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Poll: Which story should I do after I finish Sonic the Sparrowhog: Eternal Winter, Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Great Fairy Fist and Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Pirate Fairy (yes, there will be a Sonic the Sparrowhog adaptation of The Pirate Fairy before the fic you vote for)? Vote Now!
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Author has written 9 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Tinkerbell, and Strawberry Shortcake series.

Name: I'm not telling you. What if you're and enemy agent and...I said too much

Gender: male (don't judge me for my fanfics. I like taking things people consider boring and making them awesome, and, judging by some reviews, I'm doing a quite good job)

Best friend on iheartsonic (I know, she's a bit hyper and she uses the :3 emoticon a lot and all that, but she's cool anyway. And she likes Special Forces and military stuff, just like me)

What I like: singing, turning boring things into awesome things (as stated above), playing video games, technology, hugs

What I don't like: having to explain something to someone ten times and they still don't get it (such as teaching my mum how do things on the computer), maths (obviously)

Fun facts about me:

  • I'm left handed (I guess that's why I'm good at writing left handed vs right handed fight scenes)
  • I wear glasses (and I look like a bau5 with them)
  • I can hardly fall asleep unless I cuddle with something (yeah, I'm a guy who likes to with it, haters!)
  • I like crossover pairings (because I like to be original)
  • I like crossovers in general (seriously now, who wouldn't like it if Liu Kang and Jin Kazama were to fight each other to see who is the world's best fighter?)
  • Top 3 favourite fictional weapons: Identity Disc (Tron: Legacy), power gauntlet (Aaron Stone), Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

    Top 3 favourite fictional characters: Sonic the Hedgehog (obviously), Lili Rochefort (Tekken), Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

    Tekken 6-Sonic the Sparrowhog edition

    Attention fairies and sparrowmen! The Great Fairy Fist tournament has extended to the Tekken univesre! If you're a Tekken and Sonic the Sparrowhog fan and you have the US version of Tekken 6 for PSP, then it's your lucky day.

    Download link:

    List of characters:

    Sonic the Sparrowhog/Aaron Stone - Lei P1 costume

    Shadow the Sparrowhog/Stark Reality - Lars P1 costume

    Silver the Sparrowhog/Terminus Mag - Lei P2 costume

    Amy the Fairyhog - Leo P1 costume (I would've given her pink hair, BUT: 1. you can't make custom hair pink; 2. one of Leo's head accessories consists of hair which can be coloured with costume colours and of all the girls in Tekken 6, Leo had to be the one with no pink selectable for her costume)

    Senya the Fairyhog - Leo P2 costume (Senya has the power to change her hair and eyes colour at will, so I had a hair colour option for her. I love OCs)

    Tails the Sparrowfox - Lee P1 costume (I know he doesn't really look like Tails, but that was the best I could do)

    Knuckles the Sparrowchidna - Steve P2 costume

    Tinkerbell - Julia P1 costume

    Iridessa - Christie P1 costume

    Silvermist - Xiaoyu P1 costume (She's one of the only two characters to whom I could give wings)

    Fawn - Xiaoyu P2 costume (And she's the other one)

    Rosetta - Lili P2 costume

    Vidia - Asuka P1 costume

    Terence - Feng P1 costume

    Bobble - Hwoarang P1 costume

    Clank - Bob P2 costume

    Periwinkle - Julia P2 costume

    Spike - Asuka P2 costume

    Gliss - Lili P1 costume

    Milori - Lars P2 costume

    Sled - Jin P2 costume

    Rumble - Kazuya P1 costume

    Glimmer - Nina P2 costume

    I might have forgotten to list some characters, so if you happen to discover any character that is not on the list, PM me and I'll add them.

    Upcoming stories:

