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I'm going to start labeling all of my stories that share the same multiverse with a PJ (for PortalJumper) tag, and I'll list them from now on as they occur in order in case anyone gets confused

All stories that are in the same set of brackets are in a time block, which essentially means they all occurred at the same time chronologically in the PJ Origins timeline

Given the number of stories that are connected to PJ Origins, many of them do happen in certain orders, which is why reading the stories at random and out of order could prove confusing to readers interested in the Multiverse (but also might be inevitable depending on the order I actually write them o.0)

Check my bio every once and a while to see any changes or edits or additions I might make, all of this stuff changes every now and then as I brainstorm







(#1) 5PUTN1K -(40%) (XCOM)

(#2) Cars, Mars, Glass Shards -Planned (XCOM)

(#3) Zealot(s)layer -Planned (HALO)

(#4) By Her Blade -Planned (HALO) (#4) Mombasa's Sunset -Planned (HALO) (#4) Triple-D-Deathclaw -Planned (FALLOUT)

(#5) Punkjob -Planned (ODDWORLD) (#5) Hive-34 -Planned (ALIENS VS PREDATOR)

(#6) Screams of Chechenwaldr -COMPLETE (WH40K) (#6) Badblood Baeger -Planned (STAR WARS)

(#7) Fury(s)layer -(2%) (HTTYD)

(#8) Locked in Dark Towers -COMPLETE (LEGEND OF SPYRO)

(#9) Frostbite -COMPLETE (LEGEND OF SPYRO) - (#9) Send N00des Plz -COMPLETE (SCP MYTHOS) (#9) Fist through Bone -(1%) (WH40K)

(#9) Tigerwing: Bronze Horizon -Planned (ACE COMBAT)

(#10) Beneath the Gray -COMPLETE (S.T.A.L.K.E.R) (#10) Tigerwing: Black Heart -Planned (ACE COMBAT)

(#11) Shitfoot -Planned (JAK AND DAXTER) (#12) Shutters -Planned (SCP MYTHOS)

(#13) Dragon(s)layer -(80%) (LEGEND OF SPYRO)

(#14) Guardian(s)layer -Planned (LEGEND OF SPYRO)

(#15) Demon(s)layer -Planned (DOOM)

(#16) Daedra(s)layer -Planned (ELDER SCROLLS)

(#17) My Sweet Thuri -(45%) (ELDER SCROLLS)

(#18) Dovah(s)layer -Planned (ELDER SCROLLS)

(#19) Rider of Dragons -Planned (INHERITANCE CYCLE)






Foundation Earth (Solar System) - SCP MYTHOS

Strangerealverse (Solar System) - ACE COMBAT

Berkverse (Realm) - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON

Stalker Earth (Solar System) - S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Star Wars Galaxy (Galaxy) - STAR WARS

Kaijuverse (Star Cluster) - GODZILLA

Oddverse (Solar System) - ODDWORLD

40,000 Galaxy (Joint Galaxy/Realm Network) - WARHAMMER 40K

Halo Galaxy (Galaxy) - HALO

XCOM Earth (Star Cluster) - XCOM

The Dragon Realms (Realm/Realm Network {debated}) - LEGEND OF SPYRO

Reignitedverse (Realm Network) -ORIGINAL SPYRO SERIES

UAC Earth (Joint Solar System/Realm Network) - DOOM

Mass Effect Galaxy (Galaxy) - MASS EFFECT

Elder Scrollverse (Realm Network) - ELDER SCROLLS

Alagaesiaverse (Realm) - INHERITANCE CYCLE

Marvelverse (Joint Galaxy/Realm Network) - MARVEL

DCverse (Joint Galaxy/Realm Network) - DC

Precursorverse (Solar System) - JAK AND DAXTER

Bionicleverse (Solar System) - BIONICLE

Nuka-Earth (Solar System) - FALLOUT

Middle Earth (Realm) - LORD OF THE RINGS

Warhammerverse (Realm Network) - WARHAMMER FANTASY

Mesa Earth (Joint Solar System/Realm Network) - HALF-LIFE






Solar System: This reality's limits extend to a full solar system, with one or more planets and/or Jovians orbiting a single, binary, or trinary star/s. Inhabitants of these realms might believe that they exist in a Galaxy or Realm Network, but this information could ultimately be false. Jak and Daxter is an example of a Solar System, where the inhabitants falsely believe that there are more constellations around them.

Realm Network: This reality is not comprised of any number of planets or planetoids, and is instead a series of pocketed realm realities that coexist in the same immaterial plane, but also exist on separate physical ones. Oblivion in the Elder Scrolls series is an example of a Realm Network.

Realm: This reality is a single plane pocketed in its own immaterial existence, which essentially means its limits are defined by space-time, not physical barriers, though this space-time may appear in the form of physical barriers to natives and off-world witnesses (i.e., mountains, endless seas, etc.) Middle Earth is an example of a Realm. It is not a planet, and it cannot be orbited, as its reality is limited to a horizontal and vertical existence. Realms CAN have moons despite not being planets.

Galaxy: This reality is made of a massive single galaxy, though inhabitants in the realm might falsely believe that they are surrounded by other galaxies. Galaxies are as they sound: a single spiral, cluster, or any other subsect of galactic container populated with any number of stars and subsequent worlds. The Star Wars Galaxy is an example of this type of reality.

Star Cluster: This reality is comprised of a disorganized bundle of stars that do not exist in any galactic formation, i.e.: it is a batch of solar systems that free-float as a group in a space-void without any galaxies or one of their own. Again, native inhabitants might falsely believe that other galaxies exist around them, and/or that they themselves are in a galaxy. The XCOM version of Earth's Solar System exists in a Star Cluster.

Joint: Realities that have contents that consist of multiple types of classifications are listed as 'Jointed Realms' by the Portaljumper. An example of this would be the Elder Scrolls, where Nurn is a planet that exists in its own solar system with other planetoids, but also exists in the same immaterial plane as the Realms of Oblivion and the Domains of the Aedra, which are not planets, but Realm Networks of several individual realms. Thus, it is possible for any reality to be jointed in any way, though these existences are quite rare in the Multiverse.






Older Work:

Lower quality stuff I wrote when I was still learning the basics of writing, results may vary


Energy Dump Story:

I used to call these MUSH-FLUFF stories, but I like this name better.





I don't do this purely because it wouldn't exactly be correct. They are crossovers, most of them, but the Portaljumper stories combine elements from hundreds of different franchises, so easily, I could write a story taking place in 40k, but there might be characters from three other games, two movies and a book that are there as well, and Fanfiction only allows you to list TWO things in a crossover option, which doesn't work here. Stories will always be put in the section of the universe the characters will spend the most time in, so if a story takes place over the course of a month, and the characters spend 22 days in HALO and only 8 in BIONICLE, the story will go in the HALO section.



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