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Hey there. The name's GHouse89. And my real name is...nah, I can't tell you my real name. I'd have to kill you. And since I have absolutely no way of knowing who the heck anyone on this website really is, it's gonna be pretty hard to kill anyone at all. So, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself

1-About me

Name: See above

Birthday: October 13 1989 (Fun fact-look this date up. I was born on "Friday the Thirteenth". Isn't that awesome!!!...and at the same time, creepy as all hell?!!!

Nationality: I'm Nigerian, but I was born in Canada or something.

Occupation: University student, Architecture (which sucks like a b--h)

2-My Loves

Comics, Movies/TV Shows, Comedy, Writing, Reading. I'm actually kind of a geek and I do display some full frontal nerdity on occasion. Seriously. I mean, my older brother and I, are totally into books (Not academic ones, but we do well enough in school though). For example, I recently finished Gothe's original Faust, book 1 and 2, the ones with the rhyme scheme, literally written a century ago...and I enjoyed it. See? Who in the world does that? That's why I have no girlfriend.

Comics are a passion, because I love good art and Writing. And contrary to what the nay sayers'll say, comics have a lot of both. I would really love to get into that someday, maybe have a creator owned title or somethin'. The ideas are piling up and I would so give a limb to unleash them. I also love to draw. Actually, my avatar is a pencil sketching I did of Spidey just for the site. Although, I haven't drawn in months, maybe years and I'm losing my touch. Comics that I love: anything with good art and story and you got me hooked. Although, I did enter into comics through Marvel, so I harbor much love for them. DC too. Some obscure-like comics that I have really enjoyed and would recommend are:

--District X (Marvel- Pre-House of M): This was one of the best comics I have ever read in my opinion. David Hine brought his A game to this one. It's basically the gritty, ugly side of Mutantdom. Mutants whose strange, unattractive powers are like, for example, changing into wood as soon as the Sun sets, or leaking an acid from their tear glands that hurts even themselves and leaves them blind-- stuff like that. It's the scary, eerily realistic everyday life of a city district whose residents are mutants with unglamorous powers.

--Preacher (DC-Vertigo): Garth Ennis created a character who for over a span of sixty six issues, you realize is basically the person you want to be. Tough, morally upright, unafraid, determined. Although it's laden with cursing, it's a comic that's too intelligent for some and may not go down well with others, mostly because, it holds itself up as a mirror to the inane, idiotic face of todays pop culture, religion and politics mocks it unapologetically. The love between the Reverend Jesse Custer and his girlfriend Tulip was also very nice, flawed as it was.

--Kick-Ass (Marvel-Icon imprint): Just read the freakin' comic and find out why!!! Mark Millar hit a home run. It's violent, it's profane, it's gory as all hell, but surprisingly not done inelegantly.

--Irredeemable (Boom! studios): Mark Waid is a man who asked the question some of us have been pondering ever since we discovered Superman: what if he was not as Boy Scout-ish as he's made out to be? What if he was flawed and could crack under pressure like any one with immense responsiblity on their shoulders? The premise is basically: Superman-like hero goes evil. All Hell breaks loose.

I like movies alot. Some of my favorite are: The Matrix, all three parts (Yeah? So what? The trilogy is deep, ya'll), The Exorcist (The 1973 version, although I like some of the new ones), Fight Club (Another awesome movie that's a huge metaphor for brotherhood...and insanity, I guess), Observe and Report (It's my generation's Taxi Driver--and yes, I totally stole that from a Movie critic), The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger did the impossible--he is the Joker. Nuff said), District 9 (Alien movie that's not just an Alien movie), Kick-Ass (Mark Millar is a genius. Plus, Chloe Grace Moretz freaked us out in a totally good way. She rocked the role), and many others. Don't worry, as I update my profile, I'll make a list.

I also like TV Shows, my favorite being: House M.D, (hence the avatar name), Supernatural, Fringe, Dexter, HIMYM, Life, Better off Ted, Scrubs, and so many others.

3 Quick Fun Facts

-My favorite genre of anything is comedy

-When I was little, my mom made me go to my kindergarten Halloween party as Red Riding Hood. She thought it would be cute. But it wasn't. I have pictures.

-I can do the voice of virtually any character on TV that I watch for a while

-My favorite girl/woman in the Marvel Universe is...Blindfold!!! (I find damaged, withdrawn, funny talking women to be very sexy. Seriously)

-I love my baby sister even though she annoys me so much I want to strangle her (She's seven)

-I've been clinically dead for a couple of minutes (it's no big deal, really). 3:47.

-Number six is totally not a joke

Well, I'll try and update this as soon as I can, because there's so much more useless information that I want you to know about me.

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