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Aug 29, 2010

Greeting to all:

Well - I have Five Books finished at the moment:

Not to ruin the mystique...but the first story came about because I was told "No one reads Ravenloft... If you REALLY want a critique of your writing go published in an area that is popular." So I went with Dresden Files. An hour later the first chapter was posted and I had almost NO idea what was going to happen. I had visited the U-505 when I was about 4 years old and that is the cool thing I remembered in Chicago. So having a Nazi U-Boat and magic I figured that Jewish mysticism was the perfect counter.

Let me start by saying I LOVE MOLLY for the same reason I HATE SUPERMAN! He can do everything.. she can do almost nothing. She makes for a much better character.

As those who follow both my story and canon, you know that Molly is growing in power so I have to account for these things in my own books. Hence to date I have described how she learned illusions and where she got the wands that she had in Changes.

For Ravenloft: I love this world.. but there are so few of us*

3 Sep 2010 Update:

I have attached a link to an interesting article. I want to be sure everyone knows that while I may have made this statement in my Axis & Allies story I had no first hand knowledge of this. (Though I do think it is pretty damn funny that I made this up before the article was released.)

In case lightning really DOES strike twice, expect the next story to contain some reference to a goofy unpublished author winning a god awful amount of money in the lottery AND having publishers beating down his door with big contracts! *Yeah, I'm not really counting on it either but hey, you never know...*

If my story readers from Israel happen to actually be Mossad and were wondering at the odd timing of this story then I politely hope you will take this opportunity to stop following me I saw the movie Munich and have no interest in getting on your bad side!

Just thought I would share this small bit of humor with you.

2 November.

Saw the following art and thought it would have generally looked cool for the first book of the Molly series. Yeah I know she was not wearing these clothes, but hey Harry has never worn the hat from any of his covers either. In fact I think he stole it from Stevie Ray Vaughn! Anyway:

24 November.

Alright got to the point in the story where I can post the image I found for Molly for this particular book. Those who finish Chapter 8 and care to know what she looks like now can check out this link that I found when designing the book.

16 Jan 2011

Well Book 2 of the Molly Carpenter series has been completed and I thank all of those who provided reviews along the way as well as those (hopefully) yet to come. I enjoyed debating the various aspects of this book with my muse, what Daniel would be going through, how should I handle Elaine's fears, and was I staying within canon by revealing certain things (such as a White Council wizard behind the scenes making trouble for Harry).

The good news is that I already know a significant part of Book 3 and will be starting it almost immediately. I'd warn you I only know half the plot or so at this point but historically I rarely know half the plot when I start one of these things so hopefully to you the reader it will appear much the same as what you have seen so far.

The third book will begin right after Changes and I want to get most of it done before the release of Ghost Story so that if I screw with canon too much I get the advantage of having written first. I also think the (potential) death of Harry Dresden is a great starting point for another story, especially where Molly is concerned due to all the potential repercussions for her life.

As always I am humbled by those who choose to take time from their lives to read my words and who come back to check in on what has happened next. With the exception of the muse that keeps me writing, and the son I hope one day reads these stories, the number of readers who come looking when a new chapter pops up really makes writing them worth it. May you all enjoy Book 3 as we begin the next part of Molly's life.

29 Dec 2011

And so Book 3 ends... I apologize to all of you who I kept waiting. I hope you enjoy the ending. I had to make my own cover art with a digital camera. Since I do not know how to post the pick, basically it is a duster, hat, and staff leaning up in a corner... the obvious connotation that Harry is no more.

I wish you all well. Please provide reviews.


14 Jun 2012

Okay so I told people I would not do a 4th book and here I am working a 4th book. Yeah that is because I'm still finishing my MBA so I am not starting my own unique stories until I get that done. I have mapped out major players and have a pretty good idea of where the story will take place but that is months away.

But that said I want to write, and write about something that is NOT business related. I'm sorry if I have to write one more paper about how to motivate disgruntled employees and still be forbidden from using the word flamethrower I think I am going to puke! Since when did torture become an unacceptable practice for raising morale? Geez!

And then of course we come to the fact that I can't find anything saying when the next Dresden Book is coming out. That is totally unfair. I mean it is like taking bath salts and NOT having someone nearby to go all cannibal on... So I decided to say 'screw it' and take Molly out one more time. She is fun and the crazy just makes her a little more so. Anyway I hope I can keep us all entertained until Harry comes back.

Best to you all...

19 August 2012

Okay 10 chapters posted, not quite halfway, but I am liking where the story is going. For those unfamiliar with my writing I have to admit I have very little idea of where the story will go when I sit down to start writing. For the story in question for example I came up with a general plot (Fomor - bad and a secret not yet revealed that led to the title) and that was pretty much it as I started down my story. I tell you this because I do not know if other writers are the same or they have everything all planned out before writing.

