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"And the night and the dark and the hopes and the dreams
As we all play our parts while ignoring the screams
So we lie to ourselves, and we just carry on
Never stop, never turn, don't admit what has gone
Into this twisted story
All these things so clear before me
Every path we've ever taken
Can't admit we were mistaken
In this night of my devising
Never live and never dying
Each escape I've never taken
Never dream and never waken."

--Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Epiphany

Well, hello there.

Well, I like to write. I don't write fanfiction often, but every now and then I do. I tend to complete all or most of the fanfiction before I start posting them, so that you won't have to worry about my story just falling off a cliff and leaving you hanging.

Please, give me your feedback on my stories! :D I'd love to hear anything you have to say, I'm sure. Questions, comments, or anything else--I'm always looking for new ways to improve my writing.

General things you really should check out:

1. The Ace Attorney series. Honestly, it's amazing, and I love it.
2. Everything written by Brandon Sanderson. He's my favorite author.
3. Whichever fandoms I've written for that you aren't a fan of yet. Go on.
4. Dark Shadows, the original show from the late 60s-early 70s. It is absolutely amazing. If you pay attention to nothing else on this list, at least give Dark Shadows a try. Netflix, DVD, however you want to approach it; I recommend starting with episode 210 and then watching a few more to see what you think. If you have any questions about it, ask me. I leap at the opportunity to discuss Dark Shadows!
5. Ask me about my published writing, and I'll give you even more things to check out. ;)

November 28, 2013
Wow, did I really not write a single update since April? Well, here I am to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving--and a Happy Walter Sullivan Day to my fellow Silent Hill fans, two holidays which I neglected to write any fanfiction for! Don't worry. I have not forgotten my fanfiction! I'll be around. :)

April 12, 2013
Well, 302 is now up in its entirety! What's next, you ask? Well, for those of you who read my Resident Evil fanfic (which has now been named "From the Shadows" to distinguish it from the canon RE6), you might also want to read Shades of Gray if you haven't already, because the sequel will be on its way!

December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas, everyone! I know, this is probably the first year where I've failed to produce any sort of holiday special at all...nothing for Halloween, nothing for Thanksgiving, and nothing for Christmas... I've been very busy this year, working on 302 alongside other important things. But there is a bright side to everything! Sure, I didn't get to write a holiday fanfic this year--but today saw the actual publication of an original holiday story I wrote!

October 21, 2012
Okay, so maybe no one looked at my story. Dx But that's not why I'm writing an update today... I'm writing an update to remind you all that we're a month away from Walter Sullivan Day!

August 23, 2012
So, if anyone really did go check out my story after my footnote at the end of Shades of Gray, could you let me know? I have absolutely no way of knowing otherwise...

August 4, 2012
Well, with Interludes over, it's time for me to feverishly work on my upcoming Silent Hill story and hope my Resident Evil fans don't get tired of waiting. ;) I'll also be working to establish my career as a writer--we all have to start somewhere, and right now I have two short stories published. Not a bad start.

April 8, 2012
I'm planning to retcon acknowledgment of Revelations in when I write the sequel to my Resident Evil story, just to forewarn you.

March 27, 2012
Now is one of those periods where I need to take a break to concentrate on the real world, but my fanfiction ideas are still rattling around in my brain.

February 28, 2012
We're almost at the end of RE6. o_o I can hardly believe we've come this far already! I'm going to be posting the next part today, since tomorrow might be too busy and I wouldn't want to have to upload it late. It makes me shiver to think that we've reached this chapter.

January 7, 2012
In a note that is completely unrelated to fanfiction, I just wanted to mention that I read the book Warbreaker the other day and absolutely loved it. It was wonderful!

November 21, 2011
Happy Walter Sullivan Day! I'm very sorry I couldn't do anything special for it for you guys this year. It's just been a little too busy. I don't think there will be a Thanksgiving-themed fanfic this year, either. Still, enjoy the holidays!

October 11, 2011
Don't forget that if you have any comments or questions, you should let me know. :) The semester is getting very busy for me, so I may be late in posting the next part of RE6 tomorrow. DON'T PANIC. It will be posted.

September 2, 2011
Well, the school year has begun, but I shall do my best to keep faithfully updating Resident Evil 6! Keep an eye out on Wednesdays; that should be when each new part goes up.

August 4, 2011
Well, I didn't actually get that many votes. In fact, I had already started writing before I got any votes at all, and the result is that the story I've been working on did not even get the votes of my few voters. We will just pretend that the vote was to determine what I should work on AFTER writing this one. And since I've been writing like a house on fire... (Such a strange simile...)
By the way, how do you guys feel about characters in fanfiction dying? Not that there's any reason I'm asking, of course...

