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Basic Info

Real name: Cristiana (Kris for short)

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: Nunya O_O

Orientation (Sexuality) : Straight

Political Views: Democratic

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing guitar, writing music, drawing, dancing, and shopping.

Interests: Wrestling, fashion (particularly gothic), action movies, UFC, sports, comedies, shopping, online chatting, guys, foreign accents, haunted houses, scary stuff, et cetera, et cetera.

Music: Rock, metal, punk rock, hip-hop, pop, electric, dance hall, and absolutely NO TAYLOR SWIFT, JUSTIN BEIBER, OR MYLEY CYRUS!!!

Stuff About Me: I call myself Abstract Art because...well, that's exactly what I am. I'm not the best of drawers...I don't meant that type of abstract art. But I have an abstract and creative mind. Often times I don't let it show too much because I don't really like to be judged. But when I get around others who are just as abstract as I am, there's no stopping me. I might be insane. Some people wouldn't hesitate to say I am. Others would be too afraid to say it. Why? Because I'd put boots to asses before they can say the "in" in "insane". I enjoy dark stuff. Yeah, I'm a bit gothic. Don't know where it came from exactly, but I remember a time when I was never interested in that stuff. Then this game called life turned on me and some shit started going down in my life. I'd rather not get into all that...pretty sure no one cares, but that's why I embraced the darker side of life. Well really...it just kinda took me. But that doesn't matter. My ultimate goal in life used to be to become the most famous book author/ novelist whatever in the history of the country. But obviously J.K. Rowling and Stephany Meyer stole my damn dream. I honestly love J.K. Rowling because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I almost stole a Hogwarts uniform tie from hot topic! But anyway...Stephany Meyer could've done better. The books suck...and the movies are even worse. I mean seriously...what kind of vampire TURNS TO DIAMONDS IN THE FUCKING SUNLIGHT?!?!!?

Favorite Things to do When I'm Bored: Back in the day when I had absolutely no heart for people, I would sit with some friends and just make fun of everyone walking by. Sometimes it doesn't end in all laughs...but hey...I was young and stupid. Still young...just not stupid. Nowadays I love to just write my heart out. Most of my work doesn't appear on fanfiction because I actually want to publish them and put them on shelves. Plus...I don't always like what I write so...yeah! Anyway...I love videogames. Call me a nerd or whatever...but I don't play those crazy medieval build-a-city piece of shit games. I love the bloody gorey violent ones! Like God of War. Kratos is my second husband other than Myles Kennedy from my favorite band, Alter Bridge. You people seriously need to listen to them if you don't already. But only if that's your taste of music. Anyway, games like Bioshock, Dead Space, and Fallout really appeal to me. I just got into the free world thing and I enjoy MMORPGs as well. Making friends on line and then killing shit is fun. Don't judge me. I can be a little lover of violence at times. When I'm not being creepy and weird I can be a social butterfly. I like making friends...love me or hate me I DONT GIVE TWO FLYING FUCKS! I especially befriend people who love metal, thrashing, tattooes, piercings, and sitting in dark rooms to think about life. No...I don't mean depressed suicidal wrist cutting emos. I respect them and all...but I don't exactly fit in with them, ya know? Goths are fucking suicidal all the time! We can be happy too. Just not all preppy and shit. That's gross. No offense to preppies. Anywho, with that being said, I love talking on the phone with friends if I'm not hanging out with them at the mall or the skate park or somewhere exciting. Did I mention that I love shopping? I just feel like a celebrity when I walk around the mall with bags of clothes swinging off my arms. It's uplifting. On weekends...I sometimes just chill and read a book or write. I don't hop on fanfiction as much because I'm not as addicted as others but I do love it to death. I'm not the best writer but I'm gettin' there. Sheesh people...

So yeah...that's pretty much Abstract Art for ya!

My Goals In Life: How the hell can you live without goals in life? I mean really...there are way too many dropouts and shit littering the streets with their gangs of life failures and drug dealers to actually sit and tell yourself "I don't have or want any goals in life." Come on...slap yourself a couple of times and maybe you'll get some goals then. Anyway...as the typical American would say, I want to be rich. Maybe not famous. But rich. Then again, I'm a good actress and I hope to pursue a career in it someday. But first I wanna be a psychiatrist. I like helping people with their life shit and I'm pretty understanding when it comes to bizarre stuff. Trust me. So I think I'd be good at that. I also love the mind. Love how it works and functions and how it makes us all unique as individuals. So I plan on getting a degree in Psychology. Preferably a Ph'D. I'd be the second in my family to get a Ph'D and I'm sure mom and pops would be proud. Anyway...I wouldn't mind making my own movie. I've worked on a few parodies with school friends but I wanna do some real deal shit now. So I can really get out there and Rock the hell out of Hollywood. I hear people say all the time that its not about the money. What matters the most is being happy with your job no matter what the paycheck looks like. Um...lets fucking rewind! I'm not gonna be happy with an easy job and no goddamn money! In my opinion, ya gotta have balance. But most of all...money matters the most *cough cough* But that's just my opinion that I'm not trying to force down anyone's throats. So where was I? Oh yeah...I've thought of being a model only because I'm tall and skinny and people tell me I have a pretty face, but I'd rather not walk around in heels taller then my own calve bones and a waist you can wrap your pinky around. Nah...I'm good. But I wouldn't mind designing clothes. I use to want to design gothic fashion. Duh. But what are the odds of that happening.