So what does that mean? Well it means that little plot devices like the Oblivion War was NOT part of the original story as I began to write. The whole aerial battle against gargoyles did not exist, neither did the helicopter ride, as I was writing the fight at the golf course. It just sort of unfolded for me that way the same as it is for you the reader. That makes writing these almost as much fun as reading. On the other hand I now also have my conclusion scenes for the story coming into better focus - not at all what was originally planned in fact - but pretty cool all the same. Knowing this allows me to add details along the way to better prepare for it.

That said I hope you the readers are enjoying it. One of my more faithful critics is providing reviews but that is about it so I do not know if this is popular with the masses or not. *I am assuming so as all of my previous books have seen spikes in the past month as I put out new chapters which tells me people are discovering this series and wanting to read more. Good for them and I take that as good for me as well.*

I have six weeks of class remaining and hope to time the ending of this book around that time as well, providing I have the time to write which now that I am down to a single class I seem to *knock on wood.* I am glad to hear Jim Butcher's next Harry book also went to the publisher probably for an October or November release so that is another reason to get this done... I hate competing with the master!

Best to all of you and as always reviews are appreciated...

1 Sept 2012

For those who have not heard Cold Days is due out at the end of November. What that means for me is I have to have this story wrapped up before then because - and I am being honest here - I really do not want to have my finale having to compete directly with canon. Yeah it sounds silly, but I like my world and stories running parallel to Jim's and not perpendicular. Worse still would be posting my conclusion and having it be totally blown out of the water by his first 2-3 chapters.

For those who have not read them the Bigfoot series of short stories is out also. I found them interesting...(all I'm willing to say here). I might start up a forum conversation to get others' thoughts on these.

Anyway - Chapter 11 posted for your enjoyment. I had nearly 3,000 chapters read in August, about 15 people also read each book in total, which I am very thankful for so I hope to maintain your loyalty.

Best to you all... of course reviews appreciated...

18 Dec 2012

Well Chapter 15 posted and some may say it is long and gives too much detail on The Gatekeeper but I do this for not only needing to advance aspects of the story, but also because I think The Gatekeeper would be a great character to build a series of stories around later maybe. How Rashid came into his power and responsibilities and his role in the Oblivion War is ripe for such expansion that Harry would of course have no clue on (yet at least). So my background I laid out here is seeding the ground for the future if I ever decide to pick up and run with this idea.

Assuming many of you have read or are reading Cold Days by now. I have to say I enjoyed the book though it truly screwed up my plans. Anyone but me note Jim Butcher used 'Harry Dresden is Dead' the same way I did in book 3? Not saying he read it - though that would be cool - but found it funny we used the same language. (JIM...if you DO read these ...please keep writing!!!!! We need another fix man!!! )

Best to you all of course... reviews appreciated as always.

1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year to all. Book 4 is complete and the goal became getting it done by the end of the year...I had like an entire 90 minutes to spare. Which puts me ahead of Congress who did not get their homework turned in on time. I also passed 1,000,000 words posted (which I like) and am coming up on 60,000 hits to my stories (all of them combined) which amounts to what would happen in just one weekend if I wrote slash of Jacob (Twilight) with Harry Potter...(I do not do slash so no worries there.) That said those who have followed me for my various books and offered reviews along the way are cherished... thank you...I mean that sincerely.

Once more I do not know if there will be another Carpenter Blueprints...not because I do no want to write it, but because those who read Cold Days knows big issues have occurred. That is about all I can say on that except for the one review who asked me to talk about the first few days for Molly on her new job - that is tempting but I am 99% certain Jim plans to do that with his next book. It is pretty central to the storyline I think considering the relationship between the two.

Maybe if he puts out preview chapters that say what takes place from Harry's perspective I can provide my view of Molly's but we are talking canon here so I don't want to screw with his.

Which means I am going to instead go off and work on some of my own book that I keep promising myself to do. I will try to keep you all informed as that progresses.

I do have some interesting questions about the Dresden Universe that I am posting over in my forum looking for an answer if anyone has them... just semi-fun ones.

Best again to you all... thanks for those who posted reviews.

31 Mar 2013

Happy Easter

Well it has been an interesting few months. We have a new Pope for one and I was surprised I was not even asked if I'd like the job. Okay I admit I'm not Catholic, which probably is a ding against me...and I do not speak that is even important... but still I mean I really thought I had a know? Ah well guess I will just stick to my writing.

