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Poll: Should I start a post-Last Sacrifice story? This will be a side project for when I want to take a break from I Love You, But I Don't Want to Marry You. I will be continuing that story, but this story will just be something fun to practice my writing on. Vote Now!
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1. When are you going to be updating your other stories? It's been forever!

Okay, I know you all are wondering when we are going to be updating the following stories: Guardian VS Novices: I Declare War! , VA Fan Mail , Vacationing Around The World , & Visiting Russia. Well, you see, everything has been crap for us lately, being in the first year of high school (can it get any harder?). So ALL the stories I have just listed are on HOLD. We decided that we would like to continue our newest story, I Love You, But I Don't Want To Marry You, until it eventually ends.

2. Can you give me the times you will be updating so I could check back on the story that day?

UPDATING TIMES: We will most likely be updating on Fridays, mostly because things aren't too hectic that day. We will try to update every week, but it is not guaranteed. I have put aside 30 minutes each day to work on the chapter, 45 minutes when Katerina is over, and 20 minutes when Victoria, Vanessa, and Katerina are all here. I will try to get the Friday deadline on time, but again, it is not for sure.

3. How long will the current story you are working on be?

Current Story: I Love You, But I Don't Want To Marry You -- I am planning for this story to be about thirty or forty chapters, depending on how the storyline goes along.

4. Can I get a spoiler alert for the next chapter of _(story name)_?

Of course! We haven't had any people asking for the summary of the next chapter, and if you would like a sneak peak, then just PM us with the following message, "Can you please send me a summary for the next chapter of _(story name)_?" Sometimes it will take us a while to send you back the response because we have not planned out the next chapter, but most likely we will be in the process of writing it. THIS ONLY APPLYS FOR THE CURRENT STORY WE ARE WRITING.

5. I've noticed you've been speaking in the form of one person in your A/Ns, using 'I' instead of 'we' most of the time. I thought there were four of you updating together?

Yes, there is four of us! There is Vanessa, Victoria, Katerina, and me, Camilla. Vanessa and Victoria go to a different high school then Katerina and I, so we can't get together as often as before. Usually it's just me updating, because high school is hell (if you know what I mean) alone. I, Camilla, am one in charge of this account (not to be superficial or anything), so it's mostly me writing up the chapters, so I will speak me general terms instead of using 'we'.


My VA Dream Cast:

Rose Hathaway - Danneel Harris

Dimitri Belikov - Andrei Andrei

Lissa Dragomir - Elisabeth Harnois

Adrian Ivashkov - Chace Crawford

Christian Ozera - Adam Gregory

Mia Rinaldi - Taylor Momsen

Natalie Dashkov - Sarah Bolger

Janine Hathaway - Julianna Moore

Alberta Petrov - Mariska Hargitay

Abe Mazur - Oded Fehr


I Love You, But I Don't Want To Marry You

Chapter 6

Rose's Banquet Dress

Chapter 8

Rose's Ring

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