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Update November 2017:

As of now, it's looking like I'm not going to be able to continue writing, at least not in the immediate future. I know how frustrating it is to get buried in a story only to find it hasn't been updated in a decade and appears abandoned. So, I thought I'd give a brief summary from my outlines of where I intended my active stories to go.

Ranma-Baby: Currently at chapter 10

Chapter 11:

Ukyō and Konatsu's budding relationship turns physical. Shortly after, Ukyō has Akane in bed when they hear Konatsu return home. Ukyō drags a very shy and embarrassed Akane, who is in her underwear, out to see Konatsu, starting the three-way plan they'd discussed in chapter 10. The three of them have a fun time together and Ukyō mentions Akane's idea of joining the two of them, and in return, Ukyō would spend time with whomever Akane eventually ends up. Konatsu likes the idea, though much to their disappointment, he isn't interested in being involved with another guy.

Meanwhile, Mousse tracks down Nabiki and informs her that he's splitting from the Amazons. He asks for her help in becoming a Japanese citizen, in return for helping Nabiki get Shampoo and Cologne out of Japan once and for all. Nabiki is suspicious, but ultimately agrees, thinking that if he's only pretending and actually helping the Amazons, she needs to play along to expose it.

In addition, Kasumi goes on another date with Tofu. Wanting to show her sexy side, she wears daisy-dukes ad a tank top (bought with her other sexy stuff) under her blouse and skirt. Before the date, she lifts her skirt to show Tofu; after the date, she removes her outer layer, and they get into a hot make-out session. She finally understands how love and arousal go together, and starts feeling more physical desires for him.

Chapter 12:

Looking for Nabiki in the middle of the night, the ever-blind Mousse accidentally breaks into Akane's room instead, earning a brief beating before he can explain himself. She's curious as to why he's leaving the tribe. In explaining how he'd finally lost his feelings for Shampoo, they chat about finally realizing what love is and isn't, and how both had been fooled by their former paramours. This emotional discussion leads to a kiss, before a conflicted Mousse flees.

Ranma and Nabiki notice Akane is acting a bit sad and wistful, but don't know why. At the end of the chapter, Ranma and Akane receive their entrance exam scores in the mail. Ranma reads the letter, and his eye twitches as he mutters "One… point?!"

Chapter 13:

It turns out Ranma passed Tōkyō U's entrance exams by a single point. He starts preparing for such a tough school, while Nabiki suggests he approach his studies like he approaches new martial arts styles.

At one point, they overhear Akane talking with Ukyō, and learn that Mousse kissed Akane, and she's been thinking about him and their shared experiences. Furious, Nabiki tracks him down and berates him. He apologizes profusely, explaining that he momentarily felt ashamed for cheating on Shampoo, despite having given up on her, and later stayed away because he's ashamed for how he treated Akane. Nabiki realizes how she's hurt Akane throughout, and tells him that her agreement to help him now includes an additional requirement— that he explain himself to Akane and apologize.

He gives her an important piece of news— a careless Shampoo had been paying too little attention, and he'd eavesdropped without her knowing. She and Cologne know of a trip Ranma and Nabiki are taking to Tōkyō U for his admissions, and plan to ambush them on the train. Nabiki contacts a friend in the police department, who informs her that foreigners attacking a train is considered terrorism, and he can get the JDF involved in the apprehension.

Chapter 14:

Ranma and Nabiki leave on the train. In order to keep things safe with Mousse, Nabiki has him come to the dōjō to wait until everything is done. Akane finds him. They talk; she's understanding and admits to having experienced similar feelings. They kiss again. She's shy at first, but images of three-ways drift through her mind. She ends up coaxing off his coat and they make out on the floor of the dōjō, with him bare-chested.

On the train, Cologne and Shampoo swoop in from a roof hatch, only to find that everyone else in Ranma and Nabiki's train car are plainclothes JDF, and they're staring down the barrels of dozens of guns. They try to flee back to the roof, but Shampoo is snagged by the ankle, and Cologne is shot at. Running across the roof, she feels a pain in her side and discovers a tranquilizer dart that has hit her. She blacks out and falls from the train into the arms of waiting JDF personnel. They are deported back to China, while Nabiki informs Mousse that she she'd found him a job in construction, and could set him up with citizenship as long as he keeps the job.