My Favorite Bands:

Alter Bridge

Memphis May Fire

Asking Alexandria

Born of Osiris


Five Finger Death Punch


Shaman's Harvest

Bring Me The Horizon

Nine Inch Nails



The Agonist

Children of Bodom

Avenged Sevenfold

Mutiny Within


Falling in Reverse

August Burns Red


Hollywood Undead


Limp Bizkit

Of Mice and Men

The Word Alive

Attack Attack

Papa Roach




Killswitch Engage

In Flames




Dark New Day

Breaking Benjamin

Linkin Park


Rob Zombie

Marilyn Manson




Okay that was pretty much all the bands I listen to but still...most of them are my favorites

My favorite TV Shows:

Monday Night Raw/Friday Night Smackdown- Of course wrestling is my number one. It's hot, buff sweaty men galore!

True Blood-The perfect combination of supernatural, sick shit and dramatic romances. Brilliant.

Bad Girls Club-Entertainment for days when I feel aggressive. Plus I just like to make fun of those chicks for how childish they can be sometimes. *shrugs*

Ghost Adventures- It's hilarious to see these guys jump and scream every time a coin drops off a dresser. "Oh my God! Did you hear that shit man!? Oh shit man! Something just touched me man and I know it wasn't you! HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT APPARITION!?!?" "That was your shadow bro..."

White Collar- Neil Caffrey is gorgeous! Enough said.

Spartacus- Sweat, Blood, Sex, Roman shit.

Ridiculousness- Best thing after Rob Dyrdek's fantasy factory. This show is for fans of fail compilations and laughing at others' pain!

Spongebob- Eh...nowadays it's going nowhere but its still funny at times.

Real World- Just gets juicier and juicier every season.

Any show that has to do with Marvel or DC Comics - What can I say? I grew up watching this shit with my dad. I just love it to death. My two favorites are Wolverine and Captain America. Both fought in World War 2. Both kicked ass and still kick ass now!

The Mentalist- This here is for people who like psychology and all that. Gonna be my college major when I graduate. Class of 2012! B*!

Dexter- I can't even put in words how proud I am of whoever created this show and all the awesomeness that goes down.

Jersey Shore- Just plain entertaining. Sometimes I just wanna get my fist pump on, ya know?

Metalocalypse- I have a dark side. Darker than the darkest dark thing you can ever imagine. This is what my dark side looks like. Nathan Explosion...with boobs. >,..,

Game of Thrones- I don't know why I like this show really. Lots of smart talk, violence here and there. Plus my favorite actor, Jason Momoa, is one of the stars. Khal Drogo is fucking hot!

Burn Notice- I love spies!

Robot Chicken- This show has me laughing from start to finish. My favorites have to be the Star Wars parodies. I don't think Seth Green could've done better with it. Although just recently I saw a commercial for a God of War parody episode. Can't wait to see that shit! By the way...GOD OF WAR IS THE SHIT!!

Crocodile Hunter- Brings tears to my eyes because for a moment in my life...I wanted to hunt crocodiles with good ole Steve.

American Horror Story-You can't even put the awesomeness of this show to words. It's just...AMAZING.

Family Guy- LMFAO

Mad Tv- Another random show to watch when I'm bored. But it helps when I feel like I have nothing to do with my life and I don't feel like writing.

Favorite Wrestlers/Divas

1. The Undertaker

2. John Cena

3. Randy Orton

4. Drew McIntyre

5. Evan Bourne

6. Edge

7. CM Punk

8. Rey Mysterio

9. Kane

10. The Big Show

11. Mark Henry

12. John Morrison

13. The Miz

14. Kofi Kingston

15. Cody Rhodes

16. (Just recently fell in love with...) Alberto Del Rio

17. Natalya

18. Beth Phoenix

19. Triple H

20. Wade Barrett

21. Jeff Hardy

22. Chris Jericho

23. Matt Hardy

24. Ric Flair

25. Kevin Nash

26. Batista

27. Booker T

28. Rey Mysterio

29. Justin Gabriel

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If you love rain, copy and paste this into your profile.

Totally Random

I love the Undertaker's 1998-99 era the most. He looked so young and dark and sexy. Yes, I have a taste for darkness. It's just who I am.

If they were going to bring back two wrestlers from the Attitude Era, I'd vote Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock for a return.

"Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'?"

Some day I'm going to meet all my favorite wrestlers in person, have a conversation, take some pictures, get an autograph and then make sure they remember me for life when I leave.

Wrestlers/Divas I don't like

1. Kelly Kelly

2. Melina

3. Eve Torres

4. R-Truth

5. Daniel Bryan

6. Heath Slater

7. Alisha Fox

8. Ted Dibiase

9. The Bella Twins

10. William Regal

11. Dolph Ziggler

12. Jack Swagger

13. Chavo

14. David Otunga

15. Husky Harris

16. Michael McGillicutty

Favorite Pairings:



John Morrison/ The Miz

Batista/ Randy Orton

Centon Slash ( Mos. Def.)






Jeff Hardy/Taker

Candy (Randy/Cody)

((((((I find nothing wrong with a few OCs here and there > ))))))

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