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I am Moon Glows/that annoying brat/the bitch who curses too much, was formerly known as Skiltz but I changed it just 'cause I can.

You can call me any of the above.

I like writing stuff. Chocolate. Gaming. Reading. Listening music. Going out. My cat. My friends. My family. Naruto. Bleach. Death Note. Claymore. Hanging out. Being batshit insane. Having intelligent debates. Hardcore Rap. Rock. Sometimes mainstream music. Humor. Parody. Romance. Fantasy. Psychological Thrillers. Adventure. Drama. Tragedy. Watching reality-tv just to laugh at everyone's misery. Laugh at awkward/disgusting/bloody moments on tv because it's funny as hell. Funny people. Friendly people. People who are like me. Hot, tall guys. Guys that aren't afraid of me because of my attitude. Shounen-ai. Pissing other people off.

I don't like school. Working. Stupid people. Ignorant people. Annoying people. Idiots. Liars. Shallow, stuck-up, superficial bitches. Yaoi. Twilight. Justin Bieber's music. Justin Bieber's annoying followers. Lady GaGa. Dogs. People who try to shove their religion down my throat. Most of the authority figures. People who insult you when you win an argument. Rules. Smokers who became smokers because they thought it was cool. Assholes. Assfaces. Asshats. Know-it-alls. Jesus-freaks. Arrogant pricks. People who won't shut up during a movie. People who won't shut up when I'm listening music. People who just won't shut up. Posers. Hypocrites. Sexists. Racists. Overly energetic children. Overly talkative children. People who think being 'emo' or gothic' or 'scene' or 'punk' or 'rock' or just categorizing yourself is cool. Conspiracy theorist who believe that the Illuminati are going to take over the world in 2012. 2012 lunatics. Forgetting things I don't like.

So that pretty much sums up who I am =)


Currently Working On:

The New Brats: I felt like writing a next gen Naruto fic. Check the summary if you wanna know more. My other stories are discontinued as of now, can't bring myself to write them anymore. They're just... meh. Boring stories, you know? I actually have a plot for this current one, now if I could only get rid of that writer's block... *sigh*


Awesome/Lulzy Anime/Manga I have watched/read. Beware, contains spoilers.

-Bleach: Manga spoilers. Well, that was... lame. Really, REALLY lame. What a boring chapter. Okay, what? WHO IS THIS GUY? Wannabe badass Arrancar douchebag, GTFO and give me my Grimmjow back, dammit! LOL, Ichigo FTW. You show that dickhead who's boss!

-Naruto Shippuden: Manga spoilers. Oh god. The Five Kage are getting their asses handed to them. Seriously. Madara is just pwning, and- WTF IS THAT?! WHY IS HASHIRAMA'S FACE ON HIS CHEST?! This is even creepier than Deidara's hand-mouths and Danzo's eyes-arm... Ugh. Oh well. Can't get any weirder than this, can it?

-Death Note: Completed. Epic. Most people hate the second season but I loved it. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Light lose his damn mind near the end. It's really something else, and for me it was a nice break from all the mindless anime where the men are constant macho, loud-mouthed, obnoxious homophobes and the women are fucking useless. God, I really did hate Misa. Is there anyone who even likes Misa's personality? I think she's gorgeous, but also irritating to the point where I want to push her into a flaming pit of doom. Okay, that was stupid, ignore that.

-Claymore: Completed. Epic. You can't help but love the massacres. Especially that of Rigardo. Goddamn, one of the best mass-murder scenes I've ever seen. But I did feel sorry for the girls. Plus, I'm a huge Teresa fangirl, and I love Claire. I loved watching her grow stronger and develop throughout the story, and I was so sad when the anime ended. Well, at least there's still the manga.

-12 Kingdoms: Completed. Realistic portrayal of what would happen if any other normal teenager was taken to a magical world where people treat her like shit. People complain that she cried too much, but let's be real, YOU would have the same breakdown. She matures a great deal throughout the story and I can honestly say this anime is SEVERELY underrated.

-Fruits Basket: Completed. Just cute. I don't know, it annoyed me at times but overall it was a nice anime to waste my time with. It's not important enough to rant over, but not insignificant enough to leave out, either. I dunno.

-Togainu no Chi: Completed. It's basically a pretty nice storyline, even though it's classified as shounen-ai/yaoi, WORRY NOT! It doesn't have any of that in it. In the anime, at least. I didn't really read the manga but I'm guessing it's the same from what my friend told me. You should definitely check this one out. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME. THE GAME IS SICK AND WILL SCAR YOU FOR LIFE. God, sometimes the anime is completely ridiculous, and the end left me unsatisfied as well.

-Kyo Kara Maoh!: Completed. Another good anime to waste your time with. It has a pretty good storyline, though that little bitch Wolfram gets on my nerves from time to time. Honestly, I don't get why so many fans like him. Uh, it was a while since I've watched this, so I can't really remember anything else.

-Elfen Lied: Completed. It's a classic one, so yeah, if you're a true anime fan this is a must see. I don't know, though. It didn't really get to me, so I'm not gonna bother ranting about it.

-Elemental Gelade: Got boring, stopped watching after seven episodes. Romantic, adventure packed, the main character is very likable and just a sweet thing to watch. BUT, not memorable. At all. I mean, I already forgot that chick's name! No, not impressive at all. More something to watch when there's a storm outside and you're stuck at home.

-Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler: Completed. Who DOESN'T want a kick-ass butler that can do ANYTHING? It's just pure epicness. How can anyone NOT like Sebastian? Seriously. I've gotten a little tired now, I'm not gonna bother ranting.

-Sukisho: Completed. LOL. I LOVE the implications at the beginning of each episode. Yeah, this is a shounen-ai type of anime/manga so don't watch/read it if you're not into that stuff. It's been at least two years since I've watched this, so I can't remember much else.

-Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora/Shattered Angels: Completed. The ending was so sad. It's hard to like the main character at first because she's such a ditz, but she grows on you. This is actually the only anime where I prefer the English version, just because it makes Kuu more likable. Though... the ending of the anime was kind of... I don't know, it just made Kyoshiro seem like a pedophile. I mean seriously, when Kuu finally grows up, how old is Kyoshiro going to be? Thirty? Forty?

-Moribito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit: In progress of watching. HOLY SHIT BALSA KICKS ASS. I just started this anime, with the lead character being an awesome female spear-warrior/bodyguard, who is appointed to protect a prince from his own father's assassins. So far, I'm infatuated with it. This is a must see.


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