Chapter 15:

Ryoga wanders back to Nerima and finds Akane. He tells her that he'd found his way to Akari and life was better. Happy that her relationship with Mousse has been growing, she forgives him and he leaves. Later, she and Mousse go on a date and end up at his apartment, and we discover that they've been regularly intimate since right after the events of the previous chapter. After some loevmaking, they pillow-talk about their future, with Akane suggesting he teach at the dōjō should they eventually marry, a suggestion that makes them both blush. She also goes into detail about her trysts with Ukyō, which revs him up enough to want to go again.

Meanwhile, Ranma has finished his Tōkyō U admissions. While taking a night out to celebrate, they encounter Tofu and Kasumi at a local water park near where they're eating dinner. They're shocked to see him and the two-piece-clad elder Tendō sister getting uncharacteristically handsy. Nabiki later asks her privately if she's actually broken her rule about waiting until marriage; Kasumi says no, but giggles as she admits she hopes to get married soon so that she doesn't have to wait much longer.

At his apartment, Mousse is reminiscing on a recent date with Akane. The door buzzer goes off; it is Akane. When he opens the door to her, he is shocked to see she is not alone, but has Ukyō with her. Akane shows Ukyō the view from the window, as they are on a high floor. Ukyō isn't shy about feeling up Akane in full view of Mouuse, and after some making out, she approaches the dumbstruck former Amazon and pushes him down on the bed. Afterward everything is finished, he is sobbing with joy, and agrees with the previous plan they'd struck with Konatsu. Again, to their disappointment, he's not interested in anything involving two men.

Later, Akane and Mousse stop by Uuchan's to eat. While stopping in the back kitchen area, a playful Ukyō grabs Akane and starts kissing her. Mousse and Konatsu stare for a moment, and high-five.

Chapter 16: Epilogue (Five years later)

A family dinner is being held in the Tendō house. A very pregnant Nabiki carries a food tray, only to have a frantic Ranma take it from her and chide her for carrying something. She rolls her eyes and informs him that she's pregnant, not dying. Kasumi and Tofu are already there. Kasumi is handling her firstborn, and informs her father that she's just found out she's expecting a second, leading him to an emotional explosion. Genma and Nodoka arrive, with Genma beaming over his soon-to-arrive grandchild.

Ukyō, Konatsu, Akane, and Mousse all arrive. They do some quick planning for each girl to get an evening with the other couple. Checking that no one but their men are watching, they briefly get grabby, leading to the men high-fiving as before. Ukyō gushes on her recent wedding, and asks Mousse when he plans to propose. He says nothing, but nervously handles a ring box hidden amongst his hidden weapons.

Who Hates Boys:

I planned to delete and re-upload this one, since I inadvertently turned it dark, tried to bring it back, and failed miserably. I was also rather inconsistent in how Nabiki and Kasumi behaved, and wanted to tweak these early chapters. In the new version, Ranma doesn't sleep with Ryoga while under the influence, but rather becomes increasingly disturbed by fantasies after breaking the koi rod spell. Fed up, he finally acts upon the fantasies. Nabiki is more standoffish in early chapters, and Kasumi is more hentai. The arrangement of the chapters was to stay about the same, though; the most-recent chapter is chapter 8.

Chapter 9:

Based upon "The Battle for Miss Beachside" anime episode. The family all goes to the beach, and the girls (including Ranma) are enjoying the chance to show off some skin. Akane notices Ranma eyeballing Kasumi and loudly comments on it. She notes that Kasumi has been getting progressively less shy, and yanks off Ranma's bikini top, saying Kasumi should show hers in return. After a moment of thought, Kasumi quickly pulls up her top, exposing herself to Ranma and Ryoga. Akane tells Ryoga that it's only fair for him to show something as well, so he yanks a certain piece of anatomy out of his shorts, which Kasumi shyly admires.

Akane offers Kasumi a three-way with the two, which Kasumi again declines, saying she still wants a relationship. Akane mentions that she saw Doctor Tofu at the beach that same day, and Kasumi is interested. Akane eggs on Nabiki, who coolly declines, until she notices Ryoga. She whips out a camera and starts photographing his exposed pole, noting that she can get good money for pictures like that. She offers to cut him in at ten percent; Akane whispers to him, and he states that he'll pose for free if she'll also show her breasts. (Kasumi, still hanging out, comments on how liberated she feels to be half-naked in public.) Nabiki rolls her eyes, but she's willing to put money ahead of perversion. She nonchalantly unties the top of her one-piece and lets it drop, giving Ranma and Ryoga yet more boobs to ogle.

