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What's up Ashley Gekido Kimaru here one of the best NarutoFreaks on FanFiction.net I have to say I love all kinds of Anime Yuris the most.




For all you Swan Queen shippers out that I haven't forgotten about you. I actually my computer stopped working the internet just completely killed itself and then all my icons disappeared and stopped working so before that had happened I imported all my work into Google Docs and I will be posting my work on my archiveofourown. Because I'm using a stupid Chromebook. Stay beauty my fellow Swen fans.


To all of the fans of the story "Love Finds No Gender" Salem and I have talking again and we are going to pick up the story again. Anyone that reads FanFictions from me that are going to have to go to Archiveofourown

Black Rose Wolf Pack

Ashley (Princess) [Scorpio]

Luna (Princess) [Cancer]

Jade (Princess) [Scorpio]

Jessica [Capricorn]

Samantha (Princess) [Taurus]

Ember (Princess) [Leo]

Mason (Prince) [Libra]

Tony (Prince) [Pisces]

Roxy [Aries]

Timothy (Prince) [Libra]

Zak (Prince) [Scorpio]

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Adam (Prince) [Sagittarius]

Death (Prince) [Virgo]

Ren (Prince) [Aries]

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Lucine (Princess) [Cancer]

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Snow (Princess) [Gemini]

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Raven (Princess) [Aquarius]

Rai (Prince) [Gemini]

Yumiko (Princess) [Aquarius]

Matsuko (Princess) [Virgo]

Name: Jade Mai Hayashi

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: Jae (by Ashley) Ami (by her family sometimes), Princess Hayashi (by Ashley), Princess (by Ember), The Mistress of Darkness (by Ember) the Digimon Goddess (by the world/Kazu and Kenta) Kyuubi (by Ashley, Ember, and Luna)

Age: 190-to whatever

Family: Aiko, Kyo, Tsubasa, Naruke, Sasruto, Naruto, Sasuke, Axel, Roxas, Zack, Timmy, Momoko and Ren

Jinchuuriki: Curse Mark Nine Tails

Eye color: Sky blue

Hair Color: Jet Black

Wears: Anything from anime but a dress

Lover: DarkRenamon aka Ember Tanaka (depending on the story.)

Zodiac: Scoprio

Bio: Jade doesn't like people getting close because of her deep hatred toward her father Kyo for murder of her mother Aiko. Tsubasa is her step father. In the beginning Jade's only friends were Rika, Renamon, Takato and Guilmon. Later Jade befriends Ashley and Saix, Zexion, Xigber, Xaldin. Rika is her best friend they do everything together Video Games, Movies, Fights, foes etc. Rika and Jade has a lot in common.

Trivia: Jade is always getting adopted depending on the story. Jade's secret is that she dated the flunkie Kylee the Princess of the Dark Ashley, Princess of the Moon Luna and Princess Ember Tanaka of the Tanaka Kingdom which means Jade's dated three Princesses and one middle class. Jade is an abused child by her uncle Kyo who is later confirmed to Akuma the sin of Kyo's heart. Jade can fly was afraid of highs in A Love Story but she loves to fell from high place to fly off later she was pushed off the clock tower in Twilight Town in Love Is In The Air. Jade's dated her best friend who had a sister relationship till she figured out Ashley's bi. Jade is the first lesbian to be in my stories the next one was Luna, Ember, Roxy and Tara. So far Jade's only been adopted by Haruka and Michiru in A Love Story, and Nagisa and Shizuma in Lovers Forever but is the stepsister of Chikane Himemiya in Love Over War! and is also Shizuma's stepsister in You Belong With Me, Skater Chicks, The Love Life, Forbidden Love, Love Is Everywhere!, and Forbidden! Jade's brother Zack he's name is actually spelled Zak but everyone didn't read the spelling. Jade was originally going to straight and marries Itachi Uchiha while being adopted by Sasuke and Naruto, Sasuke didn't like the idea and kicked Jade out, that's why in some of my stories like Love Is In The Air or Rika and Renamon: Are More Then Friends she's dating a guy she was in fact the first lesbian I created but I didn't feel like putting that in for her in till I figured out I'm bisexual. Jade's name was going to be Jade Blade Uzuchiha but was changed to Jade Mai Hayashi.

Name: Kyo

Age: 22

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Blond

Bio: Abuses Jade, Timmy and Aiko. He for some reason hates Jade and Timmy but mostly Jade. To him Jade's just a kid but Jade beaten the crap outta him when he abused her or Timmy that pissed him off, so he wants to kill the whole Hayashi Clan. But Jade being a Jinchuuriki her power are hind and locked so she won't hurt her love ones. Kyo may be young for a father but all he wants it the taste of blood! Kyo can us a sword really well but so can Jade but...with a Keyblade Kyo know how to us a gun well too but again so can Jade. Jade being friends with Sora, Riku, Roxas and Vincent Valentine you can get that.I guess Kyo hates Jade because Jade batter then him. But Jade well not let him have his way!!

