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Hello :)

We're She and Her. Or Em and Amanda, depending on circumstances, but on FanFiction.Net and in this profile, we're She and Her =). The name is inspired by one of our favorite bands; She and Him, but since both of us are female, we altered the name a little bit to fit the situation.

We live in two different timezones, in different countries, on different continents and we're writing fanfiction together (only the one story that we're working on so far, but still). We started working together not too long ago, and once we've gotten a bit further with this story, we're going to post it. We love Bones, and that's what we are writing our fic on.

I have to say that it feels really odd writing "we" all the time... it feels like I'm a schizophrenic, but whatever ^^

Hope you enjoy our writing (once we post some).

IMPORTANT! When commenting on our story, please apply the Golden Rule (slightly modified for FF.Net);Don't comment things on our stories that you would not like to hear on yours. Thank You.

Her and I have decided that we're going to interview one another so you can get some more info on us, what we like and such. I, She, will go first and then Her will reply :)

She: Her, what other fandoms, besides Bones, do you have?

Her: That is a tough one She ;) Well, besides Bones, my other fandoms include: House M.D., Glee, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, One Tree Hill, The O.C., Fringe, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight.

Her: She, besides She and Him, what are some of your favorite musical artists?

She: Oh my, Her, couldn't you have asked an easier question :P? I have quite many; Paramore, the Glee Cast, Dayplayer, Owl City, John Mayer, All American Rejects, Simple Plan, Coldplay, Missy Higgins, Switchfoot, Snow Patrol and Joshua Radin, only to mention a few ;) I listen to pretty much everything so I'm glad you didn't ask me to choose one favorite, because it all depends on my mood ;)

She: Her, what would you bring to an island if you knew you were only going to be gone a week (assuming you were alone, but there was accommodation and food etc, but as far as material things go) :)?

Her: Hmmm fabulous question She...I would bring some of my favorite books, possibly a bathing suit for swimming purposes as we are talking about an island here, must get a tan out of this hehe, and my fully charged Ipod, good for dancing the night and day away :D

Her: She, if you had to pick any colors for a rainbow, what would the colors be? (i.e.--a new rainbow made up of your favorite colors :D)

She: Hmmm...I don't know. I kind of like the rainbow as it is...But if I had to choose; Blue, red, yellow, white, gold :)

She: Her, what's the nicest compliment you've ever gotten? :)

Her: That sounds like a new and exciting rainbow! I suppose people have told me I have a contagious smile :)

Her: She, if you had to live in a place that would only experiences one season forever, what would that season be?

She: That's a nice compliment ^^ Hmmm...I really love Sweden in the summer, and that is the only season I like here, and I like summer in general because you can go swimming and get tanned so I guess that will have to be my choice :) Summer!

She: Her, which one of your physical attributes do you like the most? =]

Her: Summer is lovely

Her: She, if you had to only read one book forever, what would it be and why?

She: Oh, that's a tricky question. After a few days of consideration, I have decided to go with The Lady and the Unicorn, just because it is so neatly written and I have read through it so many times and am still not sick of it!

She: Her, if you could pick one character/actor from any show to spend a day with, who would it be (and why)? =)

Her: Now that is a tough one! Hmmm, not to sound cliche, but I would love to spend the day with Emily Deschanel (or Brennan), she seems really down to earth and an all around pleasant person. If she was busy...then it would be pretty darn awesome to spend the day with Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks lol.

Her: She, can you choose three words that best describe yourself?

She: Hmmmm...that's a tough one...I guess I would have to go with small, determined and stubborn ;)

She: Her, what color dominates your wardrobe :)?

Her: Now that's a good know I think I have a lot of blue stuff, like dark blue. Not really out of a conscious decision, it just kind of happened lol The kind of stuff that goes awesomely (word?) with jeans haha.

Her: She, what would your "dream" job be? (Something you could do forever).

She: I think acting or working with children because it's interactive work, and I'm not exactly great friends with monotonousness. I just don't like it...

She: Her, if you got to chose a gum flavor that you had to eat for the next 10 years, what flavor would you choose?

Her: Hmm, I've always been one for the peppermint, minty kind of gum, so definitely peppermint that tastes like toothpaste xD But it would have to have an everlasting flavor, because gum that loses it flavor, is just terrible LOL!

Her: What's your favorite kind of flower She? ;)

She: Daisies :) They grew in the garden at the house where my mother lived and I love them :) I also like Sunflowers and pink roses :)

She: What do you have most of; Books or pictures (Not pictures in albums, but those that are "on display" so to speak)? Random question, I know :P

Her: Hmm I would say books, they have piled up over the years- with school and other stuff. Yeah definitely books :)

Her: She, if you could go anywhere in the world, and live there for a month, where would you go?

She: Oh god... so hard! I'm already where I want to be right now :) Maybe I'll come to the US and torture you for a month xD! That's the other place I would like to go and live right now. I would love to go and live everywhere for a month, but then there's the problem of language :)

She: Pretty similar to my other question; What to you have most of; Books or movies (including digital copies) :)?

Her: Haha you could totally crash here for a month ;) Definitely movies hehe, although I do love to read!! DVDs are just so addictive!

Her: Okay, if you had to pick a holiday to relive for a week, which holiday would you choose? lol

She: Awesome :) I might just do that! BTW, I think you should come here for my 21st ;) Ummm...I'd probably go to either Hawaii or New Zeeland :)

She: I don't know if you do this, but if you don't, let's pretend you do; If/when you snuggle up to read (not necessarily your bed. It could be an armchair, the sofa or maybe even the floor. What do I know ;)) what do you prefer to snuggle up with; a stuffed animal or a blanket?

Her: Hmm I love reading...I usually like to snuggle with...a guy lol xD In all seriousness when I sit in my bed and read, I usually snuggle up with a bunch of pillows because my bed is full of em' haha.

Her: Favorite nail polish color? ;)

She: Well, that's obviously the first choice, isn't it? But considering that option's pretty much out of the question for the both of us, I say good choice ^^ Uuuuuummmmm... I really like red :) Red-red :) It looks good with my complexion and hair/eye color :)

She: Do you own a fan? Like a hand-maneuvered one?^^

Her: Hmm I used to, but not anymore lol! No need as of right now of course ;)

Her: Favorite movie of all time?

She: Oh, please don't tell me the you just asked that question! I have a lot of movies that I love, and some of my favorites are Horton hears a Who, Once Upon a Mattress, Nancy Drew, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Tin Man, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Bridge to Terabithia. If I was to pick one, I would probably go with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

She: Have you read Hettie of Hope Street? (I don't expect you have, but you never know...)

Her: Hmm no I haven't, is it a classic?

Her: Favorite kind of jewelry? Bracelets? Earrings? Rings? etc. etc. ;)

She: Haha, nooooo. I got it for christmas and it seems kind of bad. Hmmm... I like them all I think. I don't, however, like too much of anything. It just makes it look tacky, I think. =)

She: What brand is your computer?

Her: I have a Dell Laptop of some sort xD

Her: Since we are going the technology route- what kind of cell phone do you have? x

She: I have a nokia n97 :) It's working pretty good for me :)

She: Do you think we should stop asking these questions now, or keep going? =)

Her: I think we can stop now LOL.


She and Her

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