Soun approaches and excitedly tells of the Miss Beachside contest, while everyone covers themselves. Nabiki tells him she's already tapped to coordinate it, but asks Akane, Kasumi, and Ranma to compete, since she's had few takers. They emphatically agree. To prep for the contest, Akane pulls Ranma under an outdoor shower to get her hair wet, and makes out with her, telling her she'll be more likely to win if she looks turned on. Poor male onlookers are slapped by their wives.

Ranma is accosted by Kuno, who is crazy for his pigtailed girl. Wanting to know if her pro-male desires apply to all men or just Ryoga, she accepts his advances, and is intrigued to find that she enjoys his touch a great deal. Like the opening of the first chapter, Kuno won't go all the way, and an annoyed Ranma sends him flying. Akane is delighted to hear of Ranma's fun.

They make their way to the stage, and find that Shampoo is also present. Akane challenges her to kiss Ranma as a girl, but she only manages a peck through her disgust. They're all shown off to the crowd; most simply strut when introduced, but Akane sits down and pulls her ankles behind her head. She tells Ranma sorry, but she may beat her in the contest. Ranma remarks that she always makes sure Akane finished first, leading to a facepalm from Nabiki, and angry stare from Shampoo, and Kasumi stating that such a gesture is "very gentlemanly."

Like in the anime, Kasumi wins the contest despite only being the assistant. A short time later, she notices Tofu swimming in the ocean wearing Speedo briefs, which she immediately likes. Akane gives her advice on getting him. She swims out to him and rather brazenly puts the moves on him― asking if he has his hotel room key in his Speedo, offering to retrieve it, and not-so-discreetly feeling something else instead. She leads the dumbstruck Tofu away, giving Akane a thumbs-up.

Genma is furious at Ranma for acting like a girl and drags her off on a training trip. Ranma tells Akane to have fun with Ryoga. She's surprised, citing their agreement about her sticking to girls, but Ranma says they've all grown close enough for it to be fine.

Later, at night, Ranma sneaks into their hotel room, having ditched her father. She finds Ryoga in the bed and Akane on a futon. Ryoga awakens, and Ranma takes the opportunity to pounce. They try not to wake Akane, but immediately fail, and she joins in. The next morning, Kasumi crawls in after a sleepless night of lovemaking, stating she plans to meet Tofu again later after a nap.

Chapter 10:

Ukyō arrives. Akane informs Ranma that Ukyō is definitely a girl, despite his arguments to the contrary, since her hentai-ness has given her extensive knowledge on cross-dressing. He confronts Ukyō directly, and when she confirms as such, he refuses to fight her, citing her gender. She angrily attacks, and he dodges all the while prying information from her and learning of their engagement.

Akane hears the engagement revelation and approaches Ukyō, leaning close to remove the ribbon from Ukyō's hair, and commenting on how attractive she is. Ukyō is embarrassed, then shocked as Akane kisses her. Akane states that she didn't seem too bothered by their close proximity a moment before, and guesses correctly that Ukyō isn't bothered by the thought of intimacy. As Ukyō shyly admits to having no experience with relationships but wanting some, Akane thrusts a surprised Ranma at her and says, "Here, Ranma, make out with your fiancée." After their barriers come down and their making out becomes natural, Akane presses herself against Ukyō's back, sandwiching her and gleefully telling her that her days of being lonely and unhappy are over. She later introduces Ukyō to Ryoga, and he goes to live with her at her restaurant.

Chapter 11:

Happosai arrives. Ranma is initially disgusted by his groping, but Akane tells him that if he can pay attention to the touch and not the man, he'll enjoy it. While brushing her teeth in girl form, wearing only boxers and a tank top, Happosai grabs her ass (as shown in the manga and anime). She follows Akane's advice and manages to get aroused, even telling Happosai to reach a little further. With a twinkle in his eye, he agrees. Later, Akane finds her on the floor dazed and unable to walk, and she states that Happosai has magic fingers, and if he offers a hand job, say yes! She's also insatiably aroused, leading to Akane taking her there on the floor. Akane and Ukyō later receive similar treatment, and submit per Ranma's advice. Nabiki is approached about modeling sexy underthings; she agrees for a hefty sum. He states that Kasumi is far too sweet to grope, which leaves her disappointed.