Name: Renji "Ren" Kimaru-Hayashi

Age: 18

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Jet Black

Wears: A red cape pointed shoes a claw glove on his right arm and a red headband

Zodiac: Virgo

Bio: Mysterious he was a kind and caring young man but the murder of his stepmother Aiko he lost that side because he didn't save Jade and Timmy let alone their mother. Ren and Jade desire to kill Kyo. Ren had it a little harder then Jade and Timmy because Ren when through life without a mother. Ren still kept his cool and caring image. Now Ren took on the shadow of Vincent Valentine he looks like another Vincent. Ren once became Chaos Ren like Vincent in Limit Breaker. Ren had a girlfriend he when to her house but Axel's perents said she never came home. Ren want to find his girlfriend Jade offered to help but he said no Jade understanding why she said okay but if you need me just ask. It is in fact true that Ren's the only other member of the Kimaru Clan that lived cuz he is Ashley's brother twice removed after the Shukaku was sealed in Ashley his adoptive parents didn't want him anywhere around a Jinchuuriki removing him from the family he is put back in the family after it is clear that Ashley's harmless he later he tells everyone in the Kimaru Clan that his Vincent Valentine going to be his mentor was removed from the family again then later becoming a Hayashi and is now the stepbrother Jade, Ashley's best friend, sister and flirt toy at times. It will be confirmed in the story Love Finds No GenderRen explains that his family was killed by a man just like all Kimarus but Ashley were killed off Adam is her play cousin so he doesn't count for anything but he is oddly in the Kimaru family tree.

Name: Timothy "Timmy" Hayashi

Age: 12-to whatever (depending on the story)

Family: Aiko, Kyo, Tsubasa, Jade, Zack, Momoko, Lexxi, Drake.

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Blond

Wears: Anything black

Sign: Libra

Bio: He was only 6 years old when he face death right in the eye it was in a sliver blade 3 inches. Jade feeling his pain he may look like his farther but his nothing like him! Timmy see the world looking down on him in his farther shadow but...Jade knows he kind, caring sweet, helpful and clam things Kyo never knew. Timmy and Jade never leaves each other their they are what's left of the Hayashi Clan.

Name: Aiko Hayashi

Age:19(once married) 21

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Sky blue

Bio: Aiko mother and father disowned her for marrying Kyo. Aiko is the nicest person you could ever meet, Aiko and Jade are just alike they both love Eminem, Three Days Grace, PANIC! At The Disco, Utada Hikaru and Thousand Foot Krutch. They both are smart, strong, funny and understanding. Aiko is known as Jade's shadow before her murder Jade and Aiko did a lot of mother/daughter stuff she knew Jade's a tomboy so she never put Jade in a dress in less. Is Aiko dead or well she come back to life when Kyo killed

Name: Tsubasa Hayashi

Age: 21

Eye Color: Jade Green

Hair Color: Brown

Family: Jade, Timmy, Ren, Aiko, Naruto, Sasuke, Axel, Roxas, Naruke and Sasruto (Kyo)

Bio: Ren his son doesn't look like his father or mother. Tsubasa is really close to Jade for two reason. First reason Jade just like Aiko. Second reason Jade reminds him of his missing daughter Jackie. Jackie was only 16 when she when missing. Tsubasa had been getting notes, E-mail and calls that all say the same massage "help" is she still alive in the house of Tsubasa greatest foe Drake!

Name: Ashley Gekido Kimaru

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: DarkPrincess (by Luna/the world), Devil Mistress, Devil Queen (by everyone), Freak (by Kylee's crew), The Last Surviving Kimaru (by Jade), Ashy (by Jade), The Chick That Lived (by Adam), The Queen of Sharingan (by the whole Akatsuki and Sound Five), Shu (by Ember), Tanuki (by Jade, Luna, Ember) The Revenge Monster, The Heartless Nobody (by Adam, Jade and Luna) Wolf Girl (by everyone)

Age: 190-to whatever

Lover: Luna Ai Takahashi

Exes: Andrew, Theo, Ben, Richard, Kylee and Connor (that she will NEVER TALK TOO EVER)

Eye Color: Blue can change to sliver and blood red

Hair Color: Jet Black

Sign: Scorpio

Family: Jade, Rika, Flaremon, Gaomon, Orochimaru the whole Akatsuki and Sound Village, Ren, Adam

