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Author has written 46 stories for Warriors, Penguins of Madagascar, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Final Fantasy VII, Chaos, Supernatural, and Legally Blonde.

Well, uhh, hi.

I'm 15. My name is Alexandra and am socially awkward and am bad at making friends.

There is a high chance that I will freak you out with what I write or you just won't like me or something about me will scare you off.

That's ok. It happens a lot.

My cat's name is Piper (hence the name Willowfur and Piper, Willowfur being my "alias").

My email is willowfurofshadowclan@gmail.com if anyone ever need to contact me about anything.

Also, follow me on Twitter @TheWillowfur (my name is Lovina). So, you'll know when I'm writing chapters and stuff, cuz I don't update the profile a lot.

Story progress:

Consistent updates soon enough. In the next few days I hope to have some more chapters of What is Love? and FFVII's Romeo and Juliet up.

Anyways, order of operations:

What is Love? is officially my top priority.

FFVII's Romeo and Juilet is on my list of stuff to do. It will be updated with What is Love?

Run Away will continued and soon. Mr. Plot Bunny came back to my yesterday in a nightmare.

Oneshots will be posted from time to time. Randomly.

Also, I take ONESHOT requests although not a lot is expected.

Beta Pairings:


Hetalia: UsUk, PrussiaCanada, RussiaChina, PrussiaHungary, SpainRomano, GermanyItaly, LithuaniaBelarus, PolandLithuania, SwedenFinland, IcelandHongKong, DenamrkNorway

Final Fantasy VII: SephirothCloud, GenesisCloud, VincentYuffie, AngealZack, ZackAerith, ASGZC, Gen/Cloud/Seph, Reno/Tseng, CissneiZack, CissneiZack

Kingdom Hearts: RoxasAxel, DemyxZexion

To be added too. Incomplete list.

Now it is time for the random crap...

Quotes and Mottos:

'I stand corrected….apparently it can…screw you too karma…..screw you too' - My life motto

'I'm hyper when I DON'T have sugar' - Story of my life


You love hoodies.
You love jeans.
Dogs are better than cats.
It's hilarious when people get hurt.
You've played with/against boys on a team.
Shopping is torture.
Sad movies suck.
You own/ed an X-Box.
Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid.

At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega.
You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
You watch sports on TV.
Gory movies are cool.
You go to your dad for advice.
You own like a trillion baseball caps.
You like going to high school football games.
You used to/do collect football/baseball cards.
Baggy pants are cool to wear.
It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.
Dark green, black, dark blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.
You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
Sports are fun
Talk with food in your mouth.
Sleep with your socks on at night

I got 12/25...Hm...


You wear lip gloss/chapstick.
You love to shop.
You wear eyeliner.
You wear the color pink
Go to your mom for advice.
You consider cheerleading a sport
You hate wearing the color black.
You like hanging out at the mall.
You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
You like wearing jewelry.
Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe
Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.
You don't like the movie Star Wars.
You were in gymnastics/dance
It takes you around/more one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up.
You smile a lot more than you should.
You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
You care about what you look like.
You like wearing dresses when you can.
You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne.
You love the movies.
Used to play with dolls as a little kid.
Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy/joke of it.
Like being the star of every thing

I got 11/25... A mix... Not shocking really.

I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.
I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists.
I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun.
I'm BLONDE, so I MUST be a ditz
I'm JAMAICAN so I MUST smoke weed.
I'm HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat.
I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be sexy.
I'm JEWISH, so I MUST be greedy.
I'm GAY, so I MUST have AIDS.
I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape.
I'm ARAB, so I MUST be a terrorist.
I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch
I'm a CHRISTAN, so I MUST think gay people should go to hell.

I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell
I'M RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.
I'm ATHEIST so I MUST hate the world.
I don't have a RELIGION, so I MUST be evil and have no morals
I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people.
I'm DEMOCRAT, so I MUST not believe in being responsible.
I am LIBERAL, so I MUST be gay.
I'm SOUTHERN, so I MUST be white trash.
I TAKE (or used to take) ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, so I MUST be crazy.
I'm a GUY, so I MUST only want to get into your pants.
I'm IRISH, so I MUST have a bad drinking problem.
I'm INDIAN, so I MUST own a convenient store.
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I'm CUBAN, so I MUST spend my spare time rolling cigars.