Chapter 12:

Akane, Ukyō, and girl-Ranma are working at a strip club, enjoying the stripping more than the money. They especially enjoy the prostitution going on in the back, and eagerly go after as many men as they can manage. Ryoga has come along and is getting dances out in the front. While in the back, Akane bumps into someone and apologizes, only to spin around and exclaim as she recognizes her supposedly non-hentai sister Nabiki, who has spray-in hair dye to disguise herself. Ranma points out that she'd seen Nabiki from the back riding a man like a champ.

Unable to deny further, Nabiki admits that she's a pervert like her sisters, but has been hiding it for fear that it would interfere with her business ventures. She notes that she never has feelings for girls, despite trying to. Ukyō offers to help with the "experimenting," and Nabiki gives her blanket permission to do as she pleases. As a means of atonement, Akane challengers her to go give Ryoga a dance, and sleep with Ranma at a later time. She accepts both, stating that turning down Akane's offer to sleep with Ranma had been the biggest test of will she'd ever faced. Later, when Ranma is a man, she makes good on her promise, and no longer having to hide her nature, starts walking around the house in her underwear. Ukyō also makes a habit of kissing and pawing at her, and while she reciprocates, she never gets aroused by it.

Chapter 13:

Konatsu arrives, and the gang helps save him from his family. As with Ukyō, Akane (and Nabiki) immediately recognize that he is a man. Ranma and Ryoga are disappointed to find that Konatsu only likes girls, but the others (and Ranma as a girl) take great pleasure in his cross-dressing ways.

Chapter 14:

Kuno sees Ukyō showing off her feminine side and reacts strongly (as shown in the anime and manga). Nabiki notices and goes to visit Kuno, telling him she can get him a four-way with Ukyō, Akane, and the pigtailed girl, for an exorbitant sum. He states that he cannot have sex outside of marriage. Sure that his morals are a facade, she puts the moves on him and coaxes him into sex. Afterward, he decides sex without marriage isn't a big deal after all, and agrees to her sum.

She goes home and informs the others. The three are ecstatic, and head over to the Kuno mansion, with Ryoga tagging along and waiting outside. He is noticed by Kodachi, who promptly gasses him with a bouquet and takes him to her bed. After they're finished, they find a paralyzed and equally finished Ryoga (who is not at all bothered by Kodachi's actions) and leave.

While they were away, Happosai had approached Nabiki and "worked his magic" once again. They come home to find her naked on her bed, grinning. As Ranma helps Ryoga to sit, Ukyō helps Nabiki to a more comfortable position as well. She tells Nabiki that she wants to kiss her as thanks for the trip to Kuno's. When she does, Nabiki (who is still extremely turned-on from Happosai's antics) suddenly regains movement and pounces on her, passionately kissing her and tearing off her clothes. The others stare. Ranma notices the paralyzed Ryoga getting a bulge in his pants and offers to "help him with that."

The next morning, when questioned, Nabiki states that she thinks she finally broke a mental barrier, and is starting to have the feelings for girls she'd wanted before. Akane throws cold water on Ranma and tells her to test the theory, and Nabiki confirms that she's now attracted to women.

Chapter 15:

Ranma and the adults are away on a training trip. Akane has more instant spring of drowned man, and both she and Kasumi are trying it. After changing, they help each other into men's clothes. While being helped into a tight pair of jeans, Akane notes Kasumi's male arousal; to her shock, Kasumi starts putting the moves on her, and they 69 on the floor of the furoba. Akane states that it's helpful that the man before her no longer looks like her sister, but Kasumi sheepishly admits that she's always been attracted to her sisters since they'd hit puberty, but had been afraid to say so. She even goes so far as making an exception to her monogamy rule for them. Akane is shocked but promises to experiment.

Later, Nabiki encounters the transformed Kasumi, and comments on the hotness of her new male body. To her surprise, Kasumi offers to let her have a feel, which ends with them having sex. Kasumi tells Nabiki what she'd told Akane earlier, and Nabiki also decides it's worth trying after the instant spring has worn off. Akane encounters them, and as a test, makes out with Nabiki. She surprised to find that it doesn't feel weird at all.