    1. I was thinking of doing the other Tinkerbell films in the Sonic the Sparrowhog version as well (all except Pixie Hollow Games). There will also be a fic about Lizzy and how she'll gain magical powers, but I haven't thought about it very well. I don't even have a plot or a title for it (open to suggestions, btw)
    2. Sonic the Sparrowhog: Hero Rising. Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell. When a battle threatens to destroy the Pixie Dust tree, the lives of three Mobian sparrowmen, more specifically Sonic, Shadow and Silver change forever. They must become the heroes they've always dreamed to be in order to protect themselves and their firends. Set before the first Tinkerbell movie.
    3. Sonic the Sparrowhog: Twilight Princess. Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell/The Legend of Zelda. Queen Clarion received a vision from Zelda, the princess of Hyrule. A vision foretelling the end of Hyrule at the hands of Ganondorf. Thus, the queen must travel to Zelda's kingdom along with Sonic, Shadow, Silver and their friends in order to aid the Hero of Twilight in his quest.
    4. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Amulet of Avalor. Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell/Sofia the First/various Disney films. In the Ever Realm, a land consisting of a union of stars, everything is peaceful. At least until the mystical amulet is discovered by a powerful demon known as Mephiles the Dark. When Queen Clarion senses the danger the amulet is in, she must send Sonic, Shadow and Silver to the kingdom of Enchania.
    5. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Floating Palace. Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell/Sofia the First. As a reward for saving the kingdom of Enchancia, Sonic and his friends are invited by King Roland on a cruise on the royal family's ship, The Floating Palace. However, Cedric's plan turns their vacation into another adventure worthy of the legendary Aaron Stone.
    6. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Wave Bracelet. Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell. A very powerful and dangerous artefact known as the Wave Bracelet was stolen from the merpeople of Neverland by a mysterious villain. It is up to the well-known heroes of Pixie Hollow to recover it and protect Neverland from its destructive power.
    7. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Diamond/Crystal Hourglass (it's still a working title, I can't decide between Diamond or Crystal). Post-Blazefire Arc (iheartsonic's stories). TBA
    8. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Phantom Thief. Post-Blazefire Arc. TBA
    9. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Forest Apprentice. Post-Blazefire Arc. TBA
    10. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Twilight Codex. Post-Blazefire Arc. TBA
    11. Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Land Without Sun. Post-Blazefire Arc. TBA
    12. Sonic the Sparrowhog: Return to Rainspell Island. Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell/Rainbow Magic. The mischievous Jack Frost is up to something again. And Rachel is starting to doubt her will to believe in fairies. It's up to Sonic and his friends to save the world once again and to remind Rachel the importance of belief. Basically the plot of Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island with Sonic the Sparrowhog thrown in.
    13. Cherry Jam and the world of Tron. Strawberry Shortcake series/Tron: Legacy. After Cherry Jam's memory was erased, she was sent to what the fairies call Mainland. Or at least that's where she was supposed to be sent. Instead, she ended up in the Grid, a distant world not too far away from Neverland. Because of her emotions and free will, CLU mistakes her for an ISO and attempts to eliminate her. However, when she finds out that she is a human, or user, as programs call them, the girl must fight her way to the world of humans with a little help from Tron and Quorra. Set after the prologue of Sonic the Sparrowhog: The legend of the Mystic Lights. AU: Rinzler is Tron's reprogrmammed copy, not Tron himself.
    14. Frozen: Gods Among Us. Frozen/Injustice: Gods Among Us. In another universe, Elsa loses her control after the Joker sabotaged her parents' ship and unleashes an eternal winter in the world. Superman also loses his control after the Joker fools him into killing his wife. Together, they estabilish a new world regime, making themselves dictators. A few months into the battle against Superman and Elsa's tyrannical regime, Anna and Batman, the leaders of a resistance group called "The Insurgency", manage to get help from the universe in which Elsa and Superman are still good. But will it be enough to stop the corrupted former heroes?
    15. It's more than just a game. Frozen/Aaron Stone. Every teenager says it's hard to be a teenager, but only Elsa Landers knows how it is to live a secret life as your Hero Rising avatar. For two years, Elsa had been working for T. Abner Hall as Abby Stone in order to keep the ones she loved safe, especially her little sister, Anna. But what happens when Anna finds out her secret?
    16. Sonic, Strawberry and the Mew Mew Power. Sonic the Hedgehog/Mew Mew Power/Strawberry Shortcake. Dr. Eggman and the Peculiar Purple Pieman managed to escape the prison in the Grid. Upon doing some research, they learn of a powerful being called "Deep Blue" and of how the Chaos Emeralds can revive him. In order to stop the evil scientists from bringing back such a threat, Sonic, Strawberry and the gang are chosen to train and work with a team of superheroines known as the "Mew Mews".
    17. Mew Mew Riders. Sonic the Hedgehog/Mew Mew Power. The Soon after his failed attempt of erasing his previous failures from history, the evil Dr. Eggman learns of an alien race called the Cycniclons and joins forces with Dren, Tarb and Sardon. Together, they decide to host the fourth World Grand Prix, promising the winner ultimate fame, but their true intentions are far worse than that.