I'm NOT A VIRGIN, so I MUST be easy.
I FELL IN LOVE WITH A MARRIED MAN, so I MUST be a home-wrecking whore.
I'm a TEENAGE MOM, so I MUST be an irresponsible slut.
I'm POLISH, so I MUST wear my socks with my sandals
I'm ITALIAN, so I must have a "big one".
I'm EGYPTIAN, so I must be a TERRORIST!
I'm PRETTY, so I MUST not be a virgin.
I HAVE STRAIGHT A'S, so I MUST have no social life.
I DYE MY HAIR CRAZY COLORS, so I MUST be looking for attention.

I DRESS IN UNUSUAL WAYS so I MUST be looking for attention.
I'm INTO THEATER & ART, so I MUST be a homosexual.

I'm a VEGETARIAN, so I MUST be a crazy political activist.
I HAVE A BUNCH OF GUY FRIENDS, so I MUST be fucking them all.
I have Big BOOBS, so I MUST be a hoe.
I'm COLOMBIAN, so I MUST be a drug dealer.
I WEAR WHAT I WANT, so I MUST be a poser.
I'm RUSSIAN, so I MUST be cool and that’s how Russians roll. (I'm not Russian but that one is true...)

I'm GERMAN, so I must be a Nazi.
I hang out with GAYS, so I must be GAY TOO
I'm PUERTO RICAN, so I MUST look good and be conceited
I'm SALVADORIAN, so I MUST be in MS 13
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I’m a STONER so I MUST be going in the wrong direction
I’m a VIRGIN so I MUST be a prude
I’m STRAIGHT EDGE so I must be violent.
I'm a FEMALE GAMER, so I MUST be ugly.. or crazy.
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I'm a GIRL who actually EATS LUNCH, so I MUST be fat.
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I'm CHRISTIAN so I MUST hate homosexuals.
I'm MIXED so I must be screwed up
I'm MUSLIM so I MUST be a terrorist.
I'm Anti-Religious, so I MUST hate God
I'm in BAND, so I MUST be a dork.
I'm MORMON so I MUST be perfect
I'm WHITE and have black friends so I MUST think I'm black
I'm GOTH so I MUST worship the devil
I'm HISPANIC, so I MUST be dirty.
I'm OVERWEIGHT, so I MUST have a problem with self control.

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I’m a YOUNG WRITER, so I MUST be emo
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I have my OWN spiritual ideology; therefore I MUST be WRONG or MISGUIDED.

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I love YAOI, so I MUST be GAY.
I'm a PERSON, so I MUST be LABELED I DON'T CURSE, so I MUST be an outcast
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I SPOT GRAMARITICAL ERRORS, so I MUST be a pedantic bastard.
I'm GOTHIC, so I MUST be mean
I’m STRONG so I MUST be stupid.
I'm Australian so I MUST hunt crocodiles and talk to kangaroos
I write LEMONS, so I MUST be a twisted pervert.
I wear GLASSES, so I MUST be a dork or nerd

God, I really hate stereotypes. Only, like, 2 or 3 of all of those were true.

I don't care if you're gay or straight, everybody needs love. I don't care if you're diseased with an incurable sickness, everybody deserves a chance. I don't care if you're ugly or pretty, everybody has flaws. I don't care if you're black or white, everybody has the same capabilities. I don't care if you're strange, everybody needs to change. I don't care if you're afraid of things, everybody has fears. I don't care if you're rich or poor, everybody needs warmth. I don't care if you're different, everybody is. Yet, at the same time, it's what makes everybody the same.

Which Hetalia character are you?

