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Hi! My name is Margery but my penname is CrystalHeart182.

I love TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!

My favorite pairs in twilight are AlecXBella , JacobXBella etc! I hate Tanya Denali because she is a Flirt!

My bestfriends are KiSsEsLoVeHuGs19 etc.

I love to surf the Internet and online games especially and tease my bestfriend I am a bit of childish!

I am 12 years old

My inspirations are my bestfriends,my family, The Twilight Characters , especially Alec & Bella.

I am from the Philippines i like to go to other countries with my bestfriend.

Sorry for my shorts chapters I am new here but please support my stories! Take Carez!!!!!!!!!!! Mabuhay sana kau!

Some people think they are too smart to judge other people...To all the people who has been hitted by this message...think again don't judge a person when you don't fully know them...*Just like other anonymous reviewer who says bad things about your story!*

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe unto him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

"Nothing is more damaging to a new truth than an old error."

"Silence is the ultimate weapon of power."

Science has proved that Sugar melts in water.. So pls dOn't walk in rain.. otherwise i wil lose such a SWEET person like yOu

Hapi moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment,thank God.

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

Usually, they change into everything they said they wouldn’t be. You just have to accept it & realize everyone changes in their lifetime.

“nobody dies out of total misery but guess what? missing someone dearly feels like dying anyway..”

May no one ever come to see us without going away better & happier.

love is a subject i can’t seem to pass.

i take it’s exams.

i do it’s projects.

i do some extra efforts for it.

i make it a priority.

and still, i fail.

get hurt.

fall down.

lose myself.

look crazy.

but somehow beyond all the fall downs

i still find myself


Never let sum1 hurt you twice.

Giving him a second chance is exposing yourself to b hurt again.

If he had done it once, its bound to happen again.

Why? coz u gave him d idea dat no matter how much he’ll hurt u,

you’d still accept him all over again,

giving him the power to hurt you again.

Once is enough to learn.

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The Love of the Warlord reviews
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