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The names Danni Diamond and I’m here to explore your mind's! Well I’m actually here to read fan fiction, review some, and maybe even make friends… *shoulder shrug* Details, who needs them anyway? I love to read write sing draw and procrastinate from my school work.

How tha’ girl gets anythin’ done amazes me…”

And that smart mouth is my OC Roxanne. She tends to give imput into whatever I do, she also shows up in a lot of my work as the main or supporting character. Sometimes she can be hard to understand.. She likes to change her accent depending on how she feels. I think today shes in her “Missouri-girl” mood. Most of the time she throws in some French but only if I start to bore her. Also she’s one of the “voices” in my hypothetical writer head. I’m not insane I promise.

“Not nice to tell lies darlin‘”

My fan fiction addiction is X-Men. Romy (aka Rogue/Remy) is my favorite. Rogue/Wolverine pairing’s give me the creeps, Rogue/Bobby is a disaster in the making (in my eyes), and Rogue/Magneto doesn't make sense to me. I love anything that has to do with the true fey/faerie tales. The Wicked Lovely series will always be a personal favorite. But at heart I will always be a Potter-fanatic! I grew up reading the Harry Potter books and dreaming of receiving my Hogwarts letter. I’m a Ravenclaw through and through!

“She‘s a nerd is what she‘s trying to say. That and she‘s basically in love with Luna Lovegood. I think she has a thing for Hermione too! She likes the nerdy ones.”

….Thanks Roxie. Remind me to write something where you’re preppy. And wear pink. A lot.

“Jeez sweets didn’ mean to crumple ya textbooks…”

So that’s about all that I’ve got to tell you! If anyone out there is writing a Romy piece and needs a Beta I’m pretty much open and happy to assist! I’ll throw some of my stuff on here whenever I get the chance to type some!

So since I have a moment to spare I figure that I should add a couple more details about myself!

This coming school year (11-12) Im going to be a senior in high school and Im very excited! When I go off to college I am going to be taking classes to become an artist or an art teacher. I'd also love to get a minor in psychology and civil liberties. I identify as bisexual, meaning Im enough of a person to love men and women equally. I dont tolerate homophobia, racism, classism, sterotypes and so on because those are the things that keep humans from getting along. I am both a dog person and a cat person but I dont see myself owning any when I am older. I dont care for kids and dont believe in marriage. I see love, moreso, as a theory then an actuality. My favorite color is scarlet and my favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I dont really watch tv that much but I do have a few favorite shows: Anythin' involin the X-Men series, Doctor Who, Bones, Ellen Degeneres Show, and Sex and the City.

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