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Eh, so I haven't been around. lt's been really complicated, things came up, blah blah blah.
Anyway, I've got at least one thing in the works and I plan to have it up by later tonight. But that's not the point. This is what I'm really getting at here:
For those who read Debt Repaid (spoilers!):
I realize it wasn't very clear and, after having received a few questions about it--probably too long ago to justify my addressing it now--I decided to establish that the reference to the "other heart" that Ven notices shortly before dropping off to sleep again is supposed to be Kairi's heart. It was stated in the first game that Kairi's heart rested within Sora for what we can assume was almost the entirety of his first journey. Then, with the release of BbS and various cutscenes and trailers that have followed since, we have learned that Ven's heart has also slept within Sora that entire time. So, if Ven's heart did in fact temporarily become active in Sora's moments of duress, we can assume that there may have been some interaction between the two "guest" hearts. When writing Debt Repaid I chose, however, to keep that interaction limited for simplicity's sake.
Anyways, I realize that it may not have been immediately clear whether that was Kairi's heart, Sora's, or some other bombshell I may have been planning. I promise it wasn't anything sinister, just a little food for thought.
Look forward to my update tonight!

Newest work(s): What is Real?, a one-sided Riku/Kairi one-shot revolving around Riku's thoughts on light, darkness, and how the World has changed since his childhood. In this memory that has only been revealed through unlocking it within Jiminy's Journal, Riku finally seems to show some wistfulness, some sadness, some regret.

Conscience, a Namine-centric one-shot that explores how Namine feels about what she's done to Sora, before she knows that he forgives her. This leads her to a determination to help someone with a close link to Sora, because she feels she's done enough damage to the hero of the World. That same determination points her in the direction of a certain Nobody...

Works so far: [ Title (Featured game; main characters; set world; canon or alternate-universe; publish date, m/d/y) ] Note: KH1 refers to the original Kingdom Hearts; labels go on to KH:CoM (Chain of Memories), KHII (Kingdom Hearts II), KH:358/2D (358/2 Days), KH: BbS (Birth by Sleep), and KH R:C (Re:Coded).

Debt Repaid (KH1; Sora & Ven; Hollow Bastion; canon; 3/15/11)

From Nobody to Nothing (KHII; Axel; Presumably the Realm of Darkness; canon; 12/6/10)

How I Taught Her (KH: BbS; Terra & Aqua; Land of Departure; pre-canon; 4/8/11)

Conscience (KH:CoM/KHII; Namine & Sora/Roxas; Castle Oblivion/Twilight Town; canon; 6/17/11)

Works-in-Progress: Thoughts Get Weirder (KH1; Sora; all worlds in KH1; canon; 4/3/11) Latest Chapter: 3.) In the Rain [Theme 77, Hero [Theme 67, Runaway [75]

An Idle Mind (Kairi & Ventus/Vanitas; Alternate-Universe; 4/30/11) Latest Chapter: 1.) As the Crow Flies

One Thing Unto Another (Various; Various; Various; canon; 6/20/11) Latest Chapter: 2.) Xion: Burn

Born on the day of Roxas+Zexion, in the month of Axel.
Shared gender with Larxene.
Favorite color is that of Isa's or Vanitas's eyes.
My favorite treat is that of Xion, but not in flavor.
I have a thing for boys with hair shaded like Terra.
My hero is a lot like Sora.
My self-proclaimed enemy is like Braig.
I most fear people who are like Xaldin.
Vexen is creepy as hell.

I am Radiant Silver Star.

I enjoy music, and I sing as well as play the guitar, piano, flute, and a few other instruments.

My favorite part of FFN, outside of the writing itself, is leaving reviews.

My ambition is to have drawings that accompany each of my works in some way, and post them to a DeviantART account which I have now created--but this ambition is on hold until I acquire a Photoshop program or similar software.

