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Author has written 8 stories for Star Trek: 2009, Bleach, Patriot, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inheritance Cycle, Emergency, Harry Potter, and Princess Diaries.

'You know, I really appreciate the way you know when to reaffirm my faith in your basic insanity.'


It has been a long time since I've been on this site again. And what is it but my love of Emergency! that brings me back 'home.' I was interested in finishing 'Versus' so I decided to return for one last hurrah!

I've changed a lot in the time I've spent away from this site. I'm no longer in EMT-B classes, I decided as much as I think it would have been a great job, it wasn't for me. Instead I'm working as a bather in Petsmart Grooming Salon and I'm going to an academy to learn how to become a professional groomer this winter.

So I'm still a fan of couples. ABSOLUTELY NO SLASH COUPLES!I DO NOT support homosexuality in any way. Call me opinionated or prejudice, but that is the way it is. While on the subject, I also and VERY PRO-LIFE.

Couples I Support: Sam Flynn/Quorra, Ed Elric/Winry Rockbell, Dave/Becky, Ichigo/Rukia, Renji/Rukia, Spock/Uhura, Gabriel/Anne, Spock/Christine Chapel, Erik/Christine, Indiana Jones/Marion, Faceman/Amy, Hiccup/Astrid, Anakin/Padme, Boba Fett/OC, Obi-Wan/Siri, Qui-Gon/Tahl, and hundreds of others. Oh, and since someone asked, in Naruto, I support: NaruXSaku, SasuXa-slow-and-painful-death, SasuXLog (haha), ShikaXTami, KibaXHina, and RockXSaku (RockLee kicks butt :D)


Star Trek:

A/N: No. There is too much that needs to be said. I am a fan of Star Trek, I'm not a Trekkie though. So honestly, if I don't have all the correct lingo, I'm terribly sorry. Star Trek is a vast and wonderful land that I am still learning about, and I started watching TOS when I was ten. I've never seen any of the seasons past The Next Generations, but I've seen all the movies. I'm just not as obsessed as I once was. However, I'm enjoying oneshots as of late, and you may be seeing a vast collaboration of Spock or McCoy oneshots.

I Want to Be a Friend: A completed poem about Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy's thoughts as he dies. (Okay, I know Dr. McCoy never really dies on the series, but I randomly got the idea when I was in the shower one day, so what can I say. It's unrelated to anything and it's random)


Versus: A story of a feminist journalist named Cassie Roland follows John Gage and Roy DeSoto for a week to gather information about a 'all-men' situation in order to bust seams in the fire department and promote women's lib and inspire equal rights within her female readers. John and Roy are not too happy about this , for they believe that women should not be firefighters because it is too dangerous and strenuous. They plan to break their new pest of her misogynistic attitude. But Cassie doesn't give up easy. She believes that women can be firefighters and do just as good of a job, if not better. Which side will win out? It's an epic and age-old battle: Misogyny Versus Misandry.

Why?: A short little drabble about John Gage's thoughts during Roy DeSoto's funeral.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

A/N: Yeah, I'm one of Ed Elric's biggest fans, but I'm horrendous at portraying him in fictions. So if I do terrible at writing in Edwards POV, I'm very sorry, but I did my best.

12 month Brothers: COMPLETE! Plot: Ed and Al Elric were in a car wreck seven years ago, where their parents were both killed, and now Ed (being 19) and Al (being 14) must go through another tragedy. Al starts to show some concerning illness symptoms and they later find out that Alphonse has leukemia. The doctor assesses that the illness is terminal and Al (who found out in late December that he has leukemia) will not live past the end of the next year.) Ed resolves that he is going to make this the best year Alphonse ever lived and plans all sorts of fun things to do. Subplot:Yeah, an EdXWin pairing :D


A/N: I'll only be doing stupid, short drabbles on these and mainly about Hanatarou, Ichigo, or Renji. No stories for me unless I have a sudden lapse of brilliance, which I highly doubt.

Grant me Strength of Heart:A oneshot (a very small oneshot. More like a halfshot) about Hanatarou and what he wants and desires in the outcome of his life. This is my favorite drabble. I loved the way the words came together with my thoughts. Hanatarou was one of the anime characters I related with the most. I was never in the in crowd, yet I wasn't emo. He's just there to help wherever he can, whether he's appreciated or not. I adore Hanatarou.

Ouran High School Host Club:

My Everything: A short little drabble about Tamaki's thoughts about Haruhi.

The Patriot:

A/N: Don't get me wrong. This is one of my allllltiiiimmmmeeee favorite movies. I love the Revolutionary War, I love Heath Ledger, I love everything about the movie (except Tavington. He's a demon spawn. Yes, that's right fangirls. Come and attack me. I just dissed your oddly evil and horrible fangirl attachment.) Anyways, I don't think, even in my large expanse of knowledge about the American REvolution, I don't think I could get everything historically correct. I had enough trouble with getting Star Trek fans calmed down when I tried to do a 'Trekkite Correct' fan fiction going. And I hope to God that there are more history buffs than sci-fi nerds out there. For the sake of that hope, I would like to diverge away from writing stories about this and stick to hurt/comfort/feelings oneshots from whoevers perspective.

His Little Boy: A oneshot of how Gabriel felt about his father in a series of times in his life. Starting from 'his' little boy, through the teenage years, when he's married, and on his dying day.


100 Ways to Say I'm a Legend: I'm desperately trying to attempt a collection of Murtagh moments using his POV throughout the books and a few made-up moments. This could be a failure, but I'm going to try my hardest to complete it.

Favorite Quotes:

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