Bio: Childish, cool and dark. Ashley is my character that takes my place in my stories. Ashley is more childish than cool she acts more cool than dark. Ashley has been an orphan all her life she later got adopted by Orochimaru when she was only 5 years old she is a Jinchuuriki the Shukaku. When she was 7 years old she became the youngest Akatsuki and a Shinobi. When Ashley turned 12 years old she master all the Sharingans. Then on her 16th birthday she almost killed the firth Hokage. Than on her 17th birthday she met Jade, Rika, Renamon, BanchouLeomon and DarkRenamon. Ashley's Digimon partners are Flaremon and Gaomon. Ashley knows Orochimaru's not her birth father but she like to think he is. Orochimaru loves Ashley like his own daughter. Ashley is a bright girl but she is a dangerous Ninja. Ashley started to verge into her getting a girlfriend cuz all her boyfriends were assholes she went to school with the poplar Luna Ai Takahashi knowing they could never be since was the freak of the school she wrote a poem for Luna when Ashley's friend, Rika Nonaka carefully ripped it out of that notebook Ashley wrote she then gets with Luna the both of them start writing songs with Luna making her own CD when she was with all the other AnimeFreaks' her stage name is DarkPrincess with Luna as Little Moon, they later move in together after Luna gave birth to two twin named Snow and Wolf Ashley finds that she was really missing out with all the girl she could've gotten with she did on the other hand flirt with Jade at times it something the both of them did when Jade figured out Ashley's bi.

Trivia: Ashley's real name is Arielle the name of her Nobody. Ashley was only three when her parents were killed. Ashley likes girls more then guys cuz as Ashley would say "Us chicks just get each other!". Ashley does make her own songs even though she's apart of the hit band in Japan the AnimeFreaks. Her stage name is DarkPrincess but is also known as The Chick That Lived as the Harry Potter fan club at her school as calls her being the fact that she's the last surviving full Kimaru. Ashley has dated 5 (6 if you count Love Finds No Gender) guys and dated 6 girls, Jessica, Kylee, Jade, Ember, Samantha and Luna. Ashley was always a tomboy even when she was 3 her room was dark purple with poster of My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Thousand Foot Krutch, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace but had a secret poster of Lady Gaga and Nick Minaj in her closet. Ashley's parents were killed before she could tell them she was bi but did tell Itachi and Orochimaru then the rest of Sound Four and Akatsuki. Luna died her hair red since she knows how much Ashley loves redheads. Ashley was an only child but did have an older half-brother. Kylee hates Ashley for stealing Jade away from her. Ashley has kissed more girls then guys she's kissed her Japanese teacher, Jade, Kylee, Tara, Roxy, Chenille, Luna, Ember, Nagisa, Shizuma, Miyuki and Tamao (in a truth or dare game) Ashley was born the US then moved to Japan like Jade. Ashley has a similar story plot as Sasuke Uchiha but has a different out look on things then Sasuke she's doesn't want revenge cuz she knows that will bring more hate Ashley is like Sasuke and Nagato since their family was killed too making Ashley, Sasuke and Nagato have an unbreakable bond. Ashley's favorite skate shop is Zero and DC.

Name: Luna Ai Takahashi

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: Lu (by everyone mainly Ashley), Little Moon (by Ashley/the world), Gothic Freak (by Kylee), Little Dragon (by Ember), Lu-Lu (by Ryuu), Lunar (by Jade).

Age: 170-to whatever

Lover: Ashley Gekido Kimaru

Ex: Hailey Yamamoto

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Strawberry Red

Sign: Cancer

Family: Ashley, Wolf, Snow, Lucine, Drakkar, Ryuu and Ruri

Bio: Luna was only 12 years old when she was molested by her stepbrother, Burden. She later ran away from home. She moved in with a friend of hers that was judgmental...unlike other people was forced to be a lesbian thinking all guys are dirty like her stepbrother...not being born a lesbian made her hate herself. When she went to collage she met her first love, Ashley Kimaru she did kissed Ashley on the lips in a surprise attack...thinking Ashley would hurt her she quickly apologizes then turns her back to Ashley. Luna seem doubtful about getting a girlfriend she is still doubtful when she gets married to Ashley later on in life...she is seen getting raped by her stepbrother when Ashley saves her for the first time in their relationship...later giving birth to two health children named Snow and Wolf Takahashi. She starts to believe that being a lesbian isn't so bad. Luna's mother hates her her stepfather hates her and her stepbrother, Kurai hates her which made him rape her in the first place Luna's biological father is the sweetest man ever. Ryuu never let his wife get her way he is currently trying to get Luna out of that hellhole Luna has a little sister named Ruri who in fact knows she's a lesbian and finds it cute. Luna notices that Snow resembles Ruri a lot because when she had her first kiss (with a guy) Ruri said something to make her blush like how Snow thinks who her papa and mama kiss in front of them saying how she can't wait to have a girlfriend of her own. Luna deeply misses her father and sister and hopes to see them again.

