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Hey there. My name's Lyndsey. I have many interests and such and am contemplating writing up some works in the near future. I'd like to take an aside though a moment and talk about itself as everyone else does.

I am well aware of people who are inexperienced in writing that prowl across these sites. I would in no way call myself a "great writer" but I think I stand on my own when it comes to the basics. Of these basics, one thing I always hate about pieces is when people never make us care about characters in a story. This can of course be due to Mary Sueisms, emoness, and general "gritty" writing but I would just like to spread the message.

No one wants to read about a tortured soul who focuses on nothing but being a tortured soul.

No one wants to empathize with a character that lurks in the shadows and mentally punches himself in the stomach every time he does something bad.

I'll never say that a character has to be relate able for you to like them. What people do need to realize though is that we should care about what a character is doing or something that is happening to them. I honestly have little limits on a story, though I'd rather it make sense. If a character has sex with another character, forcibly or mutually, we should know and feel why. Make him good or evil, depressed or happy, annoying or solemn I don't care as long as you give us a REASON TO CARE. Again, this is just my brief aside which you can take no notice, but I feel anyone who peers at my profile should take it into consideration.