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Author has written 17 stories for Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Sherlock.

About me:

I am a doctor with a horrendous work rota and no time machine to fix it.

Update 8/5/2014

I realize that nothing has been posted for over a year. This is because now that I have a more-than-full time job I find it difficult to get enough time to sleep or eat let alone write fanfiction. Having said this, I don't intend to adopt out or remove any of my current WIPs.

If you have seen any messages on forums about adopting out any of my fanfiction, please ignore it because I haven't authorized it.

Update 15/2/2013

Has it really been a year since I did anything to this page? I have been hooked by the Sherlock fandom and I actually stopped writing fanfiction in favour of writing character analyses and essays. If you are interested have a look at my tumblr: wellingtongoose (dot) tumblr (dot) com.

I'm now posting more chapters of Ginger with a Chance of Freckles and the new Land of Hope and Glory. The latter is complete and Ginger already has 11 chapters written so they will be updated regularly. As for my other works I really need to sit down and finish them. I used to work by writing one chapter at a time and now I realise that is just not a good way of doing things.

Update 15/3/2012

I'm currently taking a break from writing my Star Wars fanfiction. I think it was more fandom fatigue than writer's block. It reached a point where I just couldn't keep churning out lines for the characters. I still love all Star Wars and I always will but for the time being I would like to focus on some other fandoms, in particular Sherlock BBC.

Current projects (in order of that which I love best)

Crystals In the Storm Glass -
It's difficult to describe how this idea came into my head. I find Dom!John fanfiction rather unbelievable, and if Sherlock cannot even obey the simple social norms on a daily basis, how do you expect him to navigate the minefield of love like a gentleman? It's basically a John/Sherlock fanfiction the way I see them: a dysfunctional relationship skating the boundaries of consensual.

Scandal in Watsonia - This was a really funny prompt on the Sherlock Kink Meme and I just ran with it! It's been really fun to write.

Who Killed Moff Tarkin? - Despite the less than subtle title, this is currently my favourite work. This project was born out of watching too much CSI and reading too much Agatha Christie.

I decided to set this story in an enclosed Big-brother like environment because it adds an extra layer of tension. It's very much like the classic country house mystery with too many suspects and even more empty rooms.

This was primarily a detective story until the characters hijack the plot and turned it into poorly rehearsed comedy. However there will twists, turns and devious plots all in the grand tradition of the murder mystery.

Twelve Roses and a Recipt - This story unlike Who Killed Moff Tarkin seems to less popular but it's definitely much more fun to write. I've always wanted a Anakin/Padme story feature babies! However I found that making Luke a baby and still keeping his adult mind much more fun. Lots of embarrasing baby bloopers were planned but instead of it becoming the light hearted comedy I had wanted - Vaderkin's tormented (and histonic) soul decided to provide a nasty dose of angst. So the genre should really be Comedy/Angst.

The Illusionist - Oh this story has been up for so long, it's becoming quite a veteran. I've decided to take this story in a whole new direction - read to find out.

The Manipulator - When I said I would stop writing Harry Potter because it was a children's story, I was overwhelmed by the responses I got. I conceived this story because I was sooo sick of reading about Harry/Voldemort in a sexual relationship. This was about six years ago when I was still in secondary school and very prudish, so I decided to show people that if Harry and Voldemort ever got together, it would have nothing to do with sex!

Master Skywalker - This story first popped into my head after failing to find any stories depicting the mundane side of Jedi life. I mean no one ever writes about the tea breaks, the laundry rooms and the very present gossip mill. I first imagined a conversation between Anakin and Obi-wan where the latter gets extremely agitated when Anakin wants to get his own appartments because then there would be no-one to cook for him.

Future Projects:

Reluctant Empress!Padme - After reading Sins of the Father by Indie. I really wanted to have a crack at writting Empress Padme and her never ending quest to do good in a galaxy of evil run by her husband she still loves. Right now this doesn't even have title so...

Zevulon Veers fic - General Veers, the hero of Hoth apparently had a son who joined the rebellion. On there is a wonderful fanfiction called Angel of the 501st about Zevulon's defection to the Empire and it's given me some pretty good ideas.

Update 7/2/2010

Rumours of my death have been exaggerated ...

University is a whole new world and for the last year I've been trying so many new things that I've simply not had the time or energy to write fanfiction. My inspiration seems to have dried up completely and I'm no longer a fan of Harry Potter to say the least.

This means that I will not be updating the Manipulator in the near future. If anyone particularly wants to adopt this story just send me a message.

I am however still into writing Star Wars fanfiction.

My homepage has been destroyed so I am now shifting all the stuff I had on there to my account. This means that two new stories, with multiple chapters will be appearing. They do need a rewrite and new chapters but that's something for the new year.

I've already updated the Illusionist and Who Killed Moff Tarkin. I have whole new territory to take the Illusionist into and you will find out Who Killed Moff Tarkin.

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