Trivia: Luna's birth name was Rin Ai Katu then changed to Luna Ai Takahashi after running away from home. When Luna was know as Rin she went to an All Girl School. Luna's her birth father's favorite over her mother that is. Luna had a little sister named Ruri her birth father's name was Ryuu. Luna found the wrong girl to date and was abused but of that. Luna's stepfather or mother didn't give a damn about her Kurai loved her in the wrong way she has mention in Orochimaru's History that she wants her family dead. Luna went to the same junior high as Ashley, back then they couldn't stand each other (that could explain why they get into arguments/fights over little things nothing unusually) her hair was jet black but dyed it red so Ashley would ask her out. Luna was brave, strong, nerve of steels before Kurai raped her over the nights she regains these traits when she marries Ashley and gives birth to Snow and Wolf. She's always wanted four kids two of her own and the other two were adopted. When Luna ran away from home she stayed with Roxy Sohma. Luna always lived in fear of Kurai in till Ashley taught her how to fight she's never been afraid of him ever again. Luna was abused by both parents mainly her mother, her stepfather wanted her in the same way Kurai did. Luna has difference herself from her former self so no one would find her. Luna is in fact the Moon Princess her biological father was the king of the moon and her sister was the second Moon Princess. Never did she liked her birth name which made her happy to change when she ran away to the name she's always wanted a name the suited her, Luna, Rin just sounded like coverup name she wanted to name Luna Sin because that's all she was to her a sin. Once Luna actually talked to Ashley when they were in detention for getting into a fist fight with each other then later turned into a free-for-all when Kylee stepped in, Ashley at first wanted Luna to back off before she gave her a black eye when Luna saw that Ashley was writing something and read it she giggled which made Ashley glare at her Ashley yelled at her for being a 'nosy bitch' Luna came clean to her which made Ashley realize why they never got along they shared the same pain. Luna is a skilled hacker she's hacked her video games to win must of the battles her father, Ryuu taught her the hacking skills.

Name: Fox Lexxi Hayashi

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: Kyuubi (by Snow) Foxy (by the guys in school), Nightwalker, Princess Fox (by Snow)

Age: 7-to whatever later 17-to whatever

First Apparent: A Lover Story

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Lover: Snow Kimaru-Takahashi

Ears: like DarkRenamon's

Family: Jade, DarkRenamon/Ember, Vail Drake Hayashi/DarkJake

Sign: Aries

Bio: Acts like how Jade was when she was with Lexxi and Drake. DarkJade is the daughter of Jade and DarkRenamon in my lesbian story DarkJade kinda reminds me of InuYasha with her ears on her head. DarkJade can Digivolve a little like half cuz of DarkRenamon. DarkJade was the one who killed Kyo in the story "A Love Story" staring her, Jade, DarkRenamon the Sailor Moon character and Digimon etc. DarkJade might be staring in more of just Jade/DarkRenamon stories so be looking forward that.

Name: Vail Drake Hayashi

Sexual Orientation: Gay.

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: Vail-Vail (by Wolf) Onii-chan (by Fox and Snow), Dark (by the world)

Age: 9 to whatever then later 19 to whatever

First Apparent: How We Met then again in Baby Chronicles

Hair Color: Black, Red and Silver (changes with his mood)

Eye Color: Right Eye black left eye blue. (also changes with his mood)

Ears: Like DarkRenamon's (depending on the story)

Family: Jade, DarkRenamon/Ember, Fox

Lover: Wolf Dusk Kimaru-Takahashi

Sign: Taurus

Bio: He may have been born second Vail is the oldest oddly. Vail doesn't talk much when he does he's sweet and funny, Vail sees no point in fighting Missy and Brad they're the kids of his mom's worst enemies Kylee and Tony cuz fighting never solves anything and besides if he did he might as well kiss his life goodbye using the Curse Kyuubi would kill him with out a doubt. Vail's supposed to be the voice of reason in the group he's the leader along side with Wolf, they make sure that their sisters don't lose their cool cuz they both know what will happen if they did, Shukaku Snow and Curse Kyuubi Fox would destroy the would school let a lone Shinjuku. Vail is the one that resembles Ember more his sweet side comes for Jade.

Name: Snow Halo Kimaru-Takahashi

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Mainly lesbian)

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: Tanuki (by Fox), Princess of the Light and Dark, Princess Snow (by Fang),

Age: 8 to whatever then later 18

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Jet Black

Lover: Fox Lexxi Hayashi

Sign: Gemini

Bio: When Snow was 2-years-old she and her brother were powerful they are in fact stronger then Ashley, Jade and Rika fused together as Jarikaley combined they are the first to be fused with both genders making them both guy and girl their fusion name is Dark Devil Revenge is a pun off DDR/Dance Dance Revolution and like Dark Devil Revenge, Terrible Terrorizers Remorse is a pun off of TTR/Tap Tap Revenge both fusees are between siblings both boy-and-girl making them the first opposites sex fusion. Snow is like Luna in her younger years then around teenage years become more bold, courageous, daring and trouble-making like her papa, Ashley. Snow is a Keyblade wielder of the X-blade (pronounced Keyblade for those who don't play Kingdom Hearts) who can share it with her brother even though he has a X-blade too. Unlike Ashley, Snow can control her Shukaku when she gets mad and when she goes Super Saiyan she can also Bio-merge with Fox/DarkJade depending on the type of story implying her Digimon partner is her girlfriend, Snow has her papa's mother name as her middle name in honor of her deceased grandmother it is true that Snow never liked to fight and didn't like the idea of it when she become a teen fighting is all she wants to do always waiting for a good battle partner if someone wants to fight her cuz she's lesbian then she wouldn't fight them. Snow is in fact the everything to Wolf though he doesn't show it, it is clearly shown in Baby Chronicles. Snow still has that innocent look when she was a kid Snow can fly off the handle bar when she's pissed off but again she can control her temper better then Ashley could maybe the fact of that was cuz Snow never saw death right in front of her let alone her own parents deaths. Snow and Wolf do everything together saying it's a twin thing that all twins like to do so Snow and Wolf have Friday Movie Night after seeing a good or horrible movie would head over to the arcade to play some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution XP) Wolf never really show he's emotions around people who are not his family so when Snow is killed in the story Baby Chronicles cries with he's boyfriend Vail knowing that both of their sisters are dead blames themselves for what happen and end up being bitchier then ever while Snow and Fox helpless watch from Heaven feels bad that they're leaving so much guilt on their brothers.

