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Alright so my bountiful beautiful buttcheeks. I am no human, I am no animal, No I am simply divine.

An Angel perhaps?

I am not the Angel full of grace, Nonono quite the contrary my friend. I am an Angel of-ah- collecting. Yes! Collecting. I spread my madnes and pluck it from the souls of innocence. To feed my insanity. Nono I am not 'full' of myself. I am 'all' of myself per say- I do not go with the crowd oh no no! I must go the opposite way. I will not follow 'trends' I will make my owns yes. That works. As I go along spreading my madness. I write! I write all the time, in my head. Pen and paper or No pen and paper I am always writing. Creating. Twisting. Morphing. I sent my madness into many games. I enjoy to sing, a lullaby to lull sweet innocent children to sleep. Fill them with dreams of happiness to escape from the world full of sadness. To vanquish despair that embedded itself on small beating hearts. To fill the holes of their missing parents with dreams of love and smiles.

I am no human, I am no animal, No...I am simply;


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