When the time comes, Akane changes back first, so that Kasumi can have her once in her cursed form, in case Akane doesn't wish to do anything with Kasumi's natural body. After Kasumi changes back, Akane finds that she's fine with having sex with her. They find Nabiki, who joins in and also finds that she's not at all bothered by sex with her sisters. She stresses how thankful she is that Ukyō turned her on to girls.

When Ranma returns home, Akane tells him she has a surprise. She takes him to a bedroom where she starts making out with her sisters. He nearly faints. Kasumi points out that she only "breaks monogamy for family," and suggests she and him swap in and out with the other two sisters. Ukyō, Ryoga, and Konatsu are similarly amazed when they learn the news.

Chapter 16:

There is a family picnic at the Tendō house. Kasumi mentions to her sisters that she has told Tofu of their adventures, and he likes the idea so much that he gets aroused to the point of fainting any time she mentions it to him. Nabiki paws at Kasumi in front of him, causing him to faint once again. Kasumi chastises her, but smiles as she notices the mood it has put him in, and sets about "rectifying" it.

Later, Nabiki goes with Ukyō back to the restaurant. While having pillow talk, Nabiki mentions that Ukyō is special over other girls, because she was persistent about showing her affection. This eventually leads to a mutual realization that their feelings go beyond perversion. Ryoga finds his parents house, and he and Konatsu (who has been living at the restaurant as well) move there, promising to "fill it with women."

Chapter 17:

It is the anniversary of the death of Mrs. Tendo. The sisters reveal to Ranma that their perverted nature is actually a hereditary disease, which afflicted their dead mother Tracy and her entire extended family. (Dead mother Tracy… get the reference?) Her love for Soun had been enough to quash her desires for others, and she'd only been with him the whole time they were together. Akane states that while she enjoys having fun with multiple people, her love for Ranma is also strong enough that she could survive with only him. Nabiki and Kasumi say the same about their loves.

Later, Akane is trying Ranma's walking-on-the-fence technique and falls in the river. She isn't too perturbed, noting she can see through her shirt. An older woman tries to help but falls in herself. Akane, aroused by the woman's body in her wet kimono, makes some aggressive suggestions, but the woman politely declines. When she arrives home, Ranma is trying not to be dragged from the house by his father. Akane tries to help Ranma but is humorously knocked into the koi pond, remarking that she's glad she hadn't had a chance to change first. It turns out that Ranma's mother is coming.

When Nodoka arrives, she and Akane are shocked to see one another. Akane pulls Ranma aside to explain, ending with the sentence, "and that, Ranma, is how I hit on your mother." It turns out that Nodoka isn't fazed, having known Tracy in their younger years. Despite Genma's attempts at trickery, he and Ranma's identities are revealed. Genma informs Ranma of the suicide pact from his childhood.

Nodoka begins questioning Ranma on how manly he is in everyday life, and asks how he's been doing with the engagement. He replies by saying he's actively sleeping with Akane, Nabiki, and two other girls he's supposed to be engaged to (meaning Ukyō and Shampoo). After a beat, she loudly snaps her sword back into the sheath and tosses it onto the table, declaring there's no concern with the suicide pact, as "he's quite manly enough." She takes Genma home, but allows Ranma to stay, knowing there was no hope of prying him from so many women. Ranma and Akane decide not to mention his activities with men, and simply bid her goodbye.

Chapter 18: Epilogue

We learn that Shampoo and Cologne eventually get sent to prison for being illegal immigrants, and the women at the women's prison "really love Shampoo's soft purple hair." Mousse (still in New Zealand) goes on to become the lead singer of a Men At Work tribute band, and the Tendō sisters all end up married to their respective loves. While Tofu is never fully pulled into the Tendō hentai world, Kasumi does treat him to occasional trysts involving her sisters. Nabiki and Ukyō open a strip club, where they frequently show off their dancing skills, along with Ranma and Akane, who spend the bulk of their time running the dōjō. Ryoga and Konatsu are frequent customers, while also running the Japanese version of the Playboy Mansion out of Ryoga's house.

New story ideas:

I frequently come up with alternate-universe fic ideas. Most of them I pass on, because they all have the same format: start at the beginning with some little change, and go from there. Boring! However, I have two ideas that I rather like, and would have written later.

