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Author has written 2 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, and Code Geass.

Annyeong-haseyo! My name is Italy.

Sorry it's been so long~ I've been on a VERY long break~ Mianhae(sorry)~ ^^ My friend Panda got me into Kpop and ya... Been working on my sing, dancing and sports BUT~ I've still was practicing my writing so ya. Most reason my my break was cause of writers block and Teen Top~ Oh and twitter. Addicting~ But I'll be starting to(trying due to bunch of sports and getting my small dance group together) to work on stories soon again~ I'm be starting to work on the Ouran Host Club story and star a new story. Watch out Resident Evil fans but I'm going to be writing some of those lovely monstrous adventures with my New Characters Charlie Foxx and Jasmine Foxx that you guys love to read. Got 2 chapters done and I think they are decent sized I might add. Hehe But ya. Starting on friday I'll be TRYing to post the chapter up but I got babysitting and vball and vball job.

My Nicknames: Miki, Neko, Chichi.

I love watching animes including: Ouran high school host club, Black cat, Tsubasa, Code geass and Death note! Sometimes naruto when I'm in ninja mode! XD

Favorite movies:Resident evil .

Fav. videogames: Resident evil, Left4dead(1&2), and dead rising.

Age: 16(I'm getting old. TT^TT)

Where I'm from: Musicland! ( I wish. ) Actually from USA~ Kusu wow everytime I write it I think of Hunny's bunny Usa-chan. kusu

Hobbies: Writing fanfiction, my own stories, drawing, playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball, playing my flute, listening to music, hangin' with my friends, singing, dancing, acting, pulling pranks, cracking jokes, etc.( I have a lot of hobbies as you can tell)

Known languages: English and some German(I'm working on my Korean now ^^).

Hidden talents:...none. lol. jk... I'm pretty good at using computers and technoloy(fixing some broken computer or game system.) and acting.

Favorite thing/Stuff I like: Videogames, Music(Kpop/Jpop), Hello Kitty, Pink, Purple, blue, black, and Strawberries! X3

Height: (me: What the freak?!) Um... 5'7(don't know the metric height and I shrunk. O.O scary.)

I gotta doggie named Angel! She's the nicest dog ever!(gets tackled to the ground by dog.) Gah! What the figglenoodles!?!(try saying that five times fast. XDD)

Favorites groups/singers: Avril Lavigne, Teen Top(kpop), B1A4(kpop), Ft. Island(kpop or rock. idrk. lol), B2ST!(kpop), 4Minute(kpop..again...) U-Kiss(kpop) Green Day(finally an english group u r probably saying. XD) and... I think. Kusu-Kusu

Alex: U fail Italy.

Me: Not nice!

Aras: But she's right~

Charlie: Italy's just a freak. I hope you know that.

Me: Oh wow! I didn't even post your story up yet and your are already picking on me! Not nice! *pouts and walks off* Where's Tamaki and Whiskers when you need them!?!

Alex&Aras: Stayed tune and we'll be back with new drama and everything!

Charlie: And I'll be here soon so you guys can watch as I pick on Italy! ^^

Me: Charlie your sister is way better. She doesn't pick on me like you do. -_-" Well be back soon! Missed you guys by the way! Kusu If you have any questions or want to harrass me to start my stories and I'm taking to long do it on twitter cause thats where I look the most. Hehe ^^ And if you want to check out my other stories I have a few on quizilla and Mibba but some aren't finish or stinks. hehe

6teensontop: Italy13France (Teen tops fansite~)

Twitter: Italy4913

Quizilla: Jullie

Mibba: Nina

Deviantart: ScarletDN

Wattpad: Jullie

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