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Author has written 15 stories for Digimon, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin, Chronicles of Narnia, S.A, Steins;Gate/シュタインズ ゲート, Teen Titans, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Who am I?

I am a human female (though I entertain thoughts of being a robot, an alien, or a deity) living in a country on the planet Earth. Be happy: I just eliminated any male, robot, alien, or deity you happen to know. I have an addiction to hot chocolate, I read more than I should (way, way more than I should), I love to learn random wind instruments on a whim, and I enjoy taking brisk walks around nature preserves while reciting Shakespeare to myself.

By habit, I'm not especially sociable in real life, but there's this wonderful invention that I'm sure you've heard about called the Internet, which makes "real life" not entirely necessary anymore. I'm not unfriendly, I don't think, but I just dislike talking.

As I like to think to myself, I'm the kind of person who spent her childhood roaming through closets trying to find Narnia (still roaming), waiting every year for her Hogwarts letter to show up (still waiting), and watching every shooting star expecting Tinkerbell to land on her windowsill (still watching).

Suffice it to say, for the purpose of this site, you don't need to know much more. My other favorite activity (somewhere among reading, writing, playing wind instruments, and hot-chocolate-consuming) is daydreaming, particularly about various fandoms. And that speaks for almost everyone who chances upon this profile.

My name on here, "crestoflight3," comes from the wonderful anime, Digimon Adventure. It's something I grew up on as a child, and my favorite character at the time, Kari Kamiya, bears the Crest of Light (since then, Joe Kido may have replaced her as favorite from that show, though just barely). My profile names on the Internet sporadically come from whatever book/anime/whatever I'm into at the moment of creation.

Point: I am NOT crestoflight3 on any other site. I have a different username on every site. It's one of my many quirks, along with having a different password with each username...I try to be untraceable online, if at all possible.

Bad/Good news: "If Digimon Could Type" was removed because it broke a guideline here. We're not allowed to have chat-scenario stories. I'm depressed, but I understand the need for the moderators to make sure everyone complies. Me, being the idiot I am, deleted all files of that from existence the day I finished posting. Fortunately, an amazing reader had the foresight to save them all, and recently sent them back to me! If anyone wants to read them again, just message me and we'll work something out, probably through email or something! Thank you to all the reviewers and readers who enjoyed the sporadic randomness and who became a part of my life through it. Cauliflower!

Warnings about me and my style:

Word choices: Yes, I am American. (There! Another hint to my true identity...and that makes me sound like a superhero of some sort...) I'm sorry if not everyone appreciates us in the States, but I can't help where I was born. I speak English, I'm learning Spanish and Danish (on a whim) and a bit of Irish, and I intend to increase my linguistic skills throughout the rest of my life. For the Japanese fandoms, I'll use English translations; that's just how the story appears in my mind.

Female Superiority:Yes, I am a female. Yes, I am the only female still alive that does not insanely support feminism. I...I don't hate feminists, not really, but they annoy me. There is nothing wrong with difference, and I respect males for what they do, just as I respect females for what they can do. I personally feel sorry for all the males in the world who have to sit through lessons about how feminists gained rights, because it just doesn't seem important. If I see intended sexism, either for or against females, I will get mad.

Boy/Boy or Girl/Girl: I am not against this. Honestly. I fully support homosexual marriage and love (I have an innumerable number of friends who have confessed their preference to the same gender - including my best friend and my brother - and I respect them all the more for admitting it). But I am straight, and I can't help that I prefer reading about heterosexual relationships. I don't look for same-gender pairings, because I do prefer the girl getting the guy.

Writing Style: Read my stories. I don't keep a similar style, do I? I go from carefree to tense to detailed to boring. I'm just not sure which style I enjoy, and each style has something different to offer. So it all depends on the story I'm writing...that's another reason I'm on here. I want to establish my personal writing voice. I'm failing miserably.

OC Original Character: I have nothing against them; I do have my own. I've been trying to make a list of's gotten exceedingly long. Oops. But I just will not write them unless as an enemy. I don't read a bunch of OC stories, simply because, as this is Fanfiction, I like to play around with the already established set of characters...

