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Author has written 5 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Titanic, and Newsies.

To all the people who sent in the Newsies, they're all here. Scroll through to find yours!

Wapomeo Huntress sent in-

Nickname: Vegas
Real Name: Finn Haines
Age: 14
Hair: Brown
Complextion: tanned,with freckels
Eyes: Bright green
Build: tall and slightly built
Quriks: Can be a bit crazy
Backstory: after his orphanage caught on fire, he ran to pervent being put in another one Personality: crazy fun hates adults and doesn't do terrible with girls but isn't the best.
Religion: aitheist
Catchphrase:"It's only crazy if it doesn't work."

TheWildHeffernan sent in-

Nick Name: Cider
Real Name: Christopher Taylor
Age: 8
Complexion: Pale, heavily freckled
Hair: Dark, dark red, messy
Eyes: Deep brown
Height/Build: Small, sturdy
Quirks: Thick yorkshire accent
Backstory: Loves apples. It's not very clear what happened to him, but he was found by one of the boys in battery park last month. He's very quiet, and tends to fall asleep in the strangest of places. Very sweet. Likes to hang out with Crutchy.
Religion: Anglican
Sexual Orientation: Straight, I suppose. to young for romance
Catchphrase: "Oh me Lord."

Amy sent in-

Nickname: Terry
Real Name: Terrance Jacobi
Age: 13
Complexion: Tannish
Hair:Wavy, black, thick
Build, Height: Skinny, average height
Eyes: Hazel
Quirks: Bad nervous tick- almost never stops tapping his foot. He can't help it, and it's gotten him into trouble before.
Personality: Polite and honest, uses big, hoity-toity words. Talented fiddler.
Backstory: Came from a middle-class, jewish family. Parents died when he was only a little bay. His grown brother left him in the refuge. He still thinks that his brother will be back for him, one day.
Religion: Jewish
Sexual Orientation: Straight

snodder sent in-

Nickname: Raccoon
Reason for Nickname (optional- I haven't found a reason for Spot's or Skittery's nickname…): Well, he's a fighter, you see. He gets into brawls a lot and loads of fight, at least one a day over something that seems to matter to him. When he was younger and weaker, he still had that quick temper and and would come back to the lodging house with two black eyes almost all the time. He doesn't get black eyes anymore, but the nickname stuck.
Real Name: Jim Doss
Age: 14
Hair: straight, blonde
Complexion: he's tan. When summer comes, he's the first to get brown.
Eyes: he has green eyes.
Height/Build: (height doesn't have to be specific, just give a basic height) average height for his age. He's somewhat muscular what with all his fighting.
Quirks: he bites his lip when nervous, but tries to stop doing it. And, when he's mad or upset, he'll unconsciously crack his knuckles. He'll just do it without thinking about it.
Backstory (optional): well, he hates adults. Like all adults in general. So, that could be he had a rough tie with his parents. Eh…
Personality: he has a quick temper like mentioned above. He'll get mad over who snored or you used up all the soap or something. He gets into sprawls with Spot Conlon too, though they're somewhat evenly matched. He also likes candy and will sometimes spend some of his money to get some and eat and share with some of his friend newsies (see, he's a softie at heart!)
Religion: he's catholic, but you'd never know it.
Sexual Orientation: straight.
Catchphrase (optional): You wanna say that to my face, kid?

crazyCULTure sent in-

Nickname: Sevens
Reason for Nickname (optional- I haven't found a reason for Spot's or Skittery's nickname…):
Real Name: Vincent Peluce
Age: 12
Hair: curly and black
Complexion: has an olive skin tone to him
Eyes: dark brown
Height/Build: (height doesn't have to be specific, just give a basic height) average height and very skinny (high metabolism)
Quirks: he's very superstitious, like really. He keeps a rabbit foot with him for safekeeping, knocks on wood, never exits the lodginghouse (without force) on Friday the 13th.
Personality: he's kind of quiet. He's a soft spoken boy, knows how to fight but finds it hard to stand up for himself on what he believes in. he's a bit scared of the dark, but tries not to show it. He's just an overall kind boy.
Religion: catholic. Very religious.
Sexual Orientation: straight
Catchphrase (optional): "Lady Luck's on me side today!"

POMForever sent in-

Nickname: Luck

Real Name: Eloise Kirberger (Yes a girl but I have a good reason)

Age: 15

Hair: Sorta a sand color cut short.

Complexion: A tan/ivory mix.

Eyes: Bright green.

Height/Build: Short(could pass for a 11 year old) and thin (She also has under-developed curves and a flat chest which helps her look like a boy).