Name: Wolf Dusk Kimaru-Takahashi

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Nicknames/Other Wise Known As: Wolfy (by Vail), Onii-chan (by Snow and Fox), DarkPrince, LightPrince, Dark Fang (by the world)

Age: 8 to whatever then later 18

Eye Color: left eye Purple right eye, brown can turn sliver and red and sometimes blue

Hair Color: Flaming Red and Jet Black

Lover: Vail Drake Hayashi

Sign: Gemini

Bio: Wolf is the son of Ashley and Luna he can be a sweet and cute then he can go bad bitch and slap you with no regrets. Wolf never shows his emotions around new bitches he's a bit enclose with himself he is the voice of reason when Snow wants do things rash but he can't say that either, Wolf control the Darkness and Snow controls the Light they balance each other. Wolf easily blames himself if Snow were to get hurt that is clearly shown in Baby Chronicles Wolf is sweet you really can't tell when he's mad cuz he hides it so well Wolf is a great actor, singer and rapper when he learns how to play the drums he became a part the AnimeFreaks he said that his parents are cooler then Missy and Brad cuz they (Snow and Wolf) can call their parents by their first names Missy and Brad can't do that with their parents and since their parents are so young they can do why more then Missy and Brad with their parents, Wolf also noted to Missy and Brad did your parents ever save Shinjuku, Tokyo and the rest of the world plus the Digital World yeah didn't think so Wolf is going to have some ups and downs in his story lines.

Name: Amy/Ami Hayashi

Age: 14-whatever

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Jet Black

Bio: Amy is Jade Nobody at times or just Jade's alter ego. Amy is known to be mean and rude at times but to her lover Raven she knows that she has a soft side. Amy first apparent was inAnother Day! Another Villain!Jade says to Haru that Amy was her alter ego and was the first to return her life back to Jade after Ashley and Ruki. Amy is sometimes very demanding of Jade when she is the Nobody wanting her life back.

Name: Emerald "Ember" Tanaka

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

Age: 210-whatever

Lover: Jade Mai Hayashi

Ex: Heaven Yamada

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black

Sign: Leo

Bio: Sometimes DarkRenamon's human name sometimes just a human. Ember is older then Jade. Ember is a Princess that was arranged to marry Jade the two of them didn't want to go through with it after losing her memory she in fact got married to Jade anyways. Ember dated Ashley, Luna, Jessica, Samantha but only has one true ex-girlfriend. Heaven was Ember girlfriend when she lost her memory she blames herself for Heaven's death. When Jade gave birth to their third child Ember wanted to name him after her father Haven Hail Tanaka. Ember eye color is truly red.

Name: Akuma

Age: unknown

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Red

Bio: Kyo's sin. Akuma was once Kyo's friend then turns against him to kill Jade when she said she's a lesbian. His twin brother Haru how lived in Drake's body, Jade's father was released killed off the Kimaru Clan thus making Ashley and Jade best friends till death along with their whole because Akuma and Haru want to kill them all.

Name: Kyo Zenaku

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Glowing Green

Bio: This is Kyo's true form. He is a kind and caring being he still loved Jade when she said she was a lesbian but Akuma took over him to kill Jade and Ember. He is cursed to let he's sin, Akuma rule his life for him. Throughout most of the stories he's been dubbed as Akuma but with his name on it readKyo's Revenge you'll understand Kyo's story better.

Name: Silver Tanaka

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 15-whatever

Eye Color: Silver

Hair Color: Silver

Sign: Capricorn

Bio: He gets his name for some reason by he's hair and eye color. He is in fact one of Ember and Rena's brother he got arrested for having a knife on school grounds and treating one of the school bullies with it. Silver's has to stay with Itachi, as his mentor. Silver's knife is 5 inches handmade Silver and Ember were very close not Rena to much they were the Goths of the family. Silver wasn't a bad kid it was the bullying that drove him to keep a knife by his side. Silver will be going back to school graduating in the same year Jade and her friends will. Silver is a skater dude so he's going to hang out with the right people because of Jade, Silver is Emo but his more Gothic. Silver will never give up on his passion he will never change being Gothic or Emo because that's who he is. Silver is a dark and mysterious guy to hang out with he wears nothing but black cloths and he's hair is always in a Gothic way.

