulling it because I WOULD like to use some of the lines that were used in this story for other stories. Once again, I am super sorry!

Hm, my other story is called The Colour Pink On A Rainy Day.

It's AU/AH and it's dedicated to all of those who lost a special someone in the 9/11 attacks. While I have no first hand experience with it, I only meant to do it justice. I do hope it doesn't offend anyone. I give you my word that I meant no harm.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it if you read it (which I would immensly appreciate).


It may or may not be expanded.

Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed.


This is my new project. I'm working with Project Team Beta for this one so hopefully it will be better than my other stories. It's genres are angst, hurt, comfort and it is rated teen. It will remain that way for the rest of the story.


September 27, 2005: The day she was diagnosed. The day she started to die. October 15, 2005: The day she met Edward Cullen. The day she started to live. A/H, A/U, OOC.


I am not pulling ITGOG, I just suck at updating. Like CMC, I kept adding random ideas so it is hard to keep up with them all but don't worry, I am writing chapter six.





Mind checking out my stories? It'd mean a lot.

Okay, so enough rambling.

Skidaddle already.


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