Quirks: She'll start laughing at the most random times.

Backstory: Eloise was born in Helsinki, Finland but she's lived in New York since she was 4. Her parents died when she was 5 causing her brother to start being a Newsie. The only way she was able to stay at the lodging house was to pretend to be a boy, so her brother cut her hair and dressed her up in his old clothes and introduced her as Louie. Her brother died 2 years later so she started working as a Newsie with the help of Jack who, along with Crutchy, was the only one to know her secret.

Personality: Kivuta is the most fun loving/talkitive person you'll ever meet. At times she'll act about half her age but mostly she'll act her age or even seem a little bit older. Sometimes Kivuta will isolate herself. At times she may seem cold and a little bit harsh but she'll quickly go back to being her regular self. She'll rarely gets angry so if she does it'll be a suprise and she can hold a grudge for a while.

Religion: Catholic

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Catchphrase (optional): What can I say? It's pure luck.

Red Nevada Rose sent in-

Nickname: Ace

Reason for nickname: champ at poker. Always manages to get a royal flush.

Real Name: Addie Bunker (yeah it's a girl. You don't have to use her)

Age: 17

Hair: dirty blonde, long, wavy

Complexion: white with lots of freckles

Eyes: green

Height/Build: 5'6" or so, slim, not too curvy

Quirks: Champ at poker/cards

Backstory (optional): was a first class girl who got booted out for refusing to marry, sent to Delancey's to be maid/housekeeper, suffered abuse and harassment from Oscar and Morris, fired when Mr. and Mrs. Delancey didn't believe her, was homeless on the streets until the Newsies found her and took her in. Just trying to make a life for herself, whatever it may be. Love interest is Racetrack, but you don't have to add that if you don't want.

Personality: spitfire, stubborn, witty, easy to anger, good heart overall but just hard to get past walls

Religion: grew up as a Christian but not a big priority in her life

Sexual Orientation: straight

Catchphrase (optional): "they don't call me Ace for nothing."

ForeverYoungForeverLostGirls sent in-

Nickname: Shine
Real name: December Whitmam
Age: sixteen
Hair: short, like a boy, golden blond, just touching ears
Complexion: really ruddy red cheeks, no acne or anything
Eyes: hazel (combination blue green brown etc.)
Height/Build: short like Mush or Race
Quirks: Shrugs an unbelievable amount. When she runs, she turns her head like she keeps expecting a mane of hair to move along with it. Has managed to keep secret her backstory.
Backstory: Born in Bowery, to high-class parents. She lived in a small mansion (her father owned a chain of textile factories) with a few maids and a three little sisters. She turned fifteen, her parents decided to marry her off, but she'd already fallen in love with the sister of one of the maids. Her father found out and a few days later the girl djsappeared without a trace. Shine was sent to a boarding school that would 'make her normal.' She ran away and joined first a gang. She got kicked out because of her sexual orientation, so she joined the newsies. She still hasnt told them she's lesbian.
Personality: her nickname was sarcastically given by Shine, since when shearrived she hardly said anything positive. She's full of questions everyone wants to know the answers to, but that nobody thinks to ask.(Are both sides of the scythe sharpened? What happens to the heads after someone is beheaded? What kind of chiodhood did thr Grimm brothers have?) She's also full of words, and has a thing for poems. (If u need help with that, just PM me and i would loveto help) Shine also likes to draw, and she usually draws the girl she was in love with (ill let u pick a name) and just says it's her cousin. She' very motherly towards the newsies, both young and old, and she's not afraid to make herself heard. She cant stand bullies. She's usually the voice of reason and discourages fights, insisting on taking the high road, but if something goes too far, she'll gladly lead the charge.
Religion: Shine gave up on religion after a bunch of accusations on account of how being gay was wrong in the eyes of God (not to offend or anything, it was just the time period)
Sexual Orientation: Gay, but sometimes she's not completely sure and she cries herself to sleep about it

