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Quote Tim Drake here: Quit Fondling My Nipples and Listen!

I'm RavingNarniac, or just 'Raving', since I enjoy more than just Narnia. I adore writing, and well, I spend way to much time on this site then I should :D

Where can you find me wondering around on this site?:

My Fav Books:

Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Percy Jackson/The Heros, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Maze Runner

My Fav Movies:

Narnia, Lord of the Rings The Hobbit, Batman:Under the Red Hood, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Maze Runner, for some but I have to many to list and you would grow bored:D

My Fav TV Shows:

Merlin, Sherlock, Young Justice :( , Arrow, Supernatural, Flash, Gotham, and Teen Wolf

Currently Working On:

The Cry of Murder, a Merlin trilogy, I'm trying this on again

Sacrifices, My Young Justice Book (Working on Sequel)

The Impossible Journey, a Batman Humor Adventure

A Death Cure (Maze Runner) Story for Newt

My Novels, (Which is not a fanfic :-)
If you want to hear about them, send me a IM, I'd love to share some with you!

If you see somethng on that list that has disappeared, my computer crashed a month ago and took all my docs with it...I'm working on rebuilding it!

"Well narnia and balmier don't ryhme, to begin with," said Lucy
"It's an assonance," said Eustace
"Don't ask him what an assy-thingummy is," said Edmund. "He's only longing to be asked. Say nothing and perhaps he'll go away"

You own two sets of the whole series, because the first one is too special to touch (Yes, that's me:-)
2. You have a quote for every character in the series (Almost There!)
3. You can recite the first few paragraphs of one of the books or more (Voyage of the Dawn Treader for me:-)
4. You own the movies
5. You put at least one of them on your Ipod.
6. The soundtracks are on your Ipod
7. You own two copies of one of the movies or more, because they have different covers and bonus features
8. You cry every time you read the end, because you think it's so dramatic
9. You begged you local Theater to give you the posters of the movies
10. You own the Banner announcing Prince Caspian and/or Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe
11. You know what "Farther Up, Farther In" Means
12. You've mesmerized every line in more than 10 scenes from either movie.
13. You know at least three Narnia blogs and can name them, and follow them
14. You constantly write random Powerpoints, Word docs ect. based on Narnia
15. You've been told be at least two of your friends your obsessed, and admits it
16. You celerbrate March 21st, which is Narnia Day (Not Kidding!)
17. When your teacher asks you to write a book report, you do it on Narnia
18. Your teacher has to ask you to read something else
19. Your teacher flips out to see you reading all seven books into one, Thinking it's to advanced
20. Your Teacher askes you to review something, of course, you did it on Narnia (All these Teacher things happened to me :-)
21. You constently check wardrobes for Narnia
22. You know the above is impossible, because you can only get into Narnia when your not looking for it. But do it anway.
23. When you see the trailers you have a fit, Thinking it's so awesome!
24. You enjoy reading fun facts about Narnia
25. You can point out mistakes in the movies, but yell at people when they say it proves the movie sucks
26. You constentaly bother your friends to read them
27. You know that "Aslan" in Turkish means Lion, "Jadis" means Witch, and "Tash" means Stone
28. You want to go visit Narni, a town in Italy, that C.S. Lewis may have based Narnia after.
29. You paste this somewhere else
30. You laugh and nod, agreeing with most of these
31. Your extremly caustious with Yellow rings
32. You know what Turkish Delight is
33. In your head you've made up a story with you in Narnia in somepoint of your life
34. You've asked for a cat, to name him Aslan
35. You've asked to put a lampost in your yard (That was a fun conversation with my parents:-)
36. You talk to animals, expecting them to talk back
38. You cry when you see train accendents in the news, and wish you were there, to see if they go to Aslan's country
39. You want to buy a picture of a ship with purple sails, to hang on your wall
40. You perk up when your teacher talks 1900's England
41. Parctically fall out of your seat when your pastor brings up C.S. Lewis in your church (Yep, AND I was sketching Tumnus holding an umbrella under a lampost, creepy huh?)
42. Your reading this so intently, you didn't realize I skipped number 37 :-)
43. You start calling Santa "Father Christmas"
44. You see statues, wishing Aslan would come and set them free
45 People look at you funny when you use phrases like "By Jove"
46 You give lectures to your friends about C.S.Lewis and Narnia (Oh yeah, my friend asked me if I stalked him, which I had to tell her he's dead)
47. You talk aloud when you read Narnia, yelling at Rabadash and such
48. You can name off actors and actressess in the movies like it's no big deal
49. When the snow is melting, you shout out "The Witch's rule is ending!" And your friends are embarressed by the looks people give you.
50. You plan on going to Voyage of the Dawn Treader, midnight showing, dressed up
51. (To make up for 37:-) You try to follow red birds, while calling your friends who don't follow "Beastly Edmund's" (I have no offense against Edmund, he's my fav. character:-)

Most of the above has happened to me, LOL. Though the one thing I want to do the most is taste Turkish Delight...

Merlin's Vocabulary To Use Only For Arthur:

-Clot Pole
-Cabbage Head
-Over Bearing

"Do you thing I sit around doing nothing? I havn't had the chance to sit around doing nothing since the day I arrived in Camelot! I'm to busy running around after Arthur! 'Do this Merlin' 'Do that Merlin'. And when I'm not running around after Arthur I'm doing chores for you, and when I'm not doing that I'm fulfilling my DESTINY! Do you know how many times I have saved Arthur's LIFE? I've lost count, but do I get any thanks? No, I've fought Griffons, Witches ah...Bandits! I've been punched, poisioned, pelted with fruit, and all the while I have to hide who I really am, because if anyone finds out, UTHER will have me executed. Sometimes, I feel I'm being pulled in so many directions at once, I DO KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN!"

-Merlin Season 2 Ep. 2

(Slams down on table that Arthur is sitting at asleep, his face in his dinner)
(Arthur jerks awake)

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you,"
"You didn't scare me, I was asleep,"

Grins idiotically*

"Why do you got that stupid smile on your face?"
"It's nothing, why were you sleeping with your head on the table?"


"Fell asleep while I was reading,"
"What were you reading?"

looks for missing book*

Arthur pauses again*

"I am the king of Camelot, I do not have to answer to the likes of you,"
"Well, your in a good mood. You obviously got up on the wrong side of the table," *bursts into laughter, and realizes Arthur isn't* "Wrong side of the bed but you slept on the table," *Continues to laugh*
"That's extremly clever and funny Merlin, there really are not limits to your wit. Now will you please just get me some breakfast?"

(Arthur moves his dinner aside, and looks at his reflection in an empty dish in confusion for a moment, then understands seeing his face covered with stew...)


-Merlin Season 4 ep. 10

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The Impossible Journey reviews
Note: Damian blames Drake. When Dick takes the opportunity of Tim sorting his passed Father's belongings to make brother bonding time; he didn't realize that this particular bonding time would lead them on an disastrous journey. One that will push their talents and threaten their lives at every turn. And... Well, Jason just wanted his second death to be a little more dignified.
Batman - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 21,030 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 80 - Updated: 5/24/2016 - Published: 7/15/2015 - Jason T./Red Hood, Richard G./Nightwing, Timothy D./Red Robin, Damian W./Robin
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