North Italy (Feliciano Vargas)

[x]You were bullied a lot in your childhood.
[x]You adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit.
[ ]You're very happy-go-lucky.
[ ]You constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you're always away with the fairies.
[ ]You have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up.
[ ]You're a good artist.
[x]You can be clumsy at times. (All the time.)
[ ]You have a friend you always depend upon if you mess up something.
[ ]If your life was in danger, you would do the typical Italian thing and say: "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I HAVE RELATIVES IN YOUR COUNTRY!"
[ ]You would surrender in a war situation.

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)

[x]You're very stoic and serious. (Sometimes...)
[x]Sausages are your favourite foods.
[ ]You like to walk your dog.
[ ]Your boss/principal/tutor/home-room teacher is a nut-case.
[ ]Ynk they shouldou love rules and think always be followed to a T.
[ ]You think the world would be better if everyone played by the rules.
[ ]You work very hard.
[x]Your alone time is your 'happy time'.
[x]You can appear tough but be very considerate towards people.
[x]You've had issues with money once or twice.

Japan (Kiku Honda)

[ ]You're very mature
[ ]You think everything over before saying it.
[x]You believe in ghosts but aren't phased by the experience when you see one.
[x]You isolated yourself during childhood.
[ ]You became very successful in a short amount of time.
[x]You are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the outside world.
[x]You can seem cold/aloof to other people.
[ ]You're good at practical tasks.
[x] You need time to adjust to new people.

The United States of America (Alfred F. Jones)

[x]You love hamburgers.
[x]You think you're awesome.
[ ]You love to invent things.
[x]You love going to the cinema/watching films/making films.
[ ]You can seem to be very brash to other people.
[x]You have a tendency to stick your nose into other peoples' business.
[ ]You're terrified of ghosts.
[ ]You know aliens exist.
[ ]You tend to wear a bomber jacket all the time.
[ ]You wear glasses.

The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (Arthur Kirkland)

[ ]You like tea.
[ ]You were quite tough as a kid.
[x]You're very sarcastic and cynical.
[x]Your cooking is awful.
[x]You love spiritual magical stuff, such as fairies, ghosts...
[x]...But you refuse to believe in aliens.
[ ]You have tried doing black magic before.
[ ]You get drunk quite easily.
[ ]When you are drunk, you tend to be very unhappy.
[ ]You're good at embroidery.

France (Francis Bonnefoy)

[ ]You're very affectionate.
[x]You think you have a great fashion sense.
[x]You like wine.
[ ]You're the master of whispering romantic things into peoples' ears.
[ ]You love red roses.
[ ]When it comes to l'amour, you don't mind men or women.
[x]You're very proud of yourself.
[x]You love culture and the arts.
[ ]You're very flamboyant.
[ ]You say you're a gourmet.

Russia(Ivan Braginski)

[ ]You had a very sad childhood.
[ ]You're very tall.
[x]You have a tendency to switch between personalities.
[x]You wear a scarf all the time.
[x]You love sunflowers.
[x]You love vodka.
[ ]You can seem intimidating to other people.
[x]You're very strong.
[ ]You have a big nose.
[ ]You have a strange laugh that can scare people.

China (Wang Yao)

[ ]You're very mature.
[ ]You're very superstitious.
[ ]You're very religious.
[x]You love pandas.
[ ]You love cooking so much that you nag if food has a certain pattern of tastes.
[ ] You love Hello Kitty.
[ ]You try to be a role-model for your brothers/sisters/whatever, but are never taken seriously.
[ ]You work hard.
[ ]You're good at drawing.
[x]You like sweets.

Austria (Roderich Edelstein)

[ ]You are very well-raised. (Depends on how you ask)
[ ]You're polite.
[ ]You love classical music.
[x]You like cake.
[ ]You have a mole on your face.
[x]You dedicate your time to your hobbies rather than what needs to be done right away.
[ ]You are a virtuoso/play very well on at least one instrument.
[ ]You've composed music before.
[x]You tend to call people 'morons'
[ ]You wear glasses.