RoseInStillWaters sent in-

Nickname: Seabutch (or Sea, or Butch… rather strange, but it was a real newsie name!)
Real Name: Brendan Patrick Clement Murphy Lynch
Age: 15
Hair: We'll say "brown," but it has bits of everything.
Complexion: tan in the summer, red in the winter. Always seems windburnt, sunburnt, or otherwise ruddy.
Eyes: grey-green
Height/Build: Just reaching that awkwardly tall stage; about 5'11," skinny and sinewy
Quirks: Poor personal hygiene, has an awkward laugh that sounds like barking. Butch can and will fall asleep anywhere at any time, and can wake up just as fast (it's a skill he's perfected). Always carries a twist of rope that he ties knots in when nervous, excited, etc. Excellent at spitting long distances.
Backstory: Butch was born to a sailor and his wife based in Cork, Ireland, but doesn't remember the old country because he left to sail with his father before he could walk. His father was rarely home in Cork, since he supported his family by plying the seas as the boatswain aboard various steam packets and windjammers crossing the Atlantic, rounding the Horn to reach ports on the West coast. Brendan joined the crew as a paid able seaman at age ten, and worked aboard until his father's disappearance in a gale on the Columbia bar. Finding himself too young to find work on a boat without his father's connections and a continent and an ocean away from his mother, Brendan spent his wages on a transcontinental train ticket and wound up in New York at the ripe old age of thirteen. He's been a newsie since, but still pines for the sea. He's a Brooklyn newsie and likes hanging around the Brooklyn navy yards.
Personality: Butch tends to be one of the quieter boys, but when he gets excited he'll talk the ears off your head. He has lots of deep thoughts that he'll sometimes share with people he trusts, but usually he skulks and somewhat resembles Skittery in personality. He is very good at all things physical, be that fighting, running, climbing stationary objects, or swimming around the Brooklyn docks, but has little to no education.
Religion: Raised Catholic, still practices…religiously (ba dum tss), and has the guilt to go with it
Sexual Orientation: straight
Catchphrase (optional): "'twixt the devil and the deep blue sea" (in trouble); calls people he doesn't like "coves"

J.E. MAGIC sent in-

Nickname: Doc

Real Name: Jennifier Ann Castro

Age: 14

Hair: Straight Chestnut Brown hair

Complexion: Clear skin. Color:Fair

Eyes: Gold

Height/Build: like 5'2...5'3

Quirks: seems like Warden Snyder always likes to blame things on her so trouble like that normally follows her.

Backstory: Doc's mother died in child birth. Her father was a very talented doctor and was very close to his daughter. She lived closed to The Delancey and her and Morris(The Play version!) were best friends. She got her nickname from always saying "Doc" to everybody. Her father died when she was 8 and she was taken to the refuge. She and Morris lost contact. She was released from the refuge but where every she went trouble with the but followed her. One of Spot's boys had found her running from the bull and took her to the lodging house

Personality: Doc is very energetic and always likes to have fun. Can never be serious and when she is it is always a stupid serious to make people laugh. Little ditzy, goes with the flow. Argues only when needed to, especially with Spot sneaking into Manhattan to see Morris. Doctor to the newsies sometimes. Wants to be a doctor when she grows up like her father.

Religion: Atheist

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Catchphrase (optional): " 'Ey Doc...", "Ya Doc..." "Just go with the flow" (Yes IK "Doc" is bugs bunny catchphrase but I like it and it goes with her name.).

So this is her! Hope you like it! I wanted to be original so I used Morris Delancey, if you don't like it yo can take it out. And Are you going to be giving people credit in the story? Just want to know

rellimmes sent in-

Nickname: Storm

Real Name: Mariska Bogaevskaia

Age: 15

Hair: Dark brown, long

Complexion: tan,

Eyes: blue-gray

Height/Build: average height, strong athletic build,

Quirks: moody, occasionally lashes out at people violently, can mysteriously disappear for days but always reappears when important, sometimes cusses rapidly in 1st language

Backstory: Emigrated alone from Russia, started as pickpocket but joined newsies, decent friends with Spot Conlon, maybe more (but no one really knows)

Personality: intelligent, seemingly emotionless, hard and tough, emotionally and physically strong, sense of honor, decent sense of humor but mostly doesn't show it

Religion: joined Methodist church upon arrival in America

Sexual Orientation: straight

Catchphrase: "If it does not seem right, then it probably is not. Do with it what you will."

Nickname: Shadow ( his nickname is shade)

Real Name: unknown

Age: 14

Hair: dark brown

Complexion: dark tan

Eyes: brown

Height/Build: (height doesn't have to be specific, just give a basic height) medium hieght and a slim build

Quirks: he

Backstory (optional): he lived in an orphange until running away at 10 and living on the street for two years a Brooklynite found him when shadow tried to pickpocket him and helped him become a newsies. he quick rose up the ranks and he's sort of spot's spy. (see personality for more.)

Personality: Shadow is quiet and can read people easily. he also can "disappear" into the shadows for hours on end observing everything. Sometimes newsies who know he's there get spooked when he speaks or appears. Spot asks for his advice concerning possible hostiles. Shadow also has a bunch of connections from his time on the streets so he know a lot a bout everything.