What I read: Mostly Kingdom Hearts things. I particularly like one-shots because multi-chaps can get a little too off-canon and it's very difficult for a short drabble to capture my attention. If a work doesn't hold my attention, it's a lot less likely to get a review. *shrug* Sorry. Anyways, I've been reading a lot of Birth by Sleep fics lately because, well, that's what people are writing. But I won't say no to a really good 358/2 Days or Chain of Memories one-shot.

What I write: Well, that depends. Obviously, I write Kingdom Hearts one-shots. It's sort of a specialty of mine, and you can expect a lot of them centering around the first three Kindgom Hearts games.

Favorite Characters to read about: Xion, Ventus, Namine, KHI Sora, and Xehanort's Heartless. Yeah, I try to have a favorite from each game... It's getting complicated.

So, what am I working on now?:

Along with my challenge (currently on hold until I can get a few one-shots out of my system because I can't concentrate on anything else until then), I'm working on a BbS one-shot. Remember the one I mentioned before, revolving around Terra and (formerly) an OC? Well, I figured out that with a little AU-twisting (kind of), I can stick Vanitas in there, instead. Of course, the things he says and the plot of the one-shot itself will change now. But the original train of thought remains intact and I think it'll end up being something of quality.

I also have a Kairi/Ven AU going, at least one KH1 one-shot, and my "secret project" which I may not ever actually get around to finishing. There might also be a Rikua fic floating around in my brain someplace. I just have to find it and drag it out.

Okay... Unless you want to read RANDOM STUFF I RANT ABOUT or More About Me, feel free to scroll down to my few Kingdom Hearts one-shots and challenges (and Multi-Chap). I promise I'm working on getting more up there.


The whole Kairi thing (Kingdom Hearts): Well, now. This is interesting. Okay. I've gotten into Kingdom Hearts a lot more, and I must say that if Kairi were consistent all the way through with the role she plays at the very beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts, and even the part she plays with the Oathkeeper keychain in Traverse Town, I'd have nothing to say. But I think that Kairi's personality was bland-ified. Really, I liked short-haired spunky Kairi rather than Pajama-Dress-Empowered-We-Can-Do-It-Woman Kairi. Of course, Sora changes after the first game, too. Kairi and Sora matched up really well in Kingdom Hearts. But at the very end scene in Kingdom Hearts II, it got really hard for me to see the bond. Her cheesy message-in-a-bottle-with-the-ability-to-cross-into-the-realm-between didn't really do anything for me either.

Final Fantasy-centric Kingdom Hearts canon fics (Kingdom Hearts): Don't get me wrong. I completely understand if you want to write a fic that focuses a bit more on the role the FF characters play in the KH franchise. It's intriguing and not very well explored in the series. But if you add in characters that aren't in Kingdom Hearts, such as Rinoa or even Cecil (he's from FFIV, by the way), well... You might as well just have written a crossover. All I'm saying here is that we as fanfic writers need to categorize things properly. I'm more than happy to read a Final Fantasy-Kingdom Hearts crossover. Some people think it's cheesy but I think that, in the right hands, such fics are worth the read. But really, I don't want to see a purely Kingdom Hearts fic that centers around some awkward Rinoa-Leon-Cloud-Yuffie breaking-the-fourth-wall love quadrangle.

The unbelievable lack of popular 358/2 Days in-canon oneshots: Well, I don't have a whole lot to say about this... Except it really kind of disappoints me. Yes, I should write a few myself. I'm working on it, really. I just think Days was kind of revolutionary in terms of the developing depth of the franchise and you'd think there'd be some really good ideas around... But no. It's all AkuRoku AU romancey lemony stuff, as it has been for quite a while. Sigh.