Name: Adam Lance Sato

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Age: 19-whatever

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Hair Color: Emo Black

Lover: Death Sin Fates

Sign: Sagittarius

Bio: Adam is the play cousin of Ashley when he was 16 and Ashley was around 14 they went for a ride getting cased by the police Adam told Ashley to run not wanting the only cousin he's ever been close to get into trouble with the police knowing it would ruin her chances of becoming a cop got arrested that day. Adam and Ashley are know as the Cousins or the A Team by their friends they love to break the rules and do stuff that is stupid and dangerous. Adam looks like a Japanese Axel Evans when he met and fell in love with Death he thought there wasn't any meaning to life. Always seeing it as a sin being gay and Emo...Death said "It's only a sin if you make it one!" that made Adam realize he's right following his heart he started to date Death, who never fights at all he's name may be scary but he's really sweet.

Name: Kylee Stephanie Samson

Sexual Orientation: Unknown (Maybe a closet lesbian)

Age: 18-to whatever (was 17 thought out middle school after becoming a freshmen in high school became 18)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Lover: Tony Steven Mason and Jade Hayashi

Sign: Aries

Bio: Kylee has hated Jade and her friends for awhile now it all started at the end of 7th grade Kylee and Jade use to be close I mean closeJade and Kylee use to date! Yes Kylee use to be bisexual cuz she loved the easily pissed off Kyuubi they had been dating ever since 4th grade then broken up when 7th grade was over Kylee was so heartbroken that Jade left her for Ashley cuz Ashley knows the pain of being an outcast then later Ember the 9th grader at West Shinjuku High Ember was 2 years older then Jade but Kylee was her age it wasn't right for a girl to date an 9th grader Jade told Kylee that Ember's from her Kingdom back where she was born at before Lexxi and Drake save Shinjuku then later adopted by Aiko and Kyo(Akuma) after she killed Aku she freed her real uncle she told that to Kylee she told Kylee everything about her life that's why when ever Kylee's around Jade she gets really pissed off Kylee later became poplar while Jade was being gay-bashed with all the homophobic jokes around the school she didn't care people made rumors that she dated her best friend, Ashley Gekido Kimaru but that was true the other rumor was that she has lesbian Hentai comics in her locker Jade would got in trouble with the school a lot cuz of the Hentais people would plant in her locker when she'd open her locker it fall out this was going on when she was dating Ashley, who was going though the same shit so the duo would get in trouble together. Kylee was so pissed that Ashley stole her girl that she stated to date Tony the school jock and make a group against Ashley and her pals Roxy and Tara was apart of this group but broke off cuz Kylee and Tony were coming off as homophobic and they were dating when to hang with Jade and the other which made Kylee's hatred for Ashley and Ember deeper it Kylee does use homophobic jocks through her ex and Jade see that she is pissed at her and couldn't care less she never really like to fight with her exes she'd avoid Kylee but she finds a way to push Jade off the edge whenever Kylee would come over to Jade all pissed Jade didn't really thought she was homophobic towards her thing Kylee was straight that was seeing if she was bi so Jade didn't know that Kylee still had feelings. Weird but true Kylee dated both Jade and Ashley.

Name: Tony Steven Mason

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 17-to whatever (was 15 in middle school)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Ex: Kylee Stephanie Samson

Sign: Pisces

Bio: Tony is the jock of the school he use to date the Emo cuter Adam Lance Sato he, like Kylee was so heartbroken hatred began to fell the heart that use to be full of love for the cutter Tony can't stand and of the Satos or Kimarus since their family tree is oddly connected Tony was bisexual always like Kylee and he hated that Death stole his man so he did what Kylee did he join the group that was against Ashley and others when they started to date they know that this whole things for revenge on their exes.Weird but true Tony dated both Adam and Death he is rumored to come out as gay when he breaks up with Kylee and goes on Ashley's team to fight off Kylee cuz she's fucking crazy. Later becoming best friends with Ashley, Adam, Death and the others becoming the most welcome member was bullied for changing from popularity to Freaks leaving Kylee to run the school but it's only a rumor.