Nobody Hates Boys!

A retelling of "Who Hates Boys?;" an alternate universe of an alternate universe. In this version, it is Soun who died years before, and the perverted mother Tracy who is raising the girls. Tracy is tall like Kasumi but curvy like Nabiki, with the latter's pageboy haircut and glasses― she bears a striking resemblance to Azusa Yumi from Soul Eater, albeit with a kinder face. She and Kasumi gleefully work nights at the strip club/brothel from the original fic, an experience that has led Kasumi to abandon her previous monogamistic tendencies. (Tracy had tried to keep Kasumi out of the professional side of things, but her oldest daughter was insistent after graduating high school.) Tracy approaches the engagement by instructing her daughters to "share," though Nabiki declines to participate.

Tracy takes an immediate interest in Ranma (but not Genma), but doesn't go all the way since he will be legally underage until his 17th birthday. She has a habit of giving the local boys a "special present" on their 17th birthdays, something that irks Nabiki to no end, since many of her classmates have been on the receiving end in recent months. Notably, Kuno's inhibitions are gone after she'd approached him, and Kodachi is afraid to come near the Tendō house, having been propositioned by Tracy for her 17th. With Ranma, having to wait for his next birthday, she limits herself to constantly flirting, groping, and making a point to give him a goodbye kiss any time one of them leaves. Genma rolls his eyes every time, but is powerless to do anything.

Tracy worries that Nabiki has her same perversion disease but is trying to suppress it, something that is known to drive people in their family literally crazy. After Ryoga arrives and is sucked into their harem, Tracy encourages he and Ranma to get close to Nabiki at the same time, hoping two men at once will reveal if she's a secret hentai. It works, leading to a three-way that leaves her breathless. She reveals why she's been hiding things and that she has been getting her kinks out in other ways. Tracy is relieved, but the admission makes Nabiki decide to start joining in more and more.

Also, Kasumi asks Tracy early on about the feelings she has for her sisters. Tracy tells her that it's common with siblings and cousins, and reveals that family gatherings in her younger years often involved cousins getting together. This leads to the sibling antics starting much earlier than the original story. (These feelings never transcend generations; Tracy and her daughters never do anything together.)

Like before, Ukyō and Konatsu also arrive on the scene. Both are over 17 and Tracy lays into them right away. She becomes so taken by Konatsu that she falls for him and they begin a romance. Similarly, Ukyō and Nabiki become involved, after a similar event to the original fic. Ryoga and Akane also become close, as do Ranma and Kasumi. (Ranma had admired Kasumi from the start, noticing how she and her mother could juggle stripping into the wee hours of the morning, while still being up early to make breakfast.) Don't worry about Tofu― Tracy had been his real love before Kasumi, but the romantic side had long disappeared, as she'd spent the years after Soun's death sleeping with him for free medical care for the family. (Something Kasumi was keen to do as well.)

Untitled Kuno-Saotome Switch

My other alternate universe idea is quite simple. Soun Tendō has created an engagement between one of his daughters and Tatewaki Kuno, son of his friend Hawaiian-guy Kuno. (I would've thought up a first name.) Tatewaki is cursed and turns in a girl when he touches cold water (think Kodachi with red hair). At the same time, Furinkan High School is managed by Principal Genma Saotome, who rules with a lazy hand while his children, 17-year-old Ranma and 16-year-old Ranko (girl-Ranma with black hair) have the run of the place.

Ranko and Nabiki are best friends. Ranma and Akane have crushes on each other, but refuse to admit it. Tatewaki decides he cannot choose a sister and will wed all of them in a sort of creepy harem arrangement, making them immediately despise him. When Shampoo arrives, he tries to pull her into it as well, making her desperately want to escape her Amazon obligation. This leads to Kasumi flirting harder with Tofu, in the hopes of getting in a relationship and thus avoiding the Kuno engagement.

Also, Ranma discovers Akane can't swim and starts teaching her after school, leading to them finally admitting their feelings and becoming a couple. Ranma and Tatewaki still hate each other― upon learning of Ranma and Akane's relationship, Tatewaki storms over for a fight, only to lose and get knocked into the Saotome mansion pond (where Ranko's Mr. Turtle lives), revealing his curse to the Saotome teens.

