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Although I used to read Hana Yori Dango & Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction, now I mainly read Harry Potter and Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction.

My favorite character is Hermione. I like to think of her as a strong, stubborn, self-righteous and no-nonsense person. She's not perfect; she's insecure (especially about her social skills/environment and looks), always wants to be right, and a bit tactless when it comes to mothering people. But she's extremely loyal and resourceful. She's not always that way in that books, unfortunately, and I absolutely hated the last two. In particular, I hated the Harry/Ginny pairing. There is no depth to Ginny's character, and she just makes out to be a popular, spoilt, nasty bitch and Harry's feelings for her are so sudden they seem simply lust. The epilogue was completely disheartening, as I could never imagine Hermione with Ron - who is frankly, a dumb, bumbling, tactless, mean-spirited, and demeaning prat. I don't have a biblical fanaticism about canon - there are a lot of unexplained holes, and the shipping leaves much to be desired. I respect Rowling less as an author for promoting a view of romantic relationships as either fantasy-like (H/G) and based on lust and delusions or destructive and argumentative in the name of 'sexual tension' (which does not a relationship, much less a marriage, make).

I ship Draco/Hermione and Harry/Hermione. The latter is my favorite 'canon' pairing, although there is a creative limit I think to it. The former is my original, and all-time favorite pairing. The author has to put in a lot more work to make DHr believable, and the good fics deal with the important societal issues discussed by the book (war, reconstruction, racism, elitism, classism) and are often much more creative. For example, I love both Lady_Of_Clunn and camnz's fics on 'what if Voldemort wins and Hermione becomes a common slave with whom Draco is infatuated but Voldemort's regime eventually falls to the muggles/muggleborns'. Deals with larger issues of rape, enslavement, free will, reconstruction, the wizarding/muggle worlds, war, rebellion, justice, etc. I think these are, in general, better works of fiction with a lot more conflict and outside material. I also prefer Hermione in DHr stories - she's usually stronger, more independent, ambitious, cunning, and willing to use her intelligence to her advantage.

Since HHr is, to an extent, an easy pairing, there is much less conflict. And when there is conflict, it is often pure relationship angst that deals only with the foibles of the characters and not the many sins of Wizarding Britain in general. I think I enjoy DHr because they are greater, better-written stories. I enjoy HHr, because they are the fulfillment of how I believe canon should have been. I am not above shaking my head at Rowling and rejecting her ridiculous notions of romance. (My own personal theory is that Ginny = Rowling because both have red hair and H/G is Rowling's attempt to vicariously fulfill her own childhood hero fantasies through her character of a perfect!Ginny, given her own tumultuous love life).

I love AUs, especially fantasy or regency-based ones. My favorite ones are written by Twitch E. Littleferret on Portkey.

Plot lines/devices and characterizations of Hermione in fanfiction that I hate:

x. Hermione as extremely weak (she has proven more than ready to stand up for herself and what she believes)

x. Hermione bending to ignorant or toothless threats from Ron/Ginny/Harry/Draco/whoever

x. Hermione as too-trusting or naive (Marietta proves this) and needing to be saved by Harry/Draco

x. Hermione not standing up for herself as she is used by Harry/Ron

x. Hermione never fighting back or pressing charges when insulted/disparaged/attacked due to her super-forgiving heart. She's not an idiot or a doormat, she just waits and fights back intelligently (see: Skeeter)

x. Hermione toeing around other people for their benefit. Alright, I get she's loyal and compassionate and shite, but she's not an idiot. I like to think of her as realistic, rational and logical. After all, isn't she the brain? How can the brain work if it is constantly worrying about not hurting people's feelings (see: Hermione trying to prevent Harry from rushing to DOM to save Sirius)

x. Hermione being incredibly self-sacrificing to the extent of giving up her own happiness so that someone else can be happy (I can understand Hermione being oblivious to Harry's interest in her, but I can't understand her insisting that she and Harry not act on what is obviously a superior love on their parts - not doing so would also condemn Ron/Ginny to an inferior love and a lifetime of emotionally unfaithful spouses. The right thing to do is to go with her heart, and allow Ron/Ginny to move on from their delusions.)

The latter extends mostly to Harry/Hermione type stories in which she fails to stand up against a bitchy/manipulative Ginny, where she forces Harry + herself to give up their own happiness for Ron's + Ginny's, refuses to act on her love for Harry, allows herself to be used and walked all over upon by Harry/Ron/Ginny. I also do not enjoy stories in which she acts illogically; if there is a clear next step that she somehow does not see (i.e. Harry suddenly falls back into love with Ginny, she sees Harry with Ginny but Harry insists he was drugged), but does not take (flushing potion! going to the hospital!).

I also dislike stories where characters do not see justice because they are friends of Harry/Hermione; specifically, stories in which Ron and Ginny are forgiven and get off light for serious offenses (betrayal, love potions and other forms of mind control, manipulation, and lying) simply because 'they're our friends'. If they can betray you, they are obviously not your friends. Also, it is an awful variant of nepotism to not bring your friends to justice. I think Hermione is all about what is wrong and what is right and justice and wouldn't - and doesn't (in the book she often insists that Ron not abuse his prefect status) - allow criminals to go free just because they are friends. This hurts them as well, as it does not teach them that what they did is wrong and worthy of punishment; they will continue to be delusional and at some point will cause great harm to others or themselves when they do something utterly unforgiveable. Reformation does not come when you leave these people alone and hope they learn from their mistakes. It only comes with just punishment. What I prize most in stories is a sense of justice fulfilled or completion. People made mistakes, but everyone paid in full for them and then we get our happy ending. These stories just feel complete...

