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Author has written 3 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Pet Girl of Sakurasou/さくら荘のペットな彼女, and My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute/俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない.

Bollocks, really? A whole useless paragraph that just gives stupid random facts about me or what I like that helps no one but your local pedophile?

I can't be fagged to do this (fagged means bothered by the way) in English/Brit slang.

So lets get on with it shall we mates?

I'm English if you have not figured it out.

I'm a English Teen (I'm not going to give my exact age, but a teen is generally 13-17 years old)

Why do I call myself That One Genius? Blast I don't even know myself. I'm certainly not smart in the least bit, just think of it as a slightly clever name.

Cheers I'm done!!! *Looks at other peoples profiles* "Wow thats a lot of words, I should add more to mine"


Yeah, I dress in black... All the time, I'm not goth or emo, as some of you cheeky bastards may think, I just like the bloody color, and the fact that I listen to metal does not mean you are right. bugger I can't believe how much I get this.

Yeah... Books are cool, video games are nice, TV is great, girls are hot, and living is your day to day boredom.

Bob's your uncle, God save the queen, yatta yatta yatta I really don't have much more to write that I can think off.

Maybe some lists?

Favorite Bands:

Asking Alexandria

Bullet for my Valentine

3 Days Grace

Bring me the Horizon

A Day to Remember (sort of)

Evanescence (ok I guess)



Rise Against

Sienna Skies

Story of the Year

I have more, but that post comes later.

I read a lot, while most of my mates would rather listen to music or sleep, I'll sit my bum down with a good book. Books are healthy and stimulate your imagination. i haggle between ideas here and there for writing Fanfiction. I don't know why i exactly write romance, its not exactly something I'm very good at, but hey, believe it or not, romance is one of the driving factors (for both you guys and girlies) to actually continue reading a book or series. I'm not very good at writing, but I'll improve mates, trust me.

Well, that'll do, this wasn't very posh and I apologize mates. But shite, writing a profile page... Not really something high up on my list.

I notice there is a lot of my English accent slang in this, just assume a word means something and move on.

All right then, pip pop everyone (old fashioned way of saying goodbye, I never really say it).

More updates :D

So I notice a lot of people are very concerned with getting reviews... Which seems utterly stupid to me. Some people go as far to say "if I don't get (x) number of reviews I won't write anymore."

With which I say, "Well what is the bloody f*cking point of writing then?" I write because I like to write, end of story. I could care less with the number of views or reviews I get on my book. As long as I entertain at least one person, screw everyone else. It seems so odd to me someone would write a story full of words, to read more words about it. Kinda attention whore-ish. Writing is a fun activity, it relaxes people, the point of Fanfiction is to share work that you are proud of with other people who like a similar thing. Not to hope your story is the next big one and people everyday from around the world who have no idea who you are and probably didn't even read most of your story can write a few words either praising it or bash on it. Thats full on f*cking retarded. If you care at all about writing, you won't care what anyone thinks or says about your book, if you enjoy it, then thats all the reason you need for writing it.

Look, I know getting reviews is good, but the point is, thats not what this site is for, and if thats all you want out of this site, you're chasing after something to fill yourself with that will never actually fill you. Wait until you actually become a professional author and have the New York Times review your story, then you have something to feel proud about.

Not to mention you are basing your book off of something thats not even yours.

Writing is fun, not for attention.

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Black Cat reviews
Kirino has left for America, leaving Kyosuke all alone, one day, while walking back from School, Kyosuke comes across a black cat... Literally. Kyosuke X Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou)
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School Daze reviews
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