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So I know I shouldn't listen to trolls out there, but I got a particularly nasty review and not someone who reviewed on a story I wrote when I was just turning into a freshman in high school. No. They wrote it on their website that I happened upon. They said that I must be a down syndrome baby because my writing is utter shit (paraphrasing). That is just cruel for both me and the judgment on children with downs! How insensitive can you get. If you have a problem with my writing, you could have just reviewed. I mean really. I didn't take my work down just because of this though. I took it down because I have grown as a writer and although looking back and seeing how I've grown was nice, I want a fresh start if I ever come back to fan fiction. And it might be a while guys, I'm not going to lie. It's been a tough year full of writers block and piss poor reviews both inside and outside of class. They were just a few people, but it has me doubting my work and wanting it to be the best it can be. I hope you guys continue to write and read others works and always review kindly, especially when giving constructive criticism to others. Don't be a goddamn troll.