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So my name is John, people call me Johnny. I previously had a fucking book as a profile description but after returning to this after two years I can firmly say that it was just all so outdated concerning my current state of being. None of it reflects me anymore.

I'm not sure if I wrote my age somewhere else on this jumbled mess of a profile, but at the time of writing this I'm 22. This all started when I was 16, Christ that's a long time ago.

What's going to follow is the reflections of an experienced but mostly unsuccessful fanfiction writer. And warnings here, it's gonna get cynical.

Let me be brief here: Before recently, as of September 2015, I hadn't dabbled in fanfiction for 2 whole years. More original thoughts started coming, so my attention went to that instead. I never thought I'd come back, but here I am because obviously I can't a hint. Most of my stories only got moderate attention, and with the one I just posted recently it doesn't seem that's changed much. I like to think it's because many fanfiction writers come looking for cheap tropes and stories they've seen a thousand times with their favorite pairing, and while I do think this is true, it pains me to see a story I worked hard on get like 3 follows and a couple reviews when I see like 70 different people had seen it but didn't even want to follow it, let alone review it. I think I got one story that got a lot of attention in a short amount of time, like 9 reviews in a day, but unfortunately the story itself never went past the first chapter.

The sad fact I've realized about fanfiction for all people who may be new to it, and I've been around a while now, I first started in 2010, is that most people who read fanfiction don't really give a flying fuck if your story is written well or not. They just don't. As long as it's about their favorite pairing, or their favorite character, or whatever, it doesn't matter if the story is mediocre or even total crap, they will follow favorite and review. However, there are many stories where the writing is actually good and it gets load of attention, and it just makes me look at my own work and wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong. It still frustrates me, it frustrates me right now as I'm writing this.

In the past in fanfiction I was way too ambitious, starting up these potentially long as hell stories with no real direction or thought of ending. You could visit my stories I've written (If I haven't deleted them by the time you see this, I'm getting sick of looking at them so that may be the case) and you'll notice nearly all of them just stopped. My interest in the subject just faded over time, and with it my interest to write about it, and I made the same mistake again and again and again, and honestly I may still be doing it now. Even when you think things change, they generally don't change nearly as much as you think they do.

My first fanfiction on here was this god awful Uncharted fic I wrote back in 2010, that was five years ago, and I was 16 in tenth grade. I'm 21 now and I gotta say that feels like forever ago. It doesn't exist anymore, I deleted it a long time ago because I knew it sucked even then. Honestly I can't believe I actually finished it, I only had one reviewer who would like give a three word review every chapter and nothing useful, but that was enough for me to just keep blindly marching forth. And it was terrible. It was garbage. I basically tried to write an entire epic adventure like an entry from the series itself, and holy shit was I not up to the task. I have no idea what I was thinking going into that. So my advice regarding that, don't try to write super long stories if you're new to this, hell even if you're not, think twice about it. It never worked out for me that's for sure.

After that I had a Naruto/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover, which is also going way back, and I actually still think my idea was cool but I didn't have the patience or the chops to do it right, and that's also gone. It was about Sakyo trying to open up more portals to other worlds, and making an alliance with the Akatsuki to take over both. It was at least fun while it lasted.

I've got an Elder Scrolls story I haven't updated in over two years, and I actually starting writing down ways to continue it cause it still holds some interest to me, we'll see if that goes anywhere (probably not). I actually don't totally hate that story looking back at it now, although I could certainly do better now. I started rewriting some of the chapters but I just didn't care enough to continue. I had another Elder Scrolls story but I deleted that one so long ago because I quickly realized it had no plot. If you're wondering what that means, well it's exactly how it sounds. I finished like the fourth chapter and realized there was nowhere for it to go, and I had ended the previous chapter on a cliffhanger that I had no way of living up to. Once again I stress, don't be so ambitious, it will fuck you over.

Had a really short lived Fire Emblem fic that was doomed from the start, not much to say about that. Deleted it almost immediately.

There was this Fairy Tail fanfic about the revival and redemption of the Oracion Seis, although I never got to that second part, and it ended up happening in the show so it made the whole thing kind of pointless now. It's always weird when your fanfic ideas become canon. Still, I'm super glad the Oracion Seis are back.

Also I had a story about the anime Angel Beats which is still up, but I never finished it and most likely never will, because my interests now lie elsewhere. You can still check out what's there, I've been told it was a really cool idea, but unfortunately it leaves off where things would begin to get interesting.

The story that caused me the most pain and anguish on this site is undoubtedly this One Piece fanfiction that I was absolutely desperate to make work. After getting a highly critical review and acting like a defensive child about it, I nevertheless chose to push forward. When that story inevitably crashed into the dust it really sent me into a dark place creatively, but I emerged again. I now realize how valuable that person's review really was for me, even if it was brutal and crushing. I even went out of my way to apologize to that person months later much to her surprise. I reintroduced myself as if I had grown and changed this insane amount, but I really didn't, even though I thought I did, I didn't. She was one of those people who had a hugely successful fanfic that I was so jealous of. Actually I wasn't jealous of it, because I didn't read it, I was jealous of its success. I couldn't bring myself to read it because of that petty jealousy. I think I lied to her and said I read it and liked it just so she would review my story. That was pretty low, but it feels so stupid looking back I really don't care who knows anymore. It was literally five years ago now, and if she ever reads this she'll know it's her I'm talking about, and I doubt she'll care all that much about something from so long ago. I used that tactic a few times, looking for stories to read and review just to get them to read and review mine. That's when you know you're desperate. I think that story has like 430 reviews and so many followers they actually made fanart for it. That's insane, I can't even imagine that happening to me. Wonder what it'd be like if I talked to them now? Anyway, I tried to revive that one piece fic later with much better style and smoother writing, but I quickly realized the whole project couldn't be salvaged and wasn't worth wasting time on.

