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I had another account but I couldn't log back on (forgot my password) so I created a new one. Besides, I like this one better because it's exclusively Axis Powers Hetalia stuff! Speaking of which... here are my top eight favorite countries in the show just in case you're curious:

1. America (cuz he's AWESOME!!!!! Hamburgers are a hero's favorite food!)

2. France (cuz he's soooo HOT!!!!! Elegance is a man's best friend!)

3. Lithuania (prettiest man alive!!!! XD He's so sweet to everyone and I especially love his relationship with America)

4. Japan (I feel like I have a connection with him sometimes. Lol, I dunno. We just think alike. I love his epic poses with his sword)

5. Estonia (Awesome character! He's an amazing adoptive brother to Lithuania and Latvia! Plus I recently found out that Hidekaz agrees with me!)

6. Sweden (sooooo hot!!!!! Tall dark and mysterious! Kyah *nosebleed*)

7. Denmark (Hot! :) He's part of the Awesome trio with America and Prussia. I like his eyes, his hair... and his grin... oh man, his grin!)

8. Austria (Lol, I love his attitude towards life. He'd rather be playing the piano than working. And he expresses his anger through Chopin, lol)

9. Greece (Who DOESN'T love Greece???? He's soooo incredibly hot! His obsession with cats is adorable! Cats are my favorite animal too!)

10. Switzerland (Man, he's awesome! He's so sweet to his little sister and he's amazing with action scenes!!!)

11. Rome (I've always thought he was really hot, even though he's supposed to be an old man, lol. He's got France's slight beard and he's funny)

Oh, and I came up with funny nicknames for some of the countries.

Francis "can't keep my clothes on for five minutes" Bonnefoy

Alfred "Hamburgers make you a hero" Jones

Kiku "love my nikujaga" Honda

Ivan "become one, da?" Braginski

Roderich "my anger is Chopin" Edelstein

Feliks "like, I'm totally Polish" Lukasiewicz

Feliciano "Paaaa-aaaasta" Vargas

Ludwig "EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!!!!!" um... Germany

Wang "I'm sorry, aru!" Yao

Matthew "you can't seee meeee!!!!" Williams

Hetalia can help you get rid of your dirty mouth! :)

WTF = "What the FrUK?!"

WTH = "What the Hetalia?!"

HOLY *insert word variation here* = "HOLY Roman Empire!!!!!"

Oh, crap! = "Oh, England's food!!!"

And now for the Hetalia awards!!!

The country whom everyone identifies with the show: N. Italy

The one EVERYONE loves to see teased: England

The one with the best facial expressions: Denmark

The most mysterious: Sweden

The one NO GIRL can resist: America

The one you would always go to for advice: Japan

The one that NEVER FAILS to make you break into HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER till your insides bleed: Poland

The one always drawn completely adorable in fanart: Canada

The prettiest (man): Lithuania (China comes in a close second)

The most annoying: Sealand

The one who looks most like the creator: Estonia (I wish he had more lines. I love his character. He's so freaking epic!!!)

The one who always pops in your mind whenever someone says the word "awesome": Prussia

The one you're afraid to touch because you think he'll start crying and then break into tiny pieces: Latvia

The one who you just can never decide whether you think he's absolutely adorable or frightening beyond your wildest dreams: Russia

The one with the best body: Greece

Everyone's favorite angry pianist: Austria

The war that wrenches your heart and brings you to tears: The American Revolution

The war that you CAN'T STOP LAUGHING over: The Austrian Succession

The two countries that you think look most epic when their at war with each other: Greece and Turkey

The war that you know everything about, research on a daily basis, and talk about constantly: WW2

~Thank you, Hidekaz Himaruya~

Pop quiz!

Which is harder to read: a note written on toiet paper that eventually gets thrown into the ocean and shredded into a million microscopic tiny pieces by a boat's propeller, or Sweden's poker face?

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