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Author has written 3 stories for Doctor Who, iCarly, and Kingdom Hearts.

First off- I take requests!

I can do ICarly, Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts, Wizards of Waverly Place, Victorious, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, The Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Hunger Games, Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, The Phantom Tollbooth, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Spiderman, Mario and Luigi (anything really), Harvest Moon, Pokemon, El Tigre, Mighty Bee, Danny Phantom, and crossovers. (Most of these are Nickelodeon)


PLEASE PLEASE if you have an idea for my Doctor Who meets Kingdom Hearts story, PM ME!


1. They are a species from outerspace

2. They have appeared twice in the Doctor Who series

Once in the past, again in the near present.

3. They are animal look alike

4. They were a mighty civilization, then they devolved into beasts

5. They were the scourge of the galaxy

6. They are not Slitheen

7. They are my personal take on this species before it devolved into beasts so you'll never figure it out!

8. They start with the letter M

Here's the100 Themes challenge. It is 100 oneshots about:

1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat
24. No Time
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain
31. Flowers
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned

39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still
43. Dying-
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance-
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't
74. Are You Challenging Me?
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

Doctor Who is awesome!

Kingdom Hearts is awesome!

So many ideas so little time. I'll try to post them all!

Favorite Food: Orange Chicken from Panda Express

Favorite TV show: Doctor Who

Favorite Video game: Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Book: Argh! To hard to decide!

Doctor Who Trivia!

1. What is Rose's last name?

2. Who is Rose's boyfriend?

3. What is the Doctor's fake name in "Family of Blood"


1. Tyler

2. Mickey

3. John Smith

Copy and Paste if you LOVE to laugh (even if at yourself)

LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_
LLLLLLLLLL --_--_--_--_--_--_OOOOO--_--_--_--_ OOOOOLLLLLLLLLL--_--_--_--_--_--_

If you think the human identification thing when you log in to fan fiction is annoying, copy and past this into your profile.

Ways to Annoy people at the movie theater:

Throw popcorn in the air and yell, "It's snowing!"

Go, "Oooooh..." whenever anyone kisses.

Clap when the good guy gets killed.

During the previews, yell, "Can you fast-forward it?"

Whenever the bad guy is doing something devious, say, "Watch out!"

Laugh very loudly at all the corny jokes.

Tell the man selling popcorn that the bathroom is flooding.

Yell out what is going to happen.

Wear a cape and when its your turn to get popcorn yell, "I'm Batman! Hahaha!" and run away.

Say that they cannot sit next to you because you invisible friend already is.

Dress for every movie as if it were the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Use empty chairs next to you as catapults with candy. Aim at specific people behind you and see if you can hit anyone in the back row.

Wear 3D glasses. Complain loudly how bad the effects are.

Bring a flashlight. In the middle of the film do shadow puppets on the ceiling.

Bring a remote control. Complain that you can't change the channel.

Sit front row, the minute the movie starts run out screaming.

Every time a character's name is mentioned do the Richmeister. (for a guy named Nick say, the Nickmeister, the Nickenator, Nickarino...)

Bring a beach ball. Toss it around.

Try to start a wave.

Become a bookie. Take bets on who will die first.

Sit in the back and throw eggs at the projection window.

Every time someone curses cover your ears and scream, "No profanity!"

Sing with the theme music.

Bring and use your own air freshener.

At the ticket booth, request tickets for really old movies, "I'll have two tickets for the Goonies."

Throw spit wads on the screen. Try throwing them on the upper part of the screen so they can't get scraped off.

Pass around a collection plate and see if anyone contributes.

Point a laser pointer at the screen. Give the audience a laser light show.

Bring a book and a bright light. Start reading the book with the light on. When someone asks you to turn out the light, yell, "Shh, I'm trying to read!"

Use binoculars. Stare at the audience rather than the movie.

Bring a Nintendo laser gun. Shoot at the screen.

Clap loudly every time a person walks into the theater late.

When someone kicks the back of your chair, scream, "Ahhh, whiplash!"

Ask what the theater's return policy on popcorn is.

Ask the person at the ticket window, "Do you work here?"

Start a standing ovation at the end of the movie.

Quote all dialogue 4 seconds after it is said on the screen.

Get up frequently and leave the room while singing "Let's all go to the Lobby to get ourselves a treat"

Every time there is a gun shot scream, "Hit the floor!", jump on the floor, and cover your head.

Wear one of those "cat in the hat" top hats.

Play musical chairs, getting up frequently and moving right next to someone sitting by themself.

