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My name is Chimey Sonam. I'm a third-generation American of the Asian heritage. I have my father's beige skin and dark eyes and his height which still (and almost always) manages to scare the loitering men in the streets. I'm told the tallness only lasts until high school where everyone will match up then, so I'm counting down. From my mother's side of the family, I've inherited a lot of unmanagable brown hair and a pair of small almond-shaped eyes. On my own, on a good day with a ton of jewlery and a low scoop-necked shirt, I can attract some attention.

I grew up in Takoma Park, but I moved to Silver Spring a few years later. In Silver Spring, it's supposed to be a very safe neighborhood, as SS criminals are always careful to do their work in the mall next door. Well, okay, an ambulance parked itself a few feet from my window for the house across the street, but that doesn't count for everyone.

There are certain expectations of girls from Asia. You grow up, you get married, you get smart in math, you have children, and you become the owner of a technology company. My dream was that I would get bitten by a vampire and go out into the night, stalking innocent people and drink their blood. Currently, I'm a student at Takoma Park Middle School in the Math and Science accelerated program. How I got in is only what God knows. I applied when times were lean and I couldn't find a better way to give my mother a birthday present than tell her that I got into such a smart program. It's the reason why I sit two hours in a sweaty seat in the back of the classroom for three of the seasons in a year.

I've got only a few trustworthy friends in my life, and never had more than one guy at a time. The first two were like cake, and the third was like the icing. A few of my friends are interested in writing only nearly as much as me, and there's not much to say for the others who prefer hanging out at the Recreational center rotting their teeth out with Coke. Personally, I love Coke. I just don't like the way the people who drink it sip half the can and then spray it over someone. When I was in fifth grade, I witnessed the best spray when the guy sitting two seats down from across me spit out his whole can of Sprite onto the teacher sitting close by me. I still remember every detail.