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Poll: Who are your three favorite characters in Code Lyoko: The Diitto Generation? The choices in this poll only include the 'children' of the original Lyoko Warriors. Vote Now!
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Author has written 2 stories for Code Lyoko, and Minecraft.

I know that I'm an awful at updating this, and I feel awful for it, but I do have about 50% of the Code Lyoko Fanfic updated. Once I finish fixing it up, I do plan to update it, then launch into new parts of the story. Code Lyoko Evolution is an excellent motivator, even if it makes my Fic totally unrealistic.

Lavender, August 2013

Here I have adopted the alias Lavender Moonlight in the Snow. Hello, and welcome to my profile:

Who am I

I'm just your average slightly crazy college student who writes in her free time rather than participating in the sketchy goings-on that a lot of my peers seem to enjoy. My hobbies (aside from writing) are killing way too much time on GPX and other adoptables websites, archery, playing with my cat, doing at least one random thing each day, and studying Russian. (I will become fluent one day!) I'm from the United States of America, somewhere in/around DC. That's all you really need to know.

As a random aside relating to the above, if you know me on GPX or another adoptables website then feel free to shout hello! I'd love to know if anyone on those sites has read anything I wrote. I go by other Lavendery names elsewhere so I shouldn't be too hard to identify.

Why do I write

I aspire to be a writer one day, and until then, I wish to perfect my technique by writing as much as I can. Fanfictions are a rewarding way to do this, as you often don't have to create the world your story takes place in - instead being able to focus on character development and your own writing style. I enjoy writing Fanfiction, and acknowledge the fact that I do not own any of the characters and ideas I borrow from video games, books, etc. that make up my stories. The plotline alone is my own.

I also write purely for myself for the most part. Through my words I weave worlds I wouldn't be able to visit in any other way, which is why I take so much care in putting these words on my computer. I like to prove my worth as a writer by showing myself that I can write, that I can twist a story out of little more than a handful of keystrokes. I like constantly challenging myself to do better and consider the editing process of any piece of writing to be just as important as the act of writing it..

Why I do not write

I don't write for my readers, I write for myself. I do adore my readers, and in the past they have influenced my writing and will always continue to do so through their reviews, etc, but one of the things I absolutely loathe about this site is how some people write just to throw a story online. Writing is so much more than tossing something flashy into the world! Please people - if you post a story - here or anywhere else - proofread the damn thing! By not doing so you embarrass yourself and your readers.

I've noticed a lot of my fellow writers write to impress, and they throw fictional glitter everywhere to do so. Good writing doesn't need your characters to hook up or teenagers to put themselves in adult situations, and you don't need those things to draw a reader into a story. Good writing is developed and actually tells a story. If you don't have a story then you shouldn't write. Plunging head-first into a story always ends up in a messy disaster. Take it from me - I know. I've been writing since I was eight and am in college now. The stuff I wrote in middle school was pure crap and I often want to rip my skin off when I reread it.

What makes the best story is having something inside you that cries to break free and be shared with the world. That energy within you, when channeled properly, makes for the best story. That energy doesn't come from going "Oh, I'll write a story for Code Lyoko" - it comes from closing your eyes and watching the story unfold beneath them, then making the conscience decision to expand and develop what you just saw so that you can share it with the world.

Until the general public of the writer's world understands this, most Fanfiction will probably continue to be less than it could be. Until they stop writing for their readers and write for the story itself, they will never reach their full potential as writers. /endrant

My Stories

I only upload stories I am madly in love with, and vow that, if I ever lose interest in them, I will end them swiftly and appropriately. There is nothing I hate more than reading a good Fanfiction only to find that the author has left it unfinished. Even if it takes you a year, finish it someday, please.

Code Lyoko: The Diitto Generation - In Progress

Extended Summary: Years after Xana was reportedly destroyed, Jeremie Belpois completes a supercomputer of his own: Diitto. But, just as it is activated, Xana reappears and steals Yumi, William, Odd, and Jeremie from Diitto. By initiating a Preservation program, Jeremie disappears into his supercomputer to combat Xana and sends Yumi, William, and Odd into their descendants to keep them safe. With their parents' bodies trapped by Xana, Franz and Waldo Belpois, Katja and Kokoro Stern, Matthias and Nancy Dunbar, and Valentina Kotov must grow into the next generation of warriors as Aelita works to bring the original Lyoko warriors home. But that's not all - Xana brought a ton of bugs into Diitto upon initially entering the supercomputer - glitching it's return to the past, making it impossible to use without freezing time itself, and making it impossible for Ulrich or Aelita to enter the most dangerous part of Diitto - the core. This means that, like it or not, the children are the only ones who can truly fight Xana - the only ones that can save their parents.

