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So my name is John, people call me Johnny. I previously had a book as a profile description but after returning to this after two years I can firmly say that it was just all so outdated concerning my current state of being. None of it reflects me anymore.

Lets's see if I can get some organization for once. Previously on this profile, I had my whole life story (or at least my fanfiction life story) written here, but that started to feel cumbersome and pointless. A profile page should just give you a quick idea of what that person's about. So instead of all that, I'll try to create a more organized summary about my identity as a person and a writer.

I really like AUs, both stories I'm working on right now are that, and honestly now that I think about almost all of the stories I've ever written are that.

If any of you are curious about my profile pic, that is Charlie Prince, and he is the main antagonist of the Western 3:10 to Yuma, and one of my favorite characters of all time. I have a soft spot for the bad guy, and this dude is badass. I find him ruthless, yet also human, and that's what makes him such a good character.

Current Projects:

The Legend of the Raindodger A One piece fic. Kuina AU fic, and one I've been developing for a very, very long time. How long exactly? I found some messages in my inbox from 2011 that mention it when I was first considering it. Kuina's sad story always intrigued me, but I didn't think to write a fanfic until I saw an already existing Kuina fanfic. The author of said fanfic (who will not be named) and I had what I would call a complicated relationship on this site. I had and still do have my problems with them, as they do me, but despite that, their influence had a dramatic effect on my writing, and it is something I am ultimately very thankful for. Despite our initial hostilities and general disagreements, that person is the single most important individual not only to the creation of this story, but possibly the entirety of my writing style. I don't think that person's been on fanfiction for a while, for this was more than five years ago, but if you are out there and you end up reading this, I just want to say this again, because I've already said it once to you before. Thank you.

What's going to follow is just a summary of what to expect in the story, so if you don't want to know anything at all, I wouldn't read this. Anyway, the details of the story itself center around a rather cynical version of Kuina, who has managed to overcome her self doubt and her father's unsupportive views, but the experience has it's mark on her. She never truly forgave her father, and her motivations are largely to spite him, to prove him wrong. A forgotten swordsman wandering through town sees her talent, and presents her with an offer to become his pupil. She also harbors a lot of guilt for the way she left Zoro, for it was Jakon's idea to fake her death, so they would not be pursued, a decision she ultimately regrets, and wishes she was just honest and left. That's the background, which will be visited in more depth in the story.

The story starts with her joining the Whitebeard pirates and forming a relationship with it's crew, particularly a close comradeship with Ace, despite their initial hostilities. The plot will mostly consist of their various adventures together while roughly following the main story line as it plays out. Right now of course, it's still in the getting started stages.

The Hunters: (Formerly Losing Your Other Half)An AU Until Dawn fic, Beth survives. After a year and a half, I thought this fanfiction would fall into my collection of unfinished stories with a high potential, but against all odds, I have updated it. Mostly because I know where it's going, and I'm not just writing in circles like I used to do. Maybe I finally have learned my lesson. Maybe.

My Various Policies: Okay so as we all probably know, there's alot about Fanfiction.net and fanfiction in general that kinda sucks. Whether it's shitty fanfiction or shitty people writing fanfiction, or god forbid both, there's a lot of issues. Here I'm just gonna go over things that bother me the most. I'll be adding to this as I think of them.

Bad Summaries: Summaries are very important to the success of your writing, it gives the audience an idea of what to expect. One of the most important parts of being a writer is being able to pull a reader in, and to be honest, it's not even the lackluster summaries that bother me. It's that summaries that don't even try, and what that says about the author. I'm talking about summaries that go something "if you don't like don't read" or "sorry I'm really bad at summaries." By putting these types of messages on your summary, you're basically advertising your fragility and insecurity. If you have no confidence in your ability to write a summary, then your chances of writing a story of quality are pretty much zero. And if you're not good at writing summaries, fine, just try your best. But, you know, please. Fucking try. Any summary I see that says something along the lines of "It's better than it sounds" is getting skipped, because I know I'd just be wasting my time.

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