Canada (Matthew Williams)

[x]You're often ignored by people.
[ ]You look younger than you actually are.
[x]You love hockey.
[x]You love polar bears.
[ ]You hate fighting.
[ ]You have one strand of curly hair, like Italy.
[ ]You often get mistaken for someone else.
[x]You feel under-appreciated.
[x]You're bilingual.
[ ]You always carry a bear with you.


[x]You smoke. (Not a proud habit, I'm trying to stop!)
[x]You're very physically strong.
[x]You've won a lot of fist-fights.
[ ]In your social circle, there are two brothers - you get along with one, but not with the other.
[x]You have very strong emotions about a variety of topics.
[ ]You like hot weather.
[ ]You can be very friendly from time to time.
[ ]You look very tough on the outside.
[ ]You make a very nice role-model.
[ ]You don't let people get a word in edgeways.

Hungary (Elizaveta Hédeváry)

[x]You have a potty-mouth.
[ ]You like to wear flowers in your hair.
[ ]You used to be a very tough kid.
[ ]You're very reliable.
[x]It's better to have you as a friend rather than an enemy.
[ ]You're very faithful.
[x]Your speech and mannerisms can be considered very unladylike.
[x]You and your best friend go together like chalk and cheese.
[x]You are graceful one moment and grinning like a maniac the next.
[x] If someone yells that yaoi is going on somewhere, you will drop everything to run off to go and see it.

Lithuania (Toris Lorinaitis)

[x]You're very loyal.
[ ]You feel like your best friend drags you around a lot, but you both have a great time together.
[ ]You're very serious.
[ ]You have a lot of patience.
[ ]You think too much about philosophical stuff.
[ ]You get depressed when questioning the point of existing/the universe, etc...
[ ]You're not very confident.
[x]You were quite rebellious as a child.
[ ]People tend to walk all over you.
[ ]You're a born worrier.

Poland (Feliks Lucasiewocz)

[ ]You're very flamboyant.
[ ]You're quite hyperactive.
[ ]You can be quite goofy.
[ ]When you're depressed, you tend to rise out of it like a phoenix.
[x]You're very wary of strangers.
[x] It takes you ages to come out of your shell.
[x]However, when you're used to someone, you're very chatty.
[x]You're very forceful and stand at one end of the argument when it comes to your opinions.
[ ]You love pansies and corn-poppies.
[ ]You get up to lots of crazy antics.

Prussia (Gilbert Beillschmidt)

[x]You're quite mean-spirited.
[x]You're a bit of a hooligan.
[x]You're very loyal.
[x]You're very good at tactics.
[ ]You hate Russia.
[x]You love to fight people.
[x]You can avoid marriages quite well.
[x]You're not always taken seriously.
[x]You like drinking.
[x]You want to become stronger.

Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo)

[x]You are clueless about things around you.
[x]You favor the taste of fresh tomatoes.
[ ]You're very responsible.
[x]You tend to dramatize over things a lot.
[x]You love churros.
[ ]You help people in crisis.
[x]You are quite random.
[x]Somehow, you like bananas.
[ ]You often offer food to people.
[ ]You have a sort of unhealthy obsession over a couple of brothers.

South Italy (Lovino Vargas)

[x]You tend to overreact a lot.
[x]You like to order people around.
[ ]You're a scaredy-cat.
[x]You curse a lot.
[x]You go drama depressed when people ignore you.
[x]You tend to blush easily.
[x]You are lazy like hell.
[x]You love tomatoes a lot.
[x]You fix yourself on stupid matters.
[x]You get defensive at the slightest comment.

South Italy and Prussia... Not phased at all.