Name: Jessica Samson

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 22-to whatever

Hair color: Black and Red

Eye color: Blue

Lover: Samantha Makino

Sign: Capricorn

Bio: Jessica is in fact Kylee's older twin sister! Jessica is the poplar one in the family she's the head cheerleader, captain of the volleyball team, co-captain of the boxing club and is president of student council. Jessica is loved by all and she loves them. Jessica is very talented she plays the instruments piano, violin, guitar, drums etc. Jessica is one of the other characters that is bisexual in my stories and is the second character to date a lesbian the first being Ashley. Jessica started to date Ashley's old friend from elementary school she was just being her average flirt little did she know the Samantha was entrapped in a relationship with an abusive guy what surprised her was when she found out Samantha is a lesbian that was trying to break free of this relationship being the all loving girl she is helped Samantha by moving her in out of her boyfriend's house into hers. Jessica didn't really think about helping Sam she just did as the two girls started to live together Sam's ex-boyfriend comes breaking into the house since Jessica was one of Ashley's closest friends she learned a trick or two after beating this guy to a pulp and got him arrested for breaking and entering, armed with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and having a gun that wasn't registered to him. As the years went on as Jessica and Samantha living together started to get to know each other the first thing they had in common was they were friends with Ashley that was it but as they started a conversation Jessica learns the Samantha isn't a girly-girl she loves Naruto, Durarara, Bleach, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, BioShock, the Jak series whatever is shocked Jessica to know that because she thought that Sam was just a girly-girl that hated video game RPGs and anime and Mangas Sam has always kept her life a secret her family disowned her when she started to date that abusive boyfriend of hers which made her live with him paying that price and she did tell them she was bi-curious which made them cut her loose from the family name burning all of her papers of her existent in their family Jessica was glad to know Sam because she did remember her of s certain redhead we know. Yes Sam is just like Luna when she started to date Ashley! Jessica soon understood where Ashley was coming from not having an info of Sam's family was hard when they got married the only ones that showed up were their group of friends and Jess's mother Meg, Kylee hates Jessica which made Kylee more insane Jess says that Kylee hates everyone even though she says she wants Jade back deep down she hates Jade. Jessica is the girl in the relationship because she found out that Sam was into motorcycles just mental all together Jessica and Sam were a random couple but in they end they came out really good for each other having their only daughter Tiffany.

Name: Mason Smith

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Age: 22- to whatever

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Sign: Libra

Bio: Mason is Tony's twin cousin because their fathers are twins and they look like there fathers. Mason is Jessica's best friend before Ashley came along Mason has always been there for everyone. He doesn't like Kylee at all by the way she threats Jessica. Mason is a back up drummer of the AnimeFreaks if Ashley ever sick Mason and Tony are like brother to each other and they are both gay their hobbies together is to stare at guys. Mason is best friends with Jessica wife Sam because he works in at motorcycle shop and got her the best bike they ever had. Mason and Ashley ride their bikes together whenever both were off of work the both work at the same bike shop when Ashley's not on tour with the other AnimeFreaks. Mason is looking for a boyfriend rumors around school say that he should go out with Mark one of Kylee's follower but it turns out that Marcus doesn't want to be apart of Kylee's group Mark was just pushed into Kylee's group. Mason and Mark start going out which pisses off Kylee because Mark was her new boyfriend but she didn't know he's gay matter a fact all her followers are either gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight most of her followers are apart of the gay community which resulted in losing all of her followers when she started making homophobic jokes about the successful couples in their school who won cutest couple, prom king and queen, best pair, etc. were those of Ashley and Luna who won prom king and queen, Jessica and Samantha who won cutest couple, Jade and Ember won best pair, Adam and Death won most understanding. Mason and Jessica are apart of student council making him vice-president Mason a sweet guy that would make anyone one want him. Mason and Tony are bikers always has been. Mason never lets anyone get to him or let anyone else get to his family his friends are defiantly apart of his family Mason has stopped Ashley from getting suspended for fighting Kylee he is seen trying to help Kylee stay out of trouble being the fact she's 17 in middle school Tony was just 15 he flunked one he was trying to get Kylee to stop getting suspended she kicked him in the gut so he just back off. Mason and Jessica have tried to help Kylee as much they could Jessica's parents help as well but it didn't work. Mason was with his group of friends, Jessica, Roxy, Tony, Ashley, Luna, Jade, Ember, Adam, Death, Lance, Mark, Samantha, Jenny, William, Mandy and Michael when Kylee had open fire on them and the whole school she had guns, knifes, swords she wanted to kill everyone! Mason was the first to get shot whole scene will be explained in the next story probably Love Finds No Gender or the up coming story Immortal Love.

Name: Lucine Gekido Hellstorm and Drakkar Ai Hellstorm

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Lucine). Straight (Drakkar)

Age: (Lucine) 6-to whatever and (Drakkar) 4-to whatever

Hair Color: (Lucine) Blonde-Black. (Drakkar) Brown, black and slight blonde

Eye Color: (Lucine) Pink. (Drakkar) Gold and Silver mostly light Red (changes with his mood)

