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Hi, you! What are you doing on this page? Don't you see I haven't written anything in months, if not a whole year? Why would you want to know about me?

Maybe you don't. Maybe you're just bored and surfing through random people's profiles, looking for something interesting. Whatever your reasoning, you're here now. So I may as well write something that could, potentially, be interesting.

My name is Katnip. Okay, it's not really "Katnip", but that's what I go by on this website, and pretty much every other website I go on. My real name is Katherine. I've been called many nicknames though...Kat, Kate, Katy, Kitkat, Kath, Ends, Katy-bear, Button, Wolf...but you can still call me Katnip.


Gender: female

Country: Canada

Race: white. Veeery white

Grade: 10

Birthday: June 1st

Orientation: bi

Hair: brunette, wavy, somewhat short (just past jaw-length)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: I have no idea

Clothing Style: jeans and graphic tees, plaid button-up shirts, bright colours

Hobbies: drawing, sketching, Facebook, writing, video games, watching TV

Occupation: artist


Colour - lime green, purple

Number - 6

Food - pizza

Animal - undecided

Place to Visit that I Haven't Visited - Ireland

Place to Visit that I Have Visited - nowhere, I don't travel

Movie - Harry Potter, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

TV Show - The Big Bang Theory

Music - punk pop, punk rock, dubstep, electronic, club, indie rock


Dogs vs Cats = dogs

Chocolate vs Vanilla = chocolate

Computers vs No Computers = computers

Blonde vs Brunette = brunette

Sheldon Cooper vs Leonard Hoffstader = Sheldon Cooper

Star Wars vs Star Trek = Star Wars

Aero vs Twix = Twix

Angels vs Demons = demons

The Legend of Zelda vs Mario Bros. = The Legend of Zelda

X-Men vs The Justice League = X-Men

That's about all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully I've captured your bored interest enough for you to favourite me, but that's very unlikely. I don't even have quotes here. Maybe I'll add quotes later.

And maybe I'll write a story soon and publish it. Then I'd have to come back and edit this profile, perhaps. But perhaps not.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, by the way. That shows dedication!

Have fun with whatever you're going to do now!


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