Say the word "cow" before each word:


Now say the word "cow" after each word:


Now read it from the bottom up:


I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.
I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I did not have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.
I am the person who is afraid of telling his loving Christian parents he loves another male.
Re-post this if you believe homophobia is wrong. Please do your part to end it

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Crossover - Host & Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 19,947 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 67 - Updated: 7/12/2010 - Published: 10/26/2009 - America
The Bleeding Effect Mishap by Kyrosai reviews
Desmond exits the Animus 2.0, but somehow Altair accidentally came out with him and took over his body. To add to their troubles, this was the day Shaun decided he was going to take Desmond 'out of the closet.' Shaun/Des/Altair one-shot. Warnings inside.
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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 29,549 - Reviews: 201 - Favs: 276 - Follows: 60 - Updated: 8/14/2006 - Published: 6/26/2006 - Cloud S., Zack F. - Complete
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Love Lost but Never Given Up reviews
Rick wasn't the innocent little rookie spy everyone believes him to be. Not really. Not when his real family was dead and his sister was a werewolf. Certainly not when he choose to go after the thing that turned her. So here he is, years later, working for the CIA and hiding a very deadly secret. Rick Martinez was many thing and before anything else, he was a Hunter.
Crossover - Supernatural & Chaos - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,028 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 10/13/2013 - Published: 7/15/2013
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Rick spent so much time running, now he had nothing left to hide.
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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 29,227 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 82 - Follows: 112 - Updated: 5/21/2013 - Published: 11/24/2012 - Cloud S., Sephiroth
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Cloud didn't really know what to expect when he came home to find a python wrapped around his boyfriend's arm. And for the life of him he cannot remember why he let Genesis even keep it. Slightly AU. Oneshot. Genesis/Cloud Note: My screw up has been fixed, it is the right story now.
Final Fantasy VII - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,786 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 5 - Published: 2/23/2013 - Cloud S., Genesis R. - Complete
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A retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Final Fantasy VII style. Yeah. Note: I probably have no idea what I'm doing so, just go with it and leave advice? Staring: Genesis as Romeo and Cloud as Juliet! Rating may go up. I don't know yet.
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Mathias meets Elisabetha for the first time.
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Joachim's thoughts about being trapped in Walter s basement.
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A collection of one-shots with Faith the cat and Private. Some of you already know what I m talking about. Some possibe adult content. There not in any particular order. Just kinnda on there. You figure it out.
Penguins of Madagascar - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,534 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 10/25/2010 - Published: 10/13/2010 - Private
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Penguins of Madagascar - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 326 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/25/2010 - Private - Complete
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Private wants to play a game. Hehe. Mentions sexbut is not included. Has Faith the cat.
Penguins of Madagascar - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 416 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 10/20/2010 - Private - Complete
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Private has a question and no one will answer it. What will he do? Find out. WARNING: CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE. One-shot.
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Bluestar speaks about Tigerclaw s betrayel.
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Tigerheart speaks about his feelings for Dovepaw. When he get an unexpected visit he realizes the Dovepaw might not be all she cracked up to be. Rated K. Oneshot
Warriors - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 326 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 9/16/2010 - Tigerheart - Complete
Hollyleaf: A Whole New World reviews
FINISHED! Hollyleaf ran away and changed her name.She must now must choose to return to the clans and help with the fight or stay way. Can she return after what she did? rated t. pairings: Heather/Lion, little Holly/Mouse, Jay/OC.
Warriors - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 20 - Words: 14,191 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 9/12/2010 - Published: 7/24/2010 - Hollyleaf - Complete
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Total crack. that is all i give you. rated t although it might be an m story, i dont know so ypuve been warned
Warriors - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 582 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/5/2010 - Complete
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Leafpool speaks about her kits and her felings toward Crowfeather. rated k. People no flames please and did I spell forgotten right, thats wounld be nice to know.
Warriors - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 613 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Published: 9/4/2010 - Leafpool - Complete
Brambleclaw Speaks: A Hard Feeling to Follow reviews
A oneshot on how Brambleclaw feels after the lies about Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze are reveled. Takes place somewhere in between Sunrise and The Forth Apprentice. rated k
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Oneshot about how Yellowfang feels about Raggedstar. rated k. i wrote this because i have yet to see a YellowfangxRaggedstar story on this sight
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A small oneshot on how Spottedleaf feels about Firepaw. rated k. I will make longer if I have time.
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Warriors - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 301 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 2 - Published: 8/5/2010 - Tawnypelt - Complete
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