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Hey all, just a little bit about me...I am a music student who has a huge interest in of course music and reading. But one thing I love to do more than read is write. I have too many ideas to put them all down at once. And when my wonderful sister introduced me to the world of fanfic I just couldn't resist. So...stay tuned for future stories of the wonderful Edward and Bella. I will never be as good as their genius author Stephenie Meyer but I can sure try. Peace...and read on!

So I told you about the one shot I was working on with a friend. It is now finished so if you would like to read it please do so now...

"Random Phantom" by SaveAVolvoRideAVampire

Go read it at this link...


So as most of you know I am a couple of chapters away from being done with Wish We Were Older. I am already working on my second fanfic to post: "The Gym."--Bella and Jacob are keeping their relationship on the downlow because they don't want their coworkers to find out. Bella has been attending a gym lately and makes a new foe. What happens when the foe turns out to be more helpful than he is hurtful? Full of twists and turns, dark paths and of course some great lemons!!!!

I am very excited about this one and I can't wait to share it with you all. As of right now the posting of the first chapter will be NOVEMBER 15, 2010!! (this date is subject to change) So make sure you check in or you can put me on Author Alert. So anyway...go finish Wish We Were Older and then mark down the dates on your calendars until Nov. 15th!!!


So it has finally been posted now you just have to go read and review please and thanks! I am going to try to post some links for pictures in this one hopefully. I would have liked to put some pictures with Wish We Were Older but none of them seemed appropriate haha. sure to put me on author alert and follow along with "The Gym" Thanks to all!!!!

Be sure to check out the new One Shot that is inspired by this picture of Rob sitting against a vanity mirror...HOT! It is titled "The Looking Glass" It is a short little diddy that just popped into mind when I saw that pic of Rob Pattinson (aka my baby daddy) haha go read it! :)


So my beta is the best person in the world and she found these pictures from the filming of 'Isle Esme' in Breaking Dawn and they are so yummy of Mr. Robbi The Hotti (aka Rob Pattinson) so here is the link. Check them out...

NOTICE: No one ever reads these things but just in case someone happens to read it, I have a second account by the name KRay Cullen. I will be pulling the two stories left here and posting Wish We Were Older onto that account. The Gym may eventually get posted there. Soon I will be deleting this account all together so if you would like come follow me over there. I have several fics posted there as well. Come check them out :D.

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