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Author has written 8 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Misc. Movies, Ed, Edd n Eddy, GARO/牙狼, Game of Thrones, and One Punch Man/ワンパンマン.

Hey, I'm from New Jersey. I'm currently waiting for college to start.

Update: Guys, I'm gonna be graduating next semester! Plus I'm gonna have more time to write my stories.

DOB: 7/2/1992

Hobbies: martial arts, writing, playing games, hanging with friends

(I'm still in Jersey, but I'm leaving after college.)

Written 1 story for Sonic the Hedgehog

My favorites: Action movies like Taken, Rambo, etc. Video games like Sonic The Hedgehog, God of War, Modern Warfare 2, Super Street Fighter IV, etc. I also like films like Sword of Doom, Yojimbo, Samurai Rebellion and any other samurai classic.

Stories I like are either agnst, crime drama(a la The Departed), adventure, horror and also comedy.

Upcoming Fanfics:

Sonic: The Lost Times - Six months after Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic is in Station Square, still his adventurous self. However, a mysterious figure with a mask on appears out of nowhere. Who is this figure? He somehow knows a lot about Sonic, able to recount almost all the events of SA2, including ARK and the Biolizard. Will Sonic able to solve this mystery? (It's an AU, this is my take: Sonic Heroes didn't happen)

Note: Inspired by the upcoming film Under the Red Hood. All characters and concepts belong to the Sega Corporation, Sonic Team, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation. (Complete)

The Week of Infamy - A week long of terror for the Eds

Kamen Rider Neo-Decade Trilogy - This is the essential Decade story and Part 1 will be finished. Part 2 & 3 will cover Neo-Decade's post-college adventures and him fighting original Rider villains.

The Renegade - A vigilante story. Arcithect Nicholas Barton went bad, he didn't do it for the money, didn't do it for power, he did it for his son...

The Graveyard - In the land of the rising sun, the Yakuza run their cities in fear. However, one lone enforcer has a plan for all of them, but Yan Wang thinks differently...

The Hunters - In the city of Schofield, there are people being hunted like dogs... Yan Wang is now on hunting mode, taking out all enemies that comes across his way. (Takes place before The Graveyard.)

Original Characters:

The Saint - A mysterious vigilante that is currently operating in Station Square. There is essentially no known information on him, the only connection is a bracelet, which belonged to Shadow The Hedgehog. Another connection is that he similarly operates like Ex-GUN counter-intelligence agent, Tyler Spar. The only known description is that he's a hedgehog with a bandaged mask (a la Hush.), combat boots and a jacket. In addition, he's armed and dangerous, he was willing to massacre mobsters' families to gain a advantage.

Age: Unknown

Likes: Extreminating every bad guy, rulling Station Square, fighting with others.

Dislikes: Sonic interfering with his plans

Tyler Spar - A former GUN counter-intelligence agent and former partner of Rouge the Bat. What makes him similar to Saint is that he goes after all bad guys, disregarding protocol. He was eventually fired from GUN. His style was mainly ruthless, lone-wolf and deceptive. He's a crimson hedgehog with straight, but slightly wavy quills. As of recent, he was found dead.

Age: 23

Likes: Getting the bad guys

Dislikes: Protocol, GUN bureaucracy, the GUN Commander.

Yan Wang series

Nicholas Barton - A man with a dark past. His two children, Kale and Vanessa are the world to him. Little did they know he used to be an assassin, one of the best. As the years went on, he wanted to leave, but his superiors found his skills to valuable to let go. What makes him dangerous is the fact that if anyone harms children in any way, he'll hunt you down and make you suffer. In addition, he still is a dangerous fighter/martial artist, holding nothing back for his opponents. Some knew him as Yan Wang... The Judge of Death.

Skills: Martial arts master, high expertise at espionage, machinery, marksmanship and intel gathering, also he has some slightly superhuman reflexes.

Hamazaki Kato - In short, the Anti-Barton or what in my opinion, the Anti-Batman should be, someone resembling Albert Wesker.

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