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Oh, WHAT? I'm ALIVE? No way!

Dudes, I totally made money writing last year. I just about had a seizure when I got a w-2 from last week.

And yeah, it was for like $80, BUT WHATEVER! That's $80 more than most people, so suck it!!!

And no, I'm not telling what I earned it from, I'm of the firm opinion that it sucks and I have plans to fix it, so I'll tell you once I HAVE.

And on that note, please NO ONE read the first 3 or 4 stories on here, I fully intend to edit and re-publish them shortly...

Also, may I just give you all a hearty round of applause for all the favorites, subscriptions and REVIEWS? Cuz' Omifreakinggod, ya'll are awesome. I was super sick for like a solid MONTH at the beginning of the year, after spending about two months helping out my sister, and the writing I had been entrenched in prior to that kind of suffered. I came out of my mucus-coma near the beginning of February, completely disheartened by my lack of progress (this was also before the W-2 event, not that that in any way detracts from ya'lls awesome) and then I check my email and there's like a solid three pages of people who've favorited and commented and junk, and I was still super emotional from being sick so I might have cried. Maybe.

The thing is, the reason I love writing is because one of my favorite things to do is daydream. And I love, LOVE, when I manage to take one of those daydreams, write it down, share it with ya'll, and then have ya'll LIKE IT. I love writing because I love ya'll loving my writing. It's AWESOME. And getting these reviews, especially the positive ones, even the two-word ones like "So good!" does WONDERS for my motivation, cuz I want more of that!!!

So as a sad attempt at a thank you, I've started working on a POT fanfiction that I had mentioned to Cinpii-chan a few years ago, as well as my plans to re-write some of my much SADDER attempts at writing a few years back. Honestly, I'd just delete them, but people have favorited them (which shocks the hell outta me) and I just can't do that to them. I've lost count of the stories I'd enjoyed and that have then disappeared, and it's horrible.

But anyways, that's something to look forward to. I'll try not to get side tracked, I'm working on a lot of stuff right now. .

And following, a few of MY favorites, left over from my last profile update. Because presumably a profile SHOULD mention something about the person, right? I can't pull off 'mysterious', anyway, I look like an idiot when I try.

Favorite books: A Little Princess; the Tortall series, the Mediator series, the Xanth series (to a point, after a while there are just far too many puns), the Adept series, anything dealing with eastern astrology or trivia. (new addition, Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan is kind of a cliff-hanging troll, but damn if I don't love the HELL out of his writing.)

Favorite Anime/Mangas (I usually read rather than watch): Cardcaptor Sakura; Inuyasha; Rurouni Kenshin; One Piece, Prince of Tennis (New addition, getting back into Naruto, only not so much because I googled it and he and Hinata still haven't hooked up and that pisses me off...)

Favorite TV shows: Psych; White Collar; Burn Notice; Monk (the USA network has the best shows .) Bones; House; Archer; Family Guy

I tend to go for the canon couples, Ryoma/Sakuno, Inuyasha/Kagome, Daine/Numair, so on. I'm sure I've liked a non-canon at some point, but I can't think of it.

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