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Author has written 6 stories for Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia, Justice League, Camelot, and Merlin.

Multi-Chapter Stories:

An Embarrassing Situation: Prince Of Persia movie. After the events of the movie Tamina confronts Dastan about his knowledge of the dagger only to be caught by Garsiv leaving Dastan's bedroom... at night. Not only are none of her questions answered but she also has to deal with her reputation going up in flames. Completed, no sequel. 2010.

Oblivious: Merlin TV. AU version of Series 2 Episode 13 'The Last Dragonlord' where Gaius does not tell Merlin that Balinor is his father and the repercussions of that decision. Incomplete.


A Different Ending: Prince of Persia game. After the events of the game the Prince takes a moment to think and instead of bringing Elika back to life thereby restarting the end of the world, walks away to continue his life. Completed, no sequel. 2010.

A Good Opportunity: Justice League. Response to a challenge. Involves lots of random events and objects. Batman has a bet with Wonder Woman, Superman goes mad etc. Completed, no sequel. 2011

The End: Camelot (tv). Set after Battle of Camlann (where both Arthur and Mordred die in the legends), Merlin and Morgan are the only ones left and they manage to move past their differences. Completed, no sequel. 2012

Cat and Mouse: Camelot (tv). Merlin's thoughts on Morgan in the episode 'Igraine' when he can see past her disguise and questions who is really toying with who, could be read alongside 'The End' or seperately. Completed. 2013

Coming Soon...ish:

Professor Drakon: A Harry Potter fanfiction, set in fifth year (Order of the Phoenix) onwards about a new DADA teacher and how he changes the events of Harry Potter. Not too sure if this one will actually be posted, I'm not the most organised of people. Not very far in right now, but the chapters should be significantly longer than my other multichapter (An Embarrassing Situation). No idea when this will be finished. Should be in three books mirroring the events in the canon 'Harry Potter' but with significant differences, and by the time we reach 'Deathly Hallows', well the book isn't even consulted.

Untitled: A Star Trek Into Darkness one-shot, set before the film takes place, it will be pretty AU and should be up soon. May consider making it a two shot.

Update: November 2013

So I'm at university now (all that abandoning and working instead of writing paid off) and finally seem to have some time to myself. Fanfiction bug just bit and I'm working on a one-shot for a fandom I have become newly interested in. Once I'm done with that I should hopefully finish off my bonus content for 'Oblivious'.

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"Did she really think she had him fooled?" Merlin's thoughts on Morgan as she continues to try to trick him. Takes place during the episode "Igraine".
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