More About Me:


Color: Celadon, green, gold, sometimes purple.
Food: Anything Italian or with vanilla in it. Or carrots. Any vegetables, really.
Scent: Vanilla. =w=
Subject: Astronomy, though since I haven't had a course in it yet, my favorite school course is English.
Anime: Ah! My Goddess, Karin, and some various others that I know I've been watching a bit but can't really remember.
Video Games: Kingdom Hearts as far as RPG goes; in Final Fantasy, I had previously only played FFX, but I recently got Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for PSP and loved, loved, loved it. I also have Crisis Core, but I'm waiting till I finish FFIV: The After Years before I start making things complicated.
Also, I recently bought a Playstation 3, hoping to catch up on my old PS2 games and finish the ones I never had... BUT THE PS3 DOESN'T SUPPORT PS2 GAMES. What the muck, Sony?! I would trade PS2-game compatibility for Blu-ray support any day. Seriously.
Stuff to do: Oh. Well, I'm going to skip the "I luv to write imma be a awthur cuz is eezy muney LOL!" bit. I think we can all live without that, even if it were true. *cough* Well, as you probably inferred, I love music. I enjoy playing instruments of various types, and I'm learning to play a lot more than the ones I listed. I love to sing, but writing anything resembling music is... not my thing. -_-U I do write haiku in my spare time! That's the only interesting thing I'm going to say about my writing habits. And they're silly haiku, too; I don't write any of this emo gothic love crap. I don't read it either... So my contemporary haiku reading experience is extremely limited. XD
Sports: Soccer (or football as everyone in the world calls it but us). Dodgeball. Marching band (it's a lot harder than it looks. Really).
Language: It's a tie between Portugese and German. I'm actually starting to approach fluent levels in German, and I speak it with my grandpa all the time (he's a native English speaker, but he's fluent in Spanish, which I totally fail at; Russian, which is a bit too challenging for me at the moment; and German). I don't know much Portugese... But it's really fun. XD I'm such a nerd!
Movies: Anything involving space or Leonardo DiCaprio. I recently ordered an IMAX movie about the Hubble Space Telescope on Pay-Per-View... It was narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. ...Not that that was a deciding factor or anything.
TV shows: "The Universe" on History International. I also enjoy "Life After People," on the same channel. ...I like science. XD


Color: Darker oranges and those pale-ish blues and greens that are just... yuck. Bleh. *shivers*
Food: Spicy food. I have zero spice tolerance. Seriously, I can't even eat anything with pepper in it. Even if it's something like scrambled eggs with the pepper put in it while scrambling. Zero spice tolerance.
Scent: Most laundry detergents. When I walk through my laundry room, all the smells make it hard to breathe. My parents and brother say I'm weird, but I seriously cannot breathe with the smell of detergent everywhere. It fills up my lungs and the oxygen can't get in. D: It's the same thing with black licorice, actually. I keep asking people if they don't like it because it makes it hard to breathe, and they look at me funny. I'd love black licorice if it didn't make me feel like an asthmatic.
Subject: Chemistry, which is weird because I love nearly all sciences. And I had a fantastic chemistry teacher, who is a family friend and who goes to my church. And I learned a lot, honestly. I just hated every second of it. XD
Anime: Naruto. Let's try to make up a little more convoluted plot, shall we? Actually, my biggest issue is with the fanbase, of which the majority of my friends were part at some point. That's probably why.
Video Games: I've liked every game I've played, even Fallout and other scary-ish games. This includes games that my older brother shied away from. Why are girl gamers sometimes more tolerant than the guys? I don't know. Maybe we really are from two separate universes.
Stuff to do: Most homework, commission drawing. I get a surprising amount of commission requests for my lack of practice or anything, in my opinion, resembling skill. My friends are strange people. I really just don't enjoy being pestered by people. Online commissions would be fine, if I had a DeviantArt or something... Real-life, not so much.
Sports: Pretty much everything besides soccer and dodgeball. I guess football's okay. I do have to watch a lot of it because of band. And I'd like baseball better if I understood any of it. XD
Language: Spanish. I have made numerous attempts over many years starting when I was five. Every other language I've attempted, I click with. Even Portuguese! But not Spanish, no sir. *sigh*
Movies: Horror. It's okay in games because in games I can just beat the crap out of anything that tries to kill me. It's hard to take such an objective view towards movies.
TV Shows: King of the Hill. ...Don't ask.

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