Lovers: (Lucine) Lace Yamada and (Drakkar) Lynk Aura

Sign: (Lucine) Cancer [acts like scorpio at times] (Drakkar) Virgo

Bio: Lucine's just like Ashley in everyway she saw her mother get killed right in front of her at the same age that Ashley witness her parents deaths. Lucine grew up with her father and little brother Drakkar her father blames her for the death of her mother. After her mother's death Lucine's father became an alcoholic brought home women after women having sex with them but all he wanted was her little brother. One night after her father was done with his woman that day he came into their door forcing Drakkar to touch him he ended up having a three-way with Lucine and Drakkar once he went to bed. Lucine ran away from home with Drakkar she was four round that time and Drakkar was two. After living most they life on the street after Lucine turned six she went to the park where she met and befriended Wolf and Snow. Missy saw them after Lucine was talking with Snow and Wolf after they walked home Missy jumped Lucine right there Missy kicked Wolf in the balls and kicked Snow into the door. Ashley and Luna heard thud against the door Ashley opened the window seeing the fight between Snow and Missy jumped out the window once Missy ran away Lucine got up with Snow asking does that happen a lot when Snow answers pretty much. That fight left Lucine really injured Ashley let Lucine stay the night Luna didn't protest nor the kids. Just after one night Lucine and Drakkar bonded with Snow and Wolf so quickly all four of them were on the front porch when Lucine's father came he started to yelled and curse at Luna and Ashley dragging Lucine and her brother with him Lucine resisted Snow successfully pulled Lucine and Drakkar out of the demon's grasp he busted Lucine in the back of the head with a bat. Since then Lucine and Drakkar has been a Kimaru-Takahashi their father when to jail for child abuse and sexual harassment. Lucine and Drakkar may not be blood related to their family but their related to them in more ways then one. Every year they have a party once they were adopted Snow and Lucine made Wolf lighten up a bit Drakkar loosen up while hanging with Wolf. Lucine and Drakkar call Wolf and Snow Onee-chan and Onii-chan.

Name: Shadow Wolfie "Wolfram" Claw

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 16

Hair Color: Black and Blue

Eye Color: Pick

Sign: Aries

Bio: Oddly enough Shadow is nothing like her mother. Shadow is the daughter of Kylee. Shadow is Missy Samson once she went against her mother she legally change her name to Shadow Claw her ex-boyfriend Rick is a werewolf he bite her by mistake but his blood was already in hers. Shadow is now a full werewolf those she is bisexual she doesn't like to hang with the LGBT group at school because of what her mother told her to do. She became Fox's friend but the rest of the group was a problem even her own bother didn't want her in the group. After Shadow returned Lucine and Drakkar's inhalers that's when she told the group she changed her name from Missy Samson to Shadow Claw. Shadow became a goth and the schools never been the same ever since there's a new girl that took Shadow's place but since then Shadow started a pack for all wolves, vampires, dragons, fairies etc. to have fun together. Shadow is now one of my sixth favorite werewolves the firsts being Ashley, Wolf, Snow, Lucine and Drakkar.

Trivia: Missy's new name was inspired by the members of the "Crimson Blood Wolf Pack" some people do call her Wolfram sometimes because sometimes she acts like a guy. R.I.P Deikitsen Wolfram Lupus I never met him but I always wanted too but sadly I cannot anymore so in respect to Dei I created Missy's new name. I really do want to meet Wolfie Blackheart. If I did meet Dei he would've been the brother I never had. Missy changed her name cuz she didn't want anything to do with Kylee she doesn't even call her mom anymore too. After Missy changed her name she became the kindhearted and sweet girl she always was just like how Dei was before he died. I am a graving werewolf so Missy's new name is my way of showing my love for other wolf packs!

Name: Alexis "Alex" Kimaru

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Nicknames: Lexi, Little Pup, (by Ashley and Luna), Lab Rat (by Mike and Taylor), Pyro (by Wolfram), Inferno (by Lucine), Venom (by Snow and Drakkar)

Age: 8

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Sign: [Libra-Scorpio]

Bio: Alex is the long lost daughter of Ashley. When Ashley had ran away from her foster family she was pregnant Ashley gave birth to Alex. Only being twelve at the time Ashley couldn't take care of Alex. Ashley had been on the run from the cops since she stole things. Ashley went to jail for her theft Alex lived a normal life for the most part she was adopted by a woman but on the next of the full moon thing didn't go her way. Alex transformed into her wolf form scaring the shit out of her adoptive mother, she sent Alex away to be tested on. This in turn caused Alex to have a break down not trusting anyone. After Alex ran away from the laboratory she was arrested for stealing and trespassing. Lucine heard about this than contacted Ashley. Upon losing contacting with Alex, Ashley went great links to find her behind the scenes. Despite it all Alex still loves Ashley and only trust her it took Alex a long time to accept Luna. Alex has inherited some of Ashley's bad habits she is quick to judge and has a trusting issue, however her trusting issue is more from her own experience she doesn't like to trust people so easily. When Alex was three escaped her harsh treatment as a demon she had been on the run since that escape. Alex doesn't have control over the Dark Powers the Kimaru's have this made Ashley very nervous. Alex cannot transform of her own free will anymore she had become a mixture of many different supernatural beings making it hard for her to control. So far the only creatures she is known from is the ones she inherited from Ashley and the one the lab put in her a vampire they still have yet to find out more of Alex's abilities.

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