Ranko and Nabiki regularly pose for her camera for pictures; Ranko is constantly lesbo-flirty with Nabiki, a la Lily to Robin in HIMYM, which drives the girl nuts. (She also expresses interest in Tatewaki and his cursed sex-changing ways, but quickly abandons the idea due to his personality.) When Ryoga shows up looking for Tatewaki, Ranko entices him into sex. When he starts getting clingy, she convinces Nabiki to seduce him, to break him of his feels. Innocence lost, he's open to "spending time" with both of them, and mentions having both at the same time. Ranko readily agrees, but Nabiki is cool to the idea of even being involved with him further.

Cologne and Mousse show up; Mousse starts battling Kuno over his affection toward Shampoo. Since Shampoo had never left in disgrace, she is never cursed, and neither is Mousse. The battling continues until a big party at the Saotome mansion, which was to be a big climax point in the story:

Beer flows and MJ gets passed around. Ranma, Ranko, Nabiki, and Ryoga are hammered (as are most guests), though Akane avoids the chemicals. Tatewaki shows up but is sent flying by Ranma after being annoying. Ranko and Nabiki drunkenly make out in front of a crowd, and Nabiki reminds Ryoga of his three-way talk from before. The Amazons also wander in and knock back a few. They and most other guests end up naked in the pool, though the sober Akane had brought a bathing suit.

In his drunken state, Mousse comes on to Shampoo while they're in the pool; in her drunken state, she's accepting. They go at it in the bushes. Kasumi wanders in after a date with Tofu, sees the debauchery, and tells Ranma he should consider wrapping things up. Ranma, deciding she's wrapped too tight and needs to join in the fun, throws her in the pool fully clothed. She's briefly miffed, but finds humor in Ranma's drunken apologizing, and decides to stay and swim. She and Akane talk about relationships for the first time, while wondering about their sister, who is still drunkenly pawing at Ranko.

Many people crash at the mansion, including the main characters of the story. In the morning, Akane and Kasumi help the others nurse their hangovers. Kasumi is shocked to find Nabiki, Ranko, and Ryoga all in the same bed, albeit feeling rather bad from the previous night. Mousse and Shampoo wake up outside. Mousse produces a water bottle from his hidden stash and offers it to a puking Shampoo. She snaps at him for being "Mister nice guy," and he snaps back that he didn't care about being nice, but had it and figured she could use it. After their tryst, and seeing him acting a little more backbone-y, she starts to have feelings for him.

After the party, Tatewaki continues to pursue Nabiki, who has no interest but exploits the situation for modeling pictures of his girl side. However, when Ukyō arrives and he finds out about the other engagement, he declares that Ukyō must be his true love, given their childhood together, and declares his love only for her. Ukyō accepts, and they become a happy couple. Nabiki misses the revenue, but is glad to be free of his irritation. The fathers sob over the blown engagement.

Growing closer, Mousse and Shampoo start sleeping together, angering Cologne. They discover that the Amazon law about marriage and losing in combat would be void if Shampoo dishonored herself by getting impregnated by someone other than her fiancé. Deciding they wish to stay in Japan, they start trying for a baby, eventually succeeding. Disgusted, Cologne leaves for Nyucheizu, though Shampoo's father (who had arrived with Cologne like in the manga) stays with his daughter. They run the restaurant together.

Kasumi and Tofu get closer with time. He eventually proposes, and that night, in a fit of love and romance, she breaks her rule about waiting for marriage. She decides that waiting for engagement was good enough, since she would still only be sleeping with one man in her whole life. Shortly before the wedding, though, she discovers she is pregnant. She doesn't share it with her father, since the timeline would be close enough to look like a product of the honeymoon.

In an epilogue, Ranma and Akane are married, and friends with the Amazons, who are married and raising their child. Kasumi and Tofu are also happy in their marriage. Ryoga and Ranko have long maintained an on-again-off-again line-blurring mess of relationship and friend-with-benefits. Nabiki is a successful businesswoman, and while single, Ranko and Ryoga joke about her willingness to join them, or sleep with one or the other, when she's had a few beers. Tatewaki and Ukyō are happily planning their marriage, while Soun and Ukyo's dad continue to feud over which engagement counts.

Original profile follows

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My name is Jeremy; the GU stands for Gaming Universe, which is a website I'm a member of. Take a look; the URL is /forum/

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