Since my last update I am nearly at 62,000 hits on all my stories with almost no new In fact I can go in and watch people from around the world reading chapter after chapter and then moving on to the next book so I assume they are enjoying them...but they never leave a comment. If they are not enjoying them then there is an odd cult of online literary masochists of which I am totally unaware... or maybe not... Literary masochists might explain the popularity of the Twilight series (just kidding!...sort of)

On that front have completed the first book of my own new world. It is based in the 1889 timeframe so has a Steampunk general feel to it, though it wanders all over the place. Primarily four major characters...the first who is telling the story is a former gunslinger wanted for the murder of a sheriff in Wyoming who goes into hiding by joining a monastery... yeah I know that story has been done at least a hundred times already but we tend to fall back on the traditional. The other characters include a sin-eater (with a bit of a twist on this mythology), a semi-mechanical girl who is quite the scientist, and her rather rough and tumble female friend who not only smokes *gasp* but even is a pretty good fencer as well.

Aligned against them are two competing groups. One of secrets and shadows called The Congress, for at tax time I truly could not come up with a more evil sounding organization out to take over the world...and the other a very small sect of three powerful individuals and their three enforcers (the one in play is a being known as the Revenant who seems unable to die...and will in future books turn out to be someone rather least I hope so).

Okay we add to this menagerie some precarious encounters like a runaway cart of Chinese fireworks, German spies (because the US and Germany were more or less at war in Samoa which no one in any of my history classes ever mentioned), a 1,000 year old scandal involving at least eight Popes (that is just too weird not to be true..I loved the research on this) and the rarely seen or discussed Mesopotamian Electroweasel (see nothing but just the same old boring details recycled over and over again).

Book 1 is done except for a really good edit

Book 2 is fully outlined and ready to be written - Answering among other things how Dr Jekyll was involved in the famous Armagh train accident in Ireland on Jun 12, 1889.

And Book 3 is half outlined (to put part of Book 2 into a different context) and the rest mentally understood. For example, who knew that the famous London Savoy hotel which opened for the first time in August 1889 was actually a gateway to...

Book 4... no clue at the moment... though the idea of a cult of literary masochists now seems interesting... hhhmmmm... oh wait its been done by every high school literary class forced to read Jane Austin... the one where zombies do not make an appearance. Speaking of, I think my copy of Lincoln is flawed. Did I somehow miss the scenes where Daniel Day Lewis kills vampires with an axe?

Anyway that is my update. Plan to start annoying agents and publishers this summer and see if anything works out.

Best to you.

04 Aug 2013

Hey all - Want to thank some people here for some very kind reviews in the past two weeks. A young lady named Tina offered to help with editing which I truly appreciate. As I have said before when you self edit you read what you intended to say not always what you actually typed. Tina, if you want to discuss editing you can private message me through your account and we can discuss.

That said - I suspect many of you have seen that a compilation Dangerous Women is coming out in December and in it Jim does a Molly story. I am sort of waiting to see how his look and feel to see how close I got to getting her right. And Skin Game (Book 15) should be out after that - waiting on publishing date.

As for my own projects. I have my own series well underway. It's called Conflict of Ages. Book 1 is done and has been self edited three times. I got an excellent series of critiques on my writing by a young lady in Australia who basically said I sucked! lol. Okay it was not quite that harsh... More akin to I suck much of the time but there are some occasional elements of a story in my work. *This is all humor - she gave me some great pointers on my Molly stories that I adapted for my own work.*

Anyway as I was saying Book 1 is done and I have sent it to a series of Agents for consideration. Anyone considering doing this should be prepared for rejection on an epic scale. It is roughly comparable to asking out the entire high school varsity cheerleading squad to prom. Most agents are kind and say the generic 'I really wish you well as an author but I do not feel I am the right person to represent you.' That is cool. I do think I got one that said 'Sorry, I'd love to represent you but I...uuuhhh...will be washing my hair.' What made it worse is according to his picture that agent was a man... a bald man! My vast deductive reasoning skills leaves me a little suspicious.

On the bright side two agents did actually find my Query letter (Tell me why your story is cool in three lines.) interesting enough to request some of the book to review. Here is hoping. *Words of advice to those planning to follow this course - have thick skin and don't take it personal.*

Book 2 - A Ghost in the Machine is also complete and I am currently half way through my Australian-level edit *in honor of my benefactor.* (When I perform this I call it my 'machete cut' compared to a scalpel cut... if that gives you any ideas of what is Book 2 was neat to write because I changed the central character for this book, I made it Katarina Tesla - my cyborg/steampunk girl who is on the run for the murder of a priest (Father Gerard Manley Hopkins) who is actually killed by Jack the Ripper because he has uncovered a family secret. Jack the Ripper's father was the source for the story Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (Jack is a true to life historical person as is Dr. Jekyll's alter ego... there are about a dozen other historical personas and events all linked together in this story. It was weird how they all came together.) Like I said Book 2 is done except for the final edit.

