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Welcome to my profile. I am using this page to add more information about my current, completed and upcoming fan-fictions.

Below you can read more detailed summaries of stories that I have already written or are in the process of being written, as well as ideas I have for new fan-fictions. At the bottom of this page you can find out what my current writing situation is like, as well as the newly added progress section where I give an idea of how close I am to uploading new chapters. When I'm trying to write I tend to update the progress bar quite frequently as it helps me to keep writing.

Multi-Chapter Stories:

An Embarrassing Situation: Prince of Persia (movie). After the events of the movie Tamina confronts Dastan about his knowledge of the dagger only to be caught by Garsiv leaving Dastan's bedroom... at night. Not only are none of her questions answered but she also has to deal with her reputation going up in flames. Completed, no sequel. 2010

Oblivious: Merlin (tv). AU version of Series 2 Episode 13 'The Last Dragonlord' where Gaius does not tell Merlin that Balinor is his father and the repercussions of that decision. Main story completed, bonus chapters incomplete.

Unexpected Correspondence: The Crimson Field (tv). Out of the blue, Kitty gets a letter from the daughter she hasn't seen in about a year. Her reply unfortunately ends up in somebody else's hands. Set after episode 6, includes KittyxThomas. Completed, Part 1 in 'Unexpected Occurrences Series'. 2014

Unexpected Revelations: The Crimson Field (tv). Ever since Miles saw Kitty and Thomas meet in the forest he has been upset that neither of them thought to confide in him, he cannot continue to ignore both of them though so he decides to confront each of them separately. Set after episode 6, mentions of KittyxThomas. Two-shot. Completed, standalone or Part 2 in 'Unexpected Occurrences Series'. 2014


A Different Ending: Prince of Persia (game). After the events of the game the Prince takes a moment to think and instead of bringing Elika back to life thereby restarting the end of the world, walks away to continue his life. Completed, no sequel. 2010

A Good Opportunity: Justice League. Response to a challenge. Involves lots of random events and objects. Batman has a bet with Wonder Woman, Superman goes mad etc. Completed, no sequel. 2011

The End: Camelot (tv). Set after Battle of Camlann (where both Arthur and Mordred die in the legends), Merlin and Morgan are the only ones left and they manage to move past their differences. Completed, companion piece is 'Cat and Mouse'. 2012

Cat and Mouse: Camelot (tv). Merlin's thoughts on Morgan in the episode 'Igraine' when he can see past her disguise and questions who is really toying with who. Partly inspired by Eva Green interview on Morgan and Merlin's relationship. Completed, companion piece is 'The End'. 2013

Temporary Separation: The Crimson Field (tv). Thomas finally gets the promotion and reassignment he had been waiting, so he has an important question to ask Kitty, but struggles to get a word in edgeways as she seems to do her best to make it as difficult as possible. Completed, standalone or Part 3 in 'Unexpected Occurrences Series'. 2014

Flora's Redundant Matchmaking: The Crimson Field (tv). Flora notices that after Thomas's departure to a casualty clearing station, Kitty is not being her usual self which makes Flora jump to the conclusion that Kitty is unaware that she is in love with Thomas. Cue Flora attempting to match-make a couple who are already together. Completed, standalone or Part 4 in 'Unexpected Occurrences Series'. 2014

Coming Soon...ish:

Untitled Multi-Chapter: The Crimson Field (tv). Semi-sequel to 'Unexpected Correspondence' (can be read both separately and together). After the war, Kitty and Thomas still have a lot to learn about each other. As they make their way to the altar they have to deal with each other's families as well as people from the past and learn how to compromise as they start to understand how different their upbringings were. Part 5 in 'Unexpected Occurrences Series'.

Update: August 26th 2014

So I've done two one-shots recently, one I didn't really plan for, but now that I have finished those and I currently don't have anymore one-shot ideas at the moment I'm going to continue working on my untitled multi-chapter 'The Crimson Field' fan-fiction.

Progress: August 26th

Untitled Chapter 1: Not done much writing today, mostly been working on my plan for the entire fic. I have a fairly solid plan for the beginning but I'm still very shaky on the plot for the rest of the fic, I have lots of plans for scenes but not contexts or furthering of plot.

Oblivious- Bonus #2: Plan outline done, currently working on more detailed plan before starting work on writing. Upload date unknown.

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