I also dislike stories in which Harry/Hermione decide 'we can't let anyone know about our love because it would hurt too many people.' That's illogical unless they're planning on breaking up in the future, as they will eventually have to tell people or someone will eventually figure it out. --;

These stories have made me hate Ginny. Canon!Ginny is annoying, but Fanon!Ginny is just a diseased bitch who needs to be put down. (Ok, that's harsh, but seriously.) I really really hate her. After starting to read HHr, I have difficulties reading any story - even DHr ones - where Harry is paired up with Ginny or Hermione and Ginny are 'best friends.' I find her annoying, super-happy, super-popular, sparkling and cheery personality positively grating. I would prefer Harry with ANYONE else. Seriously, who marries the girl who has had a crush on you since she learned how to read and kissed you when you were 16 and you went out with for two weeks? In fact, many parts of the H/G story in canon have made me resent even Harry, who was cold in not comforting Hermione when Ron left them both and she was crying. And God, he goes back and marries a girl he dated for two weeks? Seriously? Not realistic. Not an epic love story. At the end, I'm not even sure canon!Harry deserves Hermione, and think she might be better off ditching them both.

One thing I don't understand is how did Harry and Hermione NOT get together, after everything they went through? How did they not even try? How did Hermione never like him when he was so obviously superior to Ron in every way (except chess)? And if she had gone to him, would he have been able to refuse her?

Despite all my criticism, I love authors who write as I am not creative enough to do so (only logical enough to try to pick out interesting/illogical or illformed plot points).

Finally, just a couple of plot bunnies I don't expect anyone to follow up on:

x. I read a HHr fic called Hermione Weasley where Hermione is adopted by the Weasleys so Ginny is not born. What if Ginny were born? Would deal with adopted sibling issues, as there would be conflict between the two girls - one the first biological daughter in years and one an adopted, older daughter - and then again over Harry - Ginny loves Harry but Hermione has read about him as well and becomes friends with him earlier, and has a lot more to offer him (intelligence, etc.) than just running away whenever she sees him. Here, I doubt Hermione would step aside for Ginny. I see Hermione as slightly bitter at the Weasley's treatment of spoilt!-can-do-nothing-wrong Ginny. Or at the very least they are used to sibling arguments and fighting for what they want so she certainly would not help Ginny get Harry.

x. As I mentioned, I love stories in which Hermione is a slave of Draco during Voldemort's reign. But what happens afterwards? How does she decide to be with a war criminal, albeit a reluctant one? I think Uncoffined is better at answering that question than the Slow Thaw. How do they work things out? Is he redeemed just because he showed mercy toward her because in his twisted way, he loved her? Does that absolve him of all other guilt, for Hermione?

x. Building on the idea in SVM that coexistence between vampires and humans is possible when vampires no longer become a threat due to True Blood, what would happen if, as in the Slow Thaw, muggles found a scientific way of nullifying magic (even potions?). This would happen, of course, during the course of Voldemort's reign (as in the Slow Thaw), in which Death Eaters wreak consistently greater havoc on Muggle populations, forcing the Muggle governments to use their own weapons (science, guns, atomic bombs) to topple Voldemort. How would the two societies co-exist? How would the muggles demand reparations and deal out justice for Muggle deaths? Would Muggle society successfully pull Wizarding society out of its conservative, racist roots?

x. What if Petunia Dursley attempted to compensate for her sister Lily's magic by becoming a bitter, but successful and educated career woman? And she snagged herself a barrister husband? Yes, that's a plot device for introducing a Harry who is immensely independent (courtesy of his barely-there very career-oriented parents), intelligent, determined to achieve, and has a strong sense of justice. Characteristics that were all lacking in canon!Harry.

x. Knowing of the Weasley/Dumbledore's reliance on manipulative potions, Harry has his solicitor draw up a legal document that will be activated whenever he attempts to legally marry Ginny Weasley. Their wedding is stopped midway through as it cannot be legally registered as the document (of which Ginny was unaware and the memory of which Harry oblivated) starts a civil case against Ginny for the illegal use of mind-altering potions, with the wedding contested as an agreement contested to under undue and unnatural influence (and therefore, invalid). The document also insists that Harry be tested for potions by a randomly-selected, impartial healer who must testify in court under Veritaserum as to his findings. Hence, a wedding with Ginny is avoided and she (and Molly Weasley, the crazy overbearing bint)

x. Ginny insists she and Harry get married in an old, Celtic binding ceremony that calls upon Old Magic/ the Goddess. But the magic refuses to bind them, and visibly rejects their match on the grounds that they are incompatible (i.e. through the use of backlash, colors, or other embarrassing event that makes clear to the Wizarding World that they are not truly in love and are idiots for thinking so + wanting to get married. No one else is willing to marry them now, as they all respect the Magic.

x. In which Harry and Hermione have a fling but Harry goes back to Ginny, leaving Hermione pregnant. Unlike all the other fics that feature this plot device, Hermione ACTUALLY moves on and recognizes that her love for Harry is not limitless or eternal, and that she can maturely and equally love someone else, especially as she does no longer talk with Harry. Harry's marriage to Ginny ends in an ugly divorce, and he runs into Hermione accidentally. He wants to see if they can take up where they left off, but she's already moved on.

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