There's the Hellraisers, that didn't make it very far either before I realized I had no place for it to go, but that story helped inspire one of my most prominent original characters, so I just leave it up there. I actually still like the chapters I did write, but there's no reason in pursuing it when the main character is really just an inferior version of a much more interesting original one. That and I just don't find the Fallout universe very interesting to write in for some reason. It got boring quick. Maybe my opinion will change on that, but I definitely don't plan on doing any fanfiction for Fallout 4, except maybe on Cait.

Pretty close to the time around I left Fanfiction I published two stories about Sly Cooper, both involving Penelope because I was outraged at what the game series had done to her character. One of the two got the most immediate success I ever had, but there was nowhere for either of them to go. It was stupid of me to think I could keep myself interested in two stories virtually about the same thing, and one of them was just one of the dumbest ideas I've ever had. So they both got deleted, and I honestly don't have any interest in either of them anymore. I just plain out didn't like the new Sly Cooper, I thought it ruined a lot of great things, and I had tried to write them both in an effort to fix what it had screwed up, but it wasn't my responsibility to do that. I didn't care enough to write a fanfiction about a game I didn't even like.

Oh yeah I almost forgot I had this Fallout fanfiction about a female Legion spy. Had some pretty cool ideas that once again, never went anywhere. Actually still have interest in possibly revisiting that someday, but I doubt I ever will.

A lot of these stories don't even exist anymore, and the Elder Scrolls one was probably my best effort overall. Certainly lasted a pretty long time, despite not going all that far. The other ones you can still see are what I consider to be not bad but nevertheless futile efforts. The Illusion of Death was for Angel Beats, and I had so many ideas for this that just never came into being. It makes me sad because I had some pretty cool ideas that I still think would be cool, but there's really nothing left to go back to. That anime is history to me.

And that's really it, my history of longer stories in the world of fanfiction. All of them failed, with the best ones being the ones that failed the least. It's pretty depressing isn't it? Yeah it sucks, but with each failure you grow. Now I have original characters with my own world I've been developing for quite some time, and there's no way I would have that if I didn't come from this background.

So do I have any stories that I think succeeded? Yeah, all the shorter ones. I have two one shots about two characters in the Uncharted series from forever ago, and even after five years looking back on them I think they did what they needed to do. They were short one shots that didn't have the time to fizzle out. I did relatively interesting twists on their fates and ended them both with one chapter. They were never supposed to be anything more than that, so that's why they work I think. The other thing is another Uncharted thing but it's detailing multiplayer matches as if they were an actual story. It was basically an excuse to write cool badass action scenes, and that's what it did. I still go back and reread them every once in a blue moon and I like what I conjured up way back then. It was pointless, but fun. The sad part is it wasn't even my idea, I took it from someone else and made my own battles after I saw his.

Hopefully my new projects (If I do choose to do more after this Until Dawn thing which I actually have a chance at finishing) will be more successful than my onslaught of ambitious, creative ideas with shitty execution and planning. If you want to write a longer story, you can't just charge in without thinking it through. You'll end up nowhere.

But hey what do I know? I made the same mistake over and over and over, and even after realizing it I still made it. Maybe I've finally learned now, but honestly I'm not so sure.

If there's one thing I've learned from history is that people never learn from history. And with that paradox I think I'll bring this ramble to a close. I have no idea how many people (or anyone) will actually take the time to read this, but just know this was more of a form of venting for me than it was a desire to actually tell you about myself. Five years of mostly unexpressed bullshit and nonsense went into this little entry.

Update: 7/19/2016

Aaaaaaannnnnd I'm back again! It seems I just keep on crawling back even when I think I'm gone for good again. After my latest story on Until Dawn lost steam (which I should have seen coming, honestly, I didn't even really like it all that much) I once again thought that was it. But now I'm back again to take a shot at something I've been wanting to try for literally years, a fanfic idea that has been started and shot down a dozen times before it a rough draft was even published. I never found a good way to approach it, nor did I have the courage to try it, until now. It seemed like too much of an undertaking that I didn't want to screw up, but after years of insecurity about it, I've decided you can't succeed if you never try. So I'm finally taking a shot at a new project, "The Legend of the Raindodger," a fic that follows the adventures of Kuina if she had never died. As I said, I've been wanting to do a Kuina fic for as long as I can remember, so this is easily the fanfiction that will be the most important to me. Before I get carried away in discussing it, I want to make sure it actually goes anywhere at all first. If and when it gets attention I"ll explain and go into it more.

You know, I wonder if anyone actually remembers me. I've been here for six years almost, and I've written many a story, but I always felt I never left a particularly strong impression on any of the categories I made entries to. I wonder if anyone will see "The Legend of the Raindodger" and go, "Hey I remember that guy," back from the days of that terrible One Piece fic from freaking 2011 and 2012. I imagine most of them are probably gone by now though.

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