Book 3 - The Wages of Sin - Is being written now and is again from the perspective of my outlaw turned monk Brother William. It takes place at first during Book 2 (events observed from the alternate perspective) and then proceeds on as the companion descend into a moder (okay 1890 modern) version of Dante's Inferno. Still writing but plan to be completed by new year.

All of this is a tease of course so I will offer here my opening for Book 1 - A Clockwork of Heroes and love to hear on private message (or in reviews) what you think of it:

Saturday, May 25, 1889

New York City


Is it bad luck to hide behind a tombstone?

I know there’s a superstition that claims a person should hold their breath when walking past a graveyard. That one always made me wonder just how long the average grave digger was expected to work without breathing. On the bright side it pretty much guaranteed funerals would be relatively short affairs.

But I digress into nonsense which is fairly common when someone or something is trying to kill me.

Let’s get back to the original question because at the moment the obelisk shaped tombstone is the only real protection I have. I’m using it and will deal with the bad luck later.

Not like I am even likely to notice if my luck gets any worse.

I have come to realize there is something inherently out of balance with my life. I mean sure when I was an outlaw on the run I more or less expected to be chased by the occasional posse or even the determined Pinkerton looking to collect the three thousand dollar reward on my head. It is the normal prospect of that lifestyle just like farmers are going to get dirty.

But look I gave that all up to restart my life as a monk.

Just think about that for a moment.

Is there any occupation less likely to warrant excitement that a monk?

Heck we even have vows of poverty, silence, and chastity to enhance how boring our lifestyle is!

So how is it I now find myself on the run from The Church, being pursued by a bounty hunter who can’t die, and nearly being cooked alive by something with penchants for thunderstorms?

Someone seriously needs to update the brochure about joining a monastery!

See I digressed again.

I think my lack of focus is related to all the fireworks exploding around me. I have to say the Chinese really know how to celebrate a funeral. I just wish I could enjoy it more. Of course, having to run into these explosions and flames to escape something even worse that is trying to kill me sort of puts a damper on the festivities. My goal was now trying to prevent this from becoming a double funeral.

I jumped up on the cart with the tombstone and crouched behind the cool stone to catch my breath. There was not a lot of room for me on the cart since it was also carrying a dozen or so crates but the stone obelisk was the only thing visible that seemed to me to have a chance of withstanding lightning.

Speaking of which…

I looked around the edge of the tombstone and caught sight of my stalker as his black eyes stared into me with nothing but pure hatred. I also noted the little sparks of electricity dancing back and forth between the tips of his pointed ears were growing brighter again.

I knew from hard earned experience that meant it was about to shoot more lightning at me. I ducked back behind cover.

Oh, I’m sorry that is probably confusing. For those of you who do not get out and about enough I was being chased by a rare evil being capable of shooting blasts of lightning.

It’s known as the dreaded Mesopotamian Electroweasel.

Maybe you have heard of it?


I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either or I would never have agreed to all of this.

Like I said earlier someone really needs to update the brochure on becoming a monk if this is a regular part of it.

Maybe I should start at the beginning about fourteen months ago.

Okay then. There is my August update.

Best to you all

Hey all - Happy Thanksgiving

Saw Jim Butcher at Faeriecon on November 8-9 and he said he still had 2 chapters left to write for the next book (Skin Game). I assume he has completed it by now, but with Beta-readers, editors, and publishers I would not expect anything before Spring of '14.

On the other hand he is just as down-to-earth as you'd expect if you have read his blogs. This is in the face of at least 6 fans who came dressed as Harry Dresden, and one groups that came as 5-6 of the major characters (Murphy looked GREAT!). No I was not part of either group. The only point he nearly lost it was when someone offered him Pepsi instead of Coke... though he seemed to like pumpkin flavored sodas that they had there locally. If you ever get a chance to meet him, do so.

Oh - he did mention he reads Fanfics on occasion - he considers his Spiderman book a Fanfic after all - and made serious jokes about weird crossovers... The one that stuck out in his mind was Harry Dresden and My Little Pony... yeah... there really are disturbed people out there...

For those who have asked both in reviews and private messages I did publish my own first book:

I will try to avoid the shameless promotions... and I will NOT be starting a fanfic area to these stories or do a Dresden Files crossover with my stories... Book 2 is done, going through heavy edit - I've learned from one of my Betas that the nation of Canada seems to have an exceptional love of commas. It will be online in 90 days. Book 3 is five chapters away from being completed and will be done by the end ofthis year for the simple satisfaction of saying I wrote 3 complete novels in a year. It should go online in 180 days. Books 4 and 5 are both conceptually understood and will be my projects for next year as I continue to aim for a 90-180 days publishing cycle.

Will I have another Molly book? Maybe/probably but it depends on canon. What Jim does to her next is pretty important.

I do have a short story for Molly I worked on for a bit. It might show up here around the first of the year if I finish it.

So... that's all for November.

Best to you all.

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