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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Kingdom Hearts.

Name: Unknown

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, it leaves my options open ;)

Like: Anime, Fanfiction, Books, Video Games, in short I like a lot of things

Dislike: Anything unhealthy like drugs, cigarettes and fast food

Favourite thing to write or read: I love writting and reading crossovers, especially with Naruto in them, it makes the stories more creative.

Favourite pairings to read or write: My favourite pairings are yaoi crossovers between Naruto and any dominant male out there, though I also don't mind reading het or yuri. However, I can't stand Harem pairings, its too unrealistic and it insults women, unless its a girl or uke with a male harem, then I don't mind.

Rise of the Chained Souls

Naruto's Abilities

Will Manipulation: Because of the fact he is the container for all Akutamas, he can sense, control and create wills. Meaning he can feel the conviction of others, like he did with the demon brothers. He can also control them, either temporarily or permanently (by turning them into either Akutama or Rensa no Tamashi). This power takes the form of a dark aura, similar to the various manifestations of darkness in the Kingdom Hearts games, meaning it is like energy manipulation.

Chi Ninjutsu (Blood Manipulation): Naruto's primary form of battling he developed with Minato, Fugaku and Shisui. At the moment, he can manipulate his blood when it is outside his body. So, he has to either use the blood from his wounds or by cutting himself to make himself bleed. (No this does not mean he is a cutter. There are numerous stories, anime, books and comic books that employ this method of fighting, too.)

Genjutsu: During his training with Kurenai, he will develop some interesting illusory abilities that tie in with his blood manipulation.

Through the Wishing Well

Naruto's Abilities

Medical Training: Training since the age of 4 with Kabuto, Naruto developed a high proficiency in healing abilities and can perform minor to major surgeries. He also has great knowledge in anatomy. I wanted Naruto to be a medical expert because Inuyasha's world is filled with various demons with different physiologies. Besides, I wanted a Naruto who was smart and could butt heads with others intellectually, especially Inuyasha who isn't the smartest person.

Poison Expert: With his medical training comes a knowledge in poisons. Like in the first chapter, Naruto has knowledge of various poisons that he will use throughout the series.

Celestial Dragon Ninja

Naruto's Abilities:

Celestial Spirit Summoning: Naruto can summon any of the celestial spirit. Also, because of his ability to recharge himself by 'eating' air, he has an almost unlimited ability to summon them. In total, he can summon up to three different spirits at once without hurting himself.

Sky Dragon Slayer: Naruto is trained in the Dragon Slayer Lost Magic and can manipulate wind for his own purposes. Because of this, he also has increased sense and the power to purify poisons and viruses, heal any injury and ailments, and increase the physical abilities of his allies.

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rewriting story will put up new when FULLY revised cause it sucks
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