July 19, 2011
Did you enjoy that bit of madness? I certainly hope so. Anyway, I have a lot of plans... So, I took the top few and put them into a new poll for you to view!

May 15, 2011
I am certainly still alive, and still hoping to get some true publications before diving back into the fanfic-writing world. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be too much longer before my Resident Evil/Green Acres crossover is ready. Yes, you read that right. A survival horror video game and a comedy TV show come together in a display of ridiculous insanity.

March 6, 2011
No one ever votes in my polls. xD There is one there, you know... *points to the top of the screen* Someone? Anyone?
Just thought I'd check in and let you know I'm not dead. In fact, I've even taken a short break to write a fanfic...although this one makes my other ideas look sane in comparison. I may not post it at all... ;)

February 12, 2011
Look, I reversed the order of these updates so that the newest one is the first one you'll see! I know I went from posting all the time to not posting anything at all, and I'm sorry about that. I thought my non-fanfiction writing deserved a little attention from me, too.

December 24, 2010
I hope everyone's having a lovely Christmas Eve! You may have seen that Atonement is drawing closer and closer to its exciting finish, and I hope you've all enjoyed that. Also, stay tuned today and tomorrow for a Christmas special set in Room 302! Who ever said ghosts can't have a good time?

November 25, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Amazingly, I did finish my Thanksgiving-themed story on time. It's amazing how much you can write when you're trying to avoid writing an essay. ;)

November 21, 2010
Happy Walter Sullivan Day, everyone! (For those of you who are wondering why it's Walter Sullivan day, just write out today's date--11/21, eh? :)) I hope to do something special for today, but I'm not quite sure what that will be yet. We'll see!
Well, I'm at least publishing the next chapter of Atonement early, so we all can celebrate with the next exciting turn of events. XD

November 11, 2010
Some of you may have a recollection of me saying that I had a lighter sequel to "Something to Protect" in mind, and that it would be out around Thanksgiving. Well, I'm not quite sure when I thought I would be writing this...apparently some time in between working on my book for NaNoWriMo, dutifully updating Atonement, and keeping up with homework, which has been giving me even more stories to write! Amazingly, I have found some time to work on my little Thanksgiving story, but I no longer can say with as much confidence that it will be out in time for the holiday. I'll try my best, though!

October 28, 2010
Well, this week's chapter (Chapter 11) is a bit shorter than the last few have been, but do not worry! I may post another (admittedly goofy) short story for Halloween! By the way, how does my incorporation of the flashbacks work for you guys? If you think there's a better way I could do that, feel free to let me know.

September 9, 2010
Chapter 4 of Atonement is now up, and this is the last part before we get to Silent Hill! Yay! It's also a rather short chapter, and I apologize for that. When Chapter 5 comes out, you'll notice that I gave one of the buildings visited in one of the games major renovations. XD Sorry about that.

September 3, 2010
Am I going to post all updates to my profile as a little dated update like this? Sure looks like it. XD Maybe I'll find a better system. Maybe the newer dates should be at the top. Anyway, it occurred to me that I should mention that I didn't make up Bob, from my story "Mommy's Plans." Some of you may have thought I did. He really does exist (well, in Silent Hill), but he's a minor character of minor characters--mentioned only once or twice, in bits of the diary written in Forest World, so you may not have heard about him at all. I thought it would be interesting to write about him, though, and even have him meet Alessa. Well, that's all I've got to say for now.

August 31, 2010
I rather doubt anyone visits my profile often enough to notice this, but if you do, you may realize that the poll I had up has disappeared. Sorry about that. It wasn't generating very much interest to start with, and I also realized that I'm probably going to end up wanting to write things in my own order, anyway. The one part that I will still state, however, is that if you have some idea in mind and keep thinking, for whatever reason, "Gee, I wish Feriku would write a story about that!" let me know.

August 25, 2010
Chapter 2 is up! (My first time ever posting a multi-chapter story, and it seems to have worked just fine!) These next few chapters are among the most weird, and you may begin to think I'm completely insane. Bear with me. :)

August 19, 2010
The first chapter of Atonement has now been posted. I'll try to update it regularly, so tune in again in a week or so for the next chapter!

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A Friend in Need reviews
It's Blackquill's worst nightmare when Taka falls deathly ill, but he can't do anything for his friend from behind bars. Determined to help out, Athena talks Juniper into caring for the sick hawk. Warning: Dual Destinies spoilers.
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