Rating & Reasoning: T, though it would probably be considered K in the earliest sections. I can get a little descriptive with my fight scenes and tend to have my characters cuss when they are exceptionally angry. Otherwise, I consider the story K mainly because of the depth of my writing. A couple of my characters are quite analytical, and I'm not sure that the youngest readers would be able to keep up with the length of the story.

This story was running around my head for a good two months before I decided to post it. I wanted to break the stereotypes created by a lot of other second generation Fanfictions for Code Lyoko by giving Aelita and Jeremie boys and Ulrich and Yumi girls. There was no way in hell Odd was marrying Sissi, either. During the planning process I drafted detailed character personalities for all the children of the original Lyoko warriors (most of which was used to make my character biographies, added after Part 3) and came up with the end of the story. (Never start a story without an ending in mind!) Without giving too much about the plot away, I will say the following: Katja and Valentina tend to write themselves. I had different plans for them entirely before I started writing, and after I did they sort of switched some of the plot on me. Kokoro does this a bit, too, but usually only when relating to her sister. The others are good characters, and give me a lot less trouble. Franz sometimes tries to act calmer than his hyperactive personality should allow, though the reason for that is his maturity. Matthias occasionally tries to act nicer than he really is. Hmm, I suppose that means Nancy is the only really good character. She's managed to keep herself meek and yet willing to learn throughout the story thus far. I say this because Waldo confuses me half to death, going off and fixating on the strangest things. Matthias's nickname, Weirdo, fits him in a way . . .

On the subject of my plot - it's theme is that friendships will always be tested for better or worse. My characters (with the exception of Valentina, who quickly noses her way into things) all knew each other before the start of the Fanfiction, thus they had already formed positive and negative opinions of each other. Losing their parents (or uncle) to Xana and fighting to save them tests the kids. In the end, no single one of them can bring the others home - it will be a collaborative effort so long as the children can set aside their differences long enough to work toward a common interest.

When it's completed, I see The Diitto Generation being well over 100 chapters. It'll probably exceed 15 Parts as well, though - as I said in the introduction - while the ending is set the middle of the story will last as long as my attention span allows. Luckily for the time being I'm too madly in love with this story to even consider ending it. Oh, and presently I like Katja best. (The previous sentence changes weekly, so check back once and a while.) And if you bothered to read this entire section and haven't voted on the character poll up there, vote for goodness sake!

Minecraft: Commence in Zero - In Progress

Extended Summary: Laurie is sent to live with her father over the summer when her mother goes abroad for work. There, her stepbrother, Asher, introduces her to Minecraft and invites her to play on his special server. There, Laurie learns about the Project: Operation Commence in Zero. The only problem - Laurie is terrified of the monsters on Minecraft. Will she be able to face her fears and help Asher and the others gather the gemstones, or will her fears get the best of her?

Rating & Reasoning: K Plus, for mild video game violence and language.

I wanted to do a Minecraft story after heading to the Minecraft section of this site and finding that there were only a handful of stories for the game. What struck me was that there were no stories with the POV being from someone behind the computer. Most of the stories were about someone who was actually in the game, running away from skeletons and whatnot. Seeing this, I immediately felt inspired to write something different to add to the section. I hope Minecraft: Commence in Zero does the uncommon point of view justice, and personally I'm amazed by the response it has received.

Obligatory Random

I decided that I am going to (eventually) assign a song to each of my characters in The Diitto Generation. So, this space will be reserved for that. If any of these seem to make no sense, then that's because I was thinking of the characters in the grand scope of things - aka the entire story, not just what has been uploaded thus far.

Matthias - Breaking the Habit, Linkin Park

Nancy - Remedy, Little Boots

Kokoro - Born for This, Paramore

Katja - N/A

Franz - World So Cold, Three Days Grace

Waldo - N/A

Valentina - Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, Ke$ha

??? - You're Going Down, Sick Puppies

Before you leave, please remember that words can do wonders,


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