Bring your own beanbag chair and sit in the aisle.

Before the movie begins, tape fart cusions to various chairs in the theater room.

Bring a portable air popper, pop your own popcorn.

Bring a watergun and shoot it at anyone who begins talking then say very loudly, "SHH!"

Before the commercials start and people are just coming in and shout so that people outside can hear, "I'M SO VERY SORRY! YOU'RE TOO LATE!"

Tie a cardboard box around your waist and walk up and down the aisles shouting "Get your popcorn, peanuts!"

Cough really loudly right at the most important part of the movie, so nobody can hear it, like when the killer's name is going to be said.

Laugh hysterically during the sad parts in the movie, cry during the funny ones.

Bring a pager or cellphone and set them off every 5 minutes, you can also set off a watch alarm if you have a loud one.

Say "Shhhhh" every 5 minutes.

Pass by a room that's showing a movie you've already seen, put your head into the room, and scream the end

How To Annoy People
At An Amusement Park

Dress up like one of the photographers and follow people around asking them repeatly if they would like their picture taken.

Leave large gaps in between you and the people in front of you while waiting in line.

Every time you pass a chain restraint not in use, clip it on and use it to hold back the people behind you in line.

Ask the person running the roller coaster if someone has recently thrown up on it.

Pretend to freak out on a ride so they stop it to let you off.

Offer people money for their spots in line...MONOPOLY money.

Speak in Spanish, or pretend you're deaf and start making rapid hand movements.

Start talking about shaving your excess body hair in line while everyone around you is silent.

Find someone and tell them you're lost. Use your best acting skills.

Steal all of the pennies out of the water fountains.

Go up to the boy band wanna-be group and pretend to be really excited and ask for their autographs, reassuring them that they're gonna make it big soon.

Take an Alka-Seltzer tablet and begin to have spasmatic movements in your body while foaming at the mouth at the very top of the tallest ride.

Ask the ride attendant if you cannot ride because you are under the influence of herione, marijuana, crack, and every other drug you can think of.

Begin to cry when they start the merry-go-round and have them stop it because you're too scared to go all the way.

Start talking loudly about the last time you got stuck upside-down on this ride, scaring everyone in line around you.

Ask someone that looks like they're in a hurry for directions.

Complain about how dirty the seat is, and demand they clean it off.

Walk up to anyone in the park, and say "Hi, my name is your name" and offer a handshake.

Ask ANYONE for their autograph.

Advertise for a theme park...one you're not at.

Find someone to tell your life story to.

Whisper right in someone's ear, "I know what you did last summer."

Comment how good you look in every picture of you on a ride.

Make fun of everyone else in every set of pictures taken during the rides.

Go up to every character walking around and give them a big hug and call them your "hero."

Ride every water ride and inform everybody with you that you can't swim and everyone's gonna drown.

16 funny things to do when you're in Wal-Mart!

1. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.

2. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms.

3. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone,
" 'Code 3' in warehouse"... and see what happens.

4. Go the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away.

5. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

6. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department.

7. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask,
"Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

8. Look right into the security camera & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose.

9. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti - depressants are.

10. Dart around the store suspiciously loudly humming the "Mission Impossible" theme.

11. In the auto department, practice your "Madonna look"

12. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through,
say "PICK ME!" "PICK ME!"

13. When an announcement comes over the loud speaker, assume the fetal position and scream..
"NO! NO! It's those voices again!!"

14. Go into a fitting room and shut the door and wait a while and then yell, very loudly, "There is no toilet paper in here!

15.Grab a lot of bouncy balls and throw them down the aisle, shouting "Go, Pikachu, Go!"

16. When you are at the cash paying, ask: "Can I have fries with that?"

10 Ways To Be S-T-U-P-I-D:

1. Ask For Directions To A Place Youre Already At.
2. Try To Order Pizza From McDonalds.
3. Get Hit By A Parked Car.
4. Try To Watch Saturday Cartoons On A Thursday.
5. Try To Sell Your Money.
6. Try To Play The Alphabet On The Piano.
7. Eat All You Can Eat At A Store.
8. Get Into A Fight With Yourself And Lose.
9. Try To Go Swimming Without Getting Wet.