    OCs (use them any way you want as long as you give me credit for them or at least state that they're not yours):

    Name: Senya Rose

    Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog/Tron: Legacy

    Gender: female

    Personality: Tomboyish, humorous, caring (especially towards her favoutire hedgehog trio), competitive (especially with her younger sister)

    Age: 18

    Family: Amy Rose (younger sister), Richard Rose (father), Molly Rose (mother)

    Physical description: A tall hedgehog with waist-long hair, usually has pink fur and green eyes (like her sister) or blue fur with gold eyes, wears a white dress and boots.

    History: Senya is a Mobian hedgehog of Chinese descent. She, Tron and Sonic's father, James, used to be the three legendary protectors of the Grid until CLU, a program with evil intentions, managed to trap James in the digital world. Beofre that, however, James, having expected this, gave Senya the task to protect Sonic, Shadow and Silver in case CLU would ever escape to their world.

    Skills: Jeet Kune Do, computer hacking, stealth, singing, breakdancing, changing fur and eye colour at will(she prefers pink fur with green eyes and light blue fur with gold eyes)

    Other: she is Sonic's role-model, first crush and, along with her sister, childhood friend; she taught Sonic how to breakdance; she wrote the song "Free" for Sonic's band

    Name: James the Hedgehog

    Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog/Tron: Legacy

    Gender: male

    Personality: Friendly and humorous, but serious when he has to

    Age: 38

    Family: Sonic the Hedgehog (son), Shadow the Hedgehog (son), Silver the Hedgehog (son), Amanda the Hedgehog (wife)

    Physical appearence: A tall, light blue hedgehog with gold eyes, has six relatively long spikes on the back of his head.

    History: James was one of the famout defenders of the Tron System until it was taken over by the evil program CLU, who became his arch-enemy. After a battle with the malicious program, James' Identity Disc was destroyed and, since he couldn't return to his world without it and he would've been deresolutioned immediately if anyone had found out that it was destroyed, he had to hide in the least populated area of the Grid, known as "the Outlands". Because of that, he had to place his children in Senya's care.

    Skills: training in many different styles of martial arts (however, he prefers Karate and Judo, which, ironically, his three sons dislike), advanced skill in computer science

    Other: He trained Senya, Amy and his children in martial arts

    Name: Stella Shortman

    Fandom: Strawberry Shortcake/Tinkerbell/Sonic the Hedgehog

    Gender: female

    Personality: Evil, manipulative, power hungry

    Age: whatever age Strawberry is (it's kind of vague, but, at least in my stories, she's around Sonic's age)

    Family: Strawberry Shortcake (good counterpart)

    Physical appearence: Looks exactly like Strawberry, except that she has red eyes, her hair is darker and her skin glows with a dark aura (which I didn't know how to make in photoshop, that's why in the link below it looks like she has a darker skin tone)

    History: Stella is Strawberry Shortcake's dark part. When Strawberry arrived in Pixie Hollow, she lacked experience and could hardly tell good from evil. Like any Mystic Light, Strawberry had to be very careful not to let her dark part escape, as it would be a great challenge to keep it under control afterwards, a challenge which she failed. Because of this, Stella took over her and, using the power that she had stolen from Queen Clarion, tried to destroy the Pixie Dust tree. However, the queen managed to stop her. After the attack, Clarion was forced to send the seven Mystic Lights to the Mainland and erase almost everyone's memories about them.

    Skills: Flight, Dark Super form, Chaos powers, ninjutsu, tae kwon do

    Other: She is "that who is darker than any darkenss" that the prophecy of Pixie Hollow talks about

    Name: Zaramas

    Fandom: Frozen/Tinkerbell

    Personality: Evil, power hungry, impulsive

    Age: 40

    Family: unknown

    Physical appearence: Tall, wears a robe with a hood that doesn't allow his face to be seen

    History: Zaramas is a dark ice sorcerer whose main goal is to unleash winter, or as he calls it, "the wrath of ice", all over the world in order to amplify his power beyond normal limits. During his study at the Magic College of Arendelle in his early years as a wizard, when he was still good, he has been particularily interested in learning about the Spirit of Winter, known as "Glacius". After having learnt about how Glacius could control Winter, he became obsessed with this kind of power, his obsession gradually leading him to the evil and hunger for power that got him expelled from the Magic College.

    Skills: ice magic, dark magic

    Other: Before the former King and Queen of Arendelle found out that he was evil, he was their court wizard.

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