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Hi! *waves*

I'm a girl, obsessed with Japanese culture, and I love to write. I get all these crazy ideas, and sometimes I like to share them with you all!

With regards to things I keep canon (Which is mostly my ST:TNG stuff, since I tend to write very A/U on my other fandoms) I am a Sober Universe kind of girl. Meaning, that when I write canon I keep it to what was in the original source material, not the Wikis or books written after the series ended. I do not consider anything that happened after Nemesis or Endgame canon. That's just how I see that. It's a little different for Harry Potter stuff, since I do a lot of research on the Harry Wiki for names, spells, family trees and the like. Also here, I am careful about what I consider canon/sourceable and what I consider open to interpretation.

Love JKR for what she did, but as another author pointed out, a lot of her stuff is not consistent from Book 1 to Book 7, and a lot of the things she said in interviews can be open to interpretation. I do not consider Pottermore canon AT ALL. That's too much like retconning for me. Some things she said in later interviews dilutes the strength of the story, deflating characters into caricatures and archetypes rather than believable people with believable motives. I also do not consider any changes made by Warner Brothers in production of the now 8 movies canon (Like the colors/location of Ravenclaw Tower, Padma Patil's sorting, the existence of Sally Anne Perks, Daphne Greengrass, the blood status of Lavender Brown, the seating arrangements of certain classes, the existence of extracurricular activities, Narcissa Malfoy's hair, the presence of Charlie Weasley...)

So what do I read?

Troi/Riker (imzadi)



7/anybody but the Doctor

Hermione/Anybody But Ron

Harry/Anybody but Ginny, unless Ginny is slightly OOC and not an annoying lovesick brat.

What do I strongly dislike ???

D/7... ew! Creepers! I tend to avoid reruns when the Doctor is the main character..

Troi/Worf: it was poorly thought out when the writers did it during the series, and it just does not make any sense at all.

Ron Weasley. He's the worst Weasley. Ginny has a redeeming slightly Slytherin streak to her sometimes. I feel like she was way underdeveloped as a character to end up 'marrying' Harry. I love the twins, and yet again, I feel like they deserve some sunshine.

Here, among the things I 'strongly dislike' are the Harry/Draco stories I've come across recently. What is wrong with having Harry and Draco be friends? Why must they either be dating or about to murder each other? So often I have found pretty well written stories plot-wise, but then they pair Harry and Draco together without much thought to how the relationship would develop. Now I am not talking about post-Hogwarts relationships, but those that start off canon and then veer off into some strange place because of plot device. I myself wrote a Harry/Draco one-shot based off of the Epilogue (I hate the Epilogue, but I thought it would be fun to play around with the idea that Harry, Draco, Astoria and Ginny are swingers.)

I'm talking about the ones where Harry 'wakes up' one day in absolute love with Draco and is willing to ditch his friends of five or six years to date a young man who he has a wand-drawing reflex for, and not not in the nice way. I have the similar issue with Harry/Dark Lord relationships. The Dark Lord is old enough to be Harry's grandfather. It is in no way, shape or form healthy for an 11 year-old Harry to have a crush on the Dark Lord, it is not normal for the Dark Lord to reciprocate those damaged feelings, and it's ruined a great many stories for me. Especially stories when Harry is fully aware that the Dark Lord killed his parents. ESPECIALLY when they turn the Dark Lord into some weird... thing and Harry into a six-year-old in a grown man's body, complete with baby talk and a deep love for being carried around like a package.

Time Travel Harry back to the time of Riddle? That makes sense. Then they are of similar age and have similar backgrounds. I can support that. I really wish that people would write stories about Harry defying Dumbledore and joining the Dark Lord without it being because Harry is dating the Dark Lord (or Snape, or Draco, or Lucius). And I know it can be done because I have READ some good ones (some of them are not being updated, some have been abandoned)... I would give inteweb cupcakes and brownies to the author who wrote a really good Dark Harry story without him dating Snape, Malfoy, Malfoy or the Dark Lord. #endrant

If I Lived:

In the world of Harry Potter, I'd be a pureblood sorted either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. (Sorted Slytherin on Pottermore)

In the world of Star Trek: TNG/Voyager... I'd be a half Vulcan half Betazoid in Starfleet. Science or Ops...

I am a Whoovian.

What am I currently working on? *EDITED 12-5-14

The Hogwarts Diaries: November 13 challenge involve het pairing drabbles based on given prompts. Shooting for all 100.

Blood Bound: An answer to a challenge using a blood ritual. First four are in the books.

Untitled Time Travel Fic: Harry and a select group of others go back in time.

Web of Deceit: Draco Malfoy does one good deed in his life and makes sure Harry knows that Sirius is innocent early in his 3rd year. Sirius is freed, and Harry lives with him now, but is everything as it seems? Up to Chapter 16. Posted Next three outlined.

Causality Chain: James Potter's mother was a Black. What if his mother had been more involved with that side of her family, and the whole family had been more active in protecting the family legacy? A 'What IF' story centered around raising Harry in a pureblood environment. Warning! Contains cliche 'Lily was a pureblood'. Trying not to be as cliche with this story. First Twenty Two Posted

Dark Mirror: Dark Legacy - Dark Rising - Dark Kingdom. Starts off Riddle era with Riddle being adopted at age 6. Will span following generations. One chapter up. Story is fully outlined.

Bred in Darkness: Going with my desire to write a full-on Harry Is Evil story, but with a twist. The one story idea may become two similar stories based on similar plot bunnies.

AU Untitled Fem!Harry story. Dark, Slytherin Fem!Harry

Untitled ST VOY/TNG story involving the Titan. (Chapter 1 written, but will not post until my muse helps me finish CC.)

Will Also re-post stories from my old SN - darthdeanna.

ADVISORY: Stories/themes discussed in fanfiction writings of author might not actually reflect beliefs governing real life interactions. I'm a little sick and twisted in my fiction. sometimes the bad guy is so awesome I want him to win.

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