10. Ask For Diet Water At A Restaurant


1. Follow them around the house everywhere.
2. Moo when they say your name.
3. Pretend to have amnesia.
4. Say everything backwards.
5. Run into walls.
6. Say that wearing clothes is against your religion.
7. Go into their room at 4 in the morning and say "Good Morning Sunshine!"
8. Snort loudly when you laugh and then laugh harder.
9. Say all of the words in a film.
10. Pluck someone's hair out and yell "DNA!"
11. Wear a sticker that says "I'm retarded!"
12. Talk to a pen.
13. Have 20 imaginary friends that you talk to ALL the time.
14. Try and climb the wall.
15. In public yell "NO MUM I WILL NOT KISS YOU!"
16. Put pegs on your nose and eyes.
17. Switch the light button on and off for awhile. Then say "Oh...I get it!"
18. Eat your hair.
19. When you shower or bath yell "I'm drowning!"
20. At everything they say yell "LIAR!"
21. Pretend to be a phone.
22. Try to swim in the floor.
23. Tap on their door all night.

Annoying things to do on an elevator: read this! :) very funny!!

1) CRACK open your briefcase or handbag,
peer Inside and ask "Got enough air in

2) STAND silent and motionless in the
corner facing the wall without getting off.

3) WHEN arriving at your floor, grunt
and strain to yank the doors open, then
act as if you're embarrassed when they
open themselves.

4) GREET everyone with a warm handshake
and ask him or her to call you Admiral.

5) MEOW occasionally.

6) STARE At another passenger for a
while. Then announce in horror: "You're
one of THEM" - and back away slowly

7) SAY -DING at each floor.

8) SAY "I wonder what all these do?" And
push all the red buttons.

9) MAKE explosion noises when anyone
presses a button.

10) STARE, grinning at another passenger
for a while, then announce: "I have new
socks on."

11) WHEN the elevator is silent, look
around and ask: "Is that your beeper?"

12) TRY to make personal calls on the
emergency phone.

13) DRAW a little square on the floor
with chalk and announce to the other
passengers: "This is my personal space."

14) WHEN there's only one other person
in the elevator, tap them on the
shoulder, then pretend it wasn't you.

15) PUSH the buttons and pretend they
give you a shock. Smile, and go back for

16) ASK if you can push the button for
other people but push the wrong ones.

17) HOLD the doors open and say you're
waiting for your friend. After a while,
let the doors close and say "Hi Greg,
How's your day been?"

18) DROP a pen and wail until someone
reaches to help pick it up, then scream:
"That's mine!"

19) BRING a camera and take pictures of
everyone in the lift.

20) PRETEND you're a flight attendant
and review emergency procedures and
exits with the Passengers.

21) SWAT at flies that don't exist.

22) CALL out "Group hug" then enforce it

Fill in #s 1-12 with names of people from your favorite characters and answer the questions. You can mix shows or not. Your choice.

1. The Doctor

2. Sora

3. Rose Tyler

4. Goofy

5. Donald

6. King Mickey

7. Martha Jones

8. Donna Noble

9. Kairi

10. Riku

11. Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents, random I know)

12. Andrew "Ender" Wiggin (Ender's Game Series)

What would happen if Eight walks into Ten's room while he/she is changing, what would happened?

Donna says, "Hey! Doctor are you in here!"

Riku, "Umm! Excuse me!"

Donna, "Not the Doctor! NOT the Doctor!!" She runs out leaving the door open. "Uh, lady?"

What would happen if Three and Four are fighting, but then Six comes in and resolves it.

Rose, "Well, I've been to other planets!"

Goofy, "So have I!"

Rose, "Your an animal!"

King Mickey, "Hey stop fighting! We have a planet to save!"

One battle scene later...

Rose, "Your pretty good at this."

Goofy, "Aw shucks, thanks."

What would happen if Five and Nine are talking when Seven runs in between yelling "I love (One)!"

Donald, "I hear you like Sora."

Kairi says while blushing, "Umm, well..."

Martha jumps in between them and yells, "I love the Doctor!" Then she ran back where she came.

Kairi, "Do you know who that is?"

Donald, "I have no idea."

What would happen if Ten and Two are in the middle of a battle when seven comes flying through screaming "Super (Seven's name)"

Riku, "Are you ready to battle for Kairi's heart?"

Sora, "I'll do anything for Kairi."

Suddenly, Martha came flying through yelling "Super Martha!" Stood there for a minute or two then pushed Riku over.

"Super Martha to the rescue!"

What would happen if Ten kills Four, Four's last words?

Riku, "Say goodbye. The power of darkness always wins."

He swooped down and struck Goofy with a force that was fatal.

Goofy's last words were, "King Mickey, remember all the good times we had."

Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

Yes. But don't tell anyone.

What would happen if Three got Four pregnant?

No comment. Shivers

Do you recall any fics about Nine?

Yeah, some about nine and two.

