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Author has written 3 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, and Naruto.

nice to see you here :)

After a LONG unbearable millenia without writing fanfiction i am BACK! and here to stay!

my first story-

My Kight; My Princess is an AlMei fic with dashes of LingFan and OCOC here and there but it doesn't absorb the whole story- promise. spoilers for the end of the series so read that first before you read my story! it's not a 'just for fun' fic, there's drama, some funny stuff, romanticness, fluff and an actual point to it. there's limited cursing, only when the OC and Edward are there.*starting to work on it more often, writing out the plot...fleshing that out a bit. it's coming along* Ling's siblings will be included as well...don't ask me how that's going. this should be updated *IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*I know I haven't written anything in forever and I'm sorry to those who were looking forward to a new release. I hit a bad slump recently and to be honest I forgot that people actually liked this story! Thanks for the comments and pm's saying you want it to continue so of course I'll keep it going! I'll do my best to have it out in the next few days.

My Bomber; My Peacemaker is a OCKimbley fic that follows the manga from the time Edward and Alphonse are in Dublith. It's not a straight romance until Kimbley gets out of prison and goes to the Briggs Fortress to search for Scar. the OC is a girl who fell from the sky/ NO she is not an angel, you'll find out at some point in the story/ and is watched over by Envy, who occasionaly checks up on her. She's not the best singer, cook, dancer, and definatly not an alchemist, but she can read, write, comfort, and combine some of the best sandwiches you've ever tasted, not to mention she has an unusual love for children- which is what draws the Crimson Alchemist to her in the first place. *IMPORTANT* UPDATED! I was thinking of completely re-writing this! Kimbley just doesn't seem himself and going back and re- reading it he seems very odd. Concerns? Good idea?

Brother is a oneshot about Sasuke Uchiha's first kill at his home with Itachi there to see it. rest and relax on this one.-takes place in a flashback after Itachi and Sasuke fight in Part 2.

Working on- My Knight My Princess and My Bomber My Peacemaker.

my stories are at the normal level, not amazing but they don't suck haha, there's always proper grammer and spelling because I have Microsoft Word, if there is a grammer mistake please feel free to tell me so i can fix it : )

I always appreciate reviews, good or bad! if they are constructive criticism that would be nice too.

EDIT: it seems i'm not getting as many reviews as i was hoping to get : ( please, if you read the story, any story, then review it a little? : ) I can also give feedback on your stories too if you so wish

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My Bomber My Peacemaker reviews
"Please do not deplore yourself. Even if the world does not forgive, I will forgive you." KimOC, allcanon pairings
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a short oneshot about Sasuke's first kill with a kunai. Itachi and Sasuke-centric NOT YAOI!
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