Romance: Dear Fanfiction: romance isn't the reason for breathing. Please understand that. Thank you.

Hypocrisy: Yes, dear friends, I am a known hypocrite. I don't try to be, but it's just what happens. I'm also a liar (if I upload when I say I will, it's a good day) and a stealer (yes, I'm counting writing fanfiction as stealing the original). I'm not a murderer of some innocent character yet, but I'm not saying it will never of these days...and yes, dear friends, this is all in jest. I don't actually have a criminal record, just so you know...

Conspiracy Theory: I am a firm believer that all the old guys of fiction are in a secret league together. Dumbledore, Gandolf, Yoda, Chiron, Gennai, Iroh, Aslan, Gaius, the Doctor, Old Deuteronomy, Zeddicus Z'ul Zorrander, Alther Mella, Hoid...I like to think that they have meetings with tea and story time...

Fatal Flaw: I am JUDGMENTAL. And I'm not overly ashamed of being so. If you're posting on this site, you're admitting that you think your writing is good enough to be read worldwide. So write! And edit! And rewrite! And edit a hundred more times! Spend more time editing than writing new material! Don't post with consistent incorrect grammar, please!!!! I beg you! The occasional mistake is okay, it's expected and excusable and forgettable. But the constant mistakes...this is why I barely read anything on here anymore. It makes me want to delete my account, because I'm ashamed to be associated with a lot of "writers" on here (a lot of writers on here are wonderful, and I'm utterly delighted to know them. But some...). This is why Fanfiction has such a bad name! We are better than this! (End rant. Sorry about that...)

Why I read: There's this magic that happens, in the midst of the pages, when the words disappear and all that's left is the story. Everything is happening, it's real...and when reality returns, and you realize that it was just a book...well, I try not to allow reality to return too often.

Why I write: There's also this magic that happens when you're writing and, suddenly, without any prior warning or thought, the characters are doing their own thing. You don't control them, you're merely acting as the recorder. They have voices, they have physical forms...oh, they might be vague, but they're there. And then, the next day, you reread what you had written and blink and wonder to yourself, "Did I really write that? That was me?" I write for that giddy moment of clarity when anything can, and will, happen, and you're the god of that world you're creating, and you are omnipotent, yes, but you're also terribly powerless to control anything that happens...


Miko: The Undigi Kitty (Digimon): I would delete this if it didn't have followers/reviewers. As it stands, this is on hiatus until such time as I see fit. Sorry!

Welcome Home (Digimon): Also on hiatus, but I intend to rewrite it some random summer. This had been my first story, a fact I'm horribly aware of, so expect better results the second time around!

Do You Believe In Magic (Harry Potter): Updated sporadically, as is my norm with one-shot-based fics. It'll continue once I get more inspiration.

Deemed Again (Digimon/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover): Aang and the Gaang find strange eggs. The Odaiba Digidestined discover special powers. Three (or more) worlds will have to be bridged, if the adventure is to continue. An adventure/friendship fic, on hold for the summer! It will restart, with its updates every three weeks, once I go back to college!

Forgotten (Digimon): (Upcoming, currently more a concept than an actual idea...) A small adventure/reminiscence-type story, focusing on the original Digidestined, sans T.K. and Kari, and their roles in the 02 world. It definitely has a plot (a.k.a., it's not my typical one-shot-centric fic), but it's still in conception. Once I have a summary/a chapter, I'll let you know!

Okay, I think that's all. Last bit is a note: review. Doesn't have to be my story, doesn't have to say much, just review. You know how important a suggestion is. A word of advice, a compliment, even a confusing remark. I've yet to really receive a flame, which I'm glad about, and I do get a lot of reviews and such, but I think others might like some, too.

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Even though the Crests had been destroyed, the Digidestined still held the power within. But Light may be too intense for one person to carry on her own. Will the mythical Crest of Faith be able to help protect and strengthen Light's carrier? What does a past enemy have to do with the Crest and its legends? Set during Adventure 02.
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Digimon - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Friendship - Chapters: 15 - Words: 42,136 - Reviews: 134 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 27 - Updated: 5/26/2011 - Published: 6/2/2010 - Hikari Y./Kari K., Takeru T./TK - Complete
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