Would Two and Eleven make a good couple?

No no no. Just plain NO.

Five/Eight or Five/Ten?


Make up a summary of a Three/Ten fic.

"Your heart has darkness. Way more then the the Doctors" Rose smiles.

Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.

Trying to mend a broken heart. It would be a really bad fic.

What might Three scream at a moment of great passion?

"Yeah, Doctor!"

If you wrote a song'fic about EIght, what song would you choose?

No idea. But it would be a sad song.

If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fanfic, what would the warning be?

Do not read this. It sucks.

What might be a good pick-up line for one to use on two?

Gross. These questions are wrong.

What would happen if One woke you up in the middle of the night?

I would scream. Then probably be attacked by some alien.

What would happen/ what would you do if Three walked into the bathroom while you were showering?

Stop my shower and say "What the heck are you doing in my shower!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Four announced he/she' going to marry Nine tomorrow?

Sora would freak out.

Five cooked you dinner?

I didn't know he could cook. But I would pretend to eat it.

How would you react if Eight got into the hospital somehow?

"Girl, I knew the Doctor was dangerous!"

Nine made fun of your friends?

She's too sweet. She'd never do that.

Ten ignored you all the time?


Two serial killers are hunting you down. What would One do?

Take me into his TARDIS to protect me.

You're on vacation with Two and suddenly manage to break your leg. What does Two do?

Protect from heartless while escorting me to the hospital.

It's your birthday. What does Three get you?

A book, definitely.

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does Four do?

Be clumsy and fall over while I try and pull him outside.

You're about to do somehting that will make you extremely embarrassed. WHat will Five do?

Get really upset over nothing.

You're about to marry Ten. What's One's reaction?

First of all, would never happen. I

You got dumped. How will Seven cheer you up?

Take me out for a fun day with the doctor.

Which number do you think is the hottest?

One, Two and Four. Best question ever!

What's your favorite couple?

One/Three and Two/Seven.


Opening Credits:

She Said- I don't know who wrote it.

Waking Up:

Wake up- Hilary Duff

First Day of School:

What do you want from me?- Forever the sickest kids

Making Your New Best Friend:

Vertical- T-Squad

Falling in Love:

You belong with me- Taylor Swift

Breaking Up:

Bad Day- Daniel Powter


Chemicals React- Aly & A.J.


Life is a Highway- Rascal Flatts

Life's Okay:

Fireflies- Owl City

Death of a Close Friend:

Naturally- Selena Gomez

Mental Breakdown:

Shake your Coconuts- JUNIOR SENIOR


Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield


Here We Go Again- Demi Lovato

Getting Back Together:

I Could Get Used To This- Everlife

Birth of a Child:

Can't get you out of my Head- ??????

Wedding Scene:

Dance With Me- Drew Seeley

Car Accident:

Halfway There- Big Time Rush

Final Battle:

Hot'N'Cold- Katie Perry

Death Scene:

Hold On- Jonas Brothers

Funeral Song:

City is Ours- Big Time Rush

End Credits (Pick 2 if You Want):

Kissing You- Miranda Cosgrove &/or Doctor Who TARDIS Music.

So, there's my life soundtrack

My Name- What's yours?


B=Kind hearted

C=Great friend

D=Great lover




H= Girly


J=Easy to fall in love with

K= Loveable



N= Beautiful

O=Loves a lot of people




S=Honey Bunny




W=Smiles a lot

X=Popular with boys

Y=Voice of an angel

Z=Natural beauty

So what's mine?


A= Hot

C=Great friend

H= Girly

A= Hot



(Nickname wise)

R= Talented

A= Hot

C=Great friend

H= Girly

Copy and paste this alphabet into your profile if you feel like trying this out.

I am the girl ... that doesn't go to school dances, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird, and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cellphone or regular phone. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain.

But I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn't care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who has a comeback for whatever you say to her, who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with Primeval/ Doctor Who, or anything else sci-fi, who can express herself better with words, and knows the importance of the little things. I am the girl who would rather buy books then shoes.

Copy and Paste this onto your account, and add your name to the list, if you are anything like me, so the girls who are different and unique can know in their weakest times that they are unique, but not alone. ~ PrettyFanGirl, Truth Be Told 13, DEFiiANCE, Angel of Apathy, Vic Taylor, Erma Buckles, butterfly1415, NotEverJulietNeedsARomeo (got this from fictionpress.net), Kisara the BlueEyesWhiteDragon, talkstoangels77, Kathryn Hart, XxJessFoxxX, leodoglover,

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