Religion: Catholic (goes only on christmas sort)

Sexual Orientation: striaght

Catchphrase (optional): none he doesn't have one but he does smirk when ever he spooks someone.

Aloha! As it says right on top of the page, I’m AngelInDisguise123. This website is my way of helping me both type and talk to other people. Not to mention the reviews and expressing myself.

Anyways, I’m really into Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. A shout out to all you vampire-crazy fans; I’m not into the whole Twilight Saga. Makes no sense to me.

About me liking those books and TV show-turn-into-movie, I’m starting to read other series of books so it won’t just be those three up there.

Name: Kamille

Age: At least thirteen give or take.

Lives: Georgia, the Goober State, the Empire State of the South and the Peach State.

Things I really like: Peace, Love, and Happiness (what’s not to like!) Friends, family, my golden retriever puppy Pebbles, reading. (Deep breath) Myths, Movies, Jackie Chan, Nickelodeon, and so on.

Stuff I do when I’m bored: Try to see if my tongue can touch my nose, stare at the wall, hum, sing, and sleep. (and in the worst way possible) falling out of my bed, waking up to find dry drool( yuck) and hearing my siblings yelling that I’m snoring!

Stuff I hate (I mean, highly highly dislike): being told I’m just a kid while others tell me to grow up, music I can’t understand the words to, losing and JUSTIN BEIBER!!!.

Family: Mom, Dad, sister, Aonani, brothers Iokua and Kale.

Languages I speak: this is not a really common subject but my parents are Hawaiian and I speak both that and English. Why they came from that island to the other side of the country I’ll never know.

Books I LOVE: Any Margaret Peterson Haddix books, any Rick Riordan, Maximum Ride series, any Time Travel Books, but not under any circumstances biographies or autobiographies!

Unanswered Questions:

Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?
At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.
If you are asked to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and your the main witness, what if you say "no"? ?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
Why is it that everyone driving faster than you is considered an idiot and everyone driving slower than you is a moron?
If pro and con are opposites, wouldn't the opposite of progress be congress?
Why does grape flavor smell the way it is when actual grapes don't taste or smell anything like it?
Are eyebrows considered facial hair?
In the song Yankee Doodle, why did he call the feather “macaroni"?
Do they have the word "dictionary" in the dictionary?
If ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why don't they fall through the floor?
When Atheists go to court, do they have to swear on the bible?
Why is vanilla ice cream white when vanilla extract is brown?
If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
Why is it that when we "skate on thin ice", we can "get in hot water"?
If laughter is the best medicine, who's the idiot who said they died laughing'?
Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs? Rabbits don't lay eggs.
Do Siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and concerts?
How fast do hotcakes sell?
Rock a bye Baby on the tree top. What kind of loving parents would but their baby on a freaking tree?
If parents say, "Never take candy from strangers" then why do we celebrate Halloween?
If Mars had earthquakes would they be called marsquakes?
If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?
Why is it called a funny bone, when if you hit it, it's not funny at all?
How come lemon washing up liquid contains real lemons, but lemon juice contains artificial flavorings.
Why did Noah just have to wait for the mosquitoes?
How do you handcuff a one-armed man?
Why do people say "heads up" when you should duck?
Why do superheroes wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes?
Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
Why Does Pluto Live in a dog house, eat dog food, etc. but Goofy, who is also a dog, lives in a condo and drives a car?
Why do they call him Donkey Kong if he is not a donkey?
Why people are so scared of mice, which are much smaller than us, when no one seems to be scared of Mickey Mouse, who is bigger than us?
What is another word for "thesaurus”?

Things I have found funny: Frogs get it easy - they can eat whatever bugs them.

You laugh because I'm different - I laugh because you're all the same.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, & God made me pretty - what happened to you?

Loved by some - Hated by many - Envied by most - Yet wanted by plenty

All good girls & boys go to heaven that's why I wasn't invited

If you need space - join NASA baby!

Everyone is entitled to be stupid but you are abusing the privilege

Jeez, you look like you've fallen out of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down!

I rule so get over it & worship me!

Heaven won't have me & hells afraid I'll take over!

It's better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth & prove it

Girls are like phones, we like to be held & talked to, but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!

Last night I was looking at the stars & I was wondering where the heck is my ceiling!

Well if I called the wrong number, why'd you answer?

There's a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray it's not a train.

If the entire world is a stage, why'd I get the part of the psycho?

Oops, I didn't mean to hit you...but I'm glad I did

First I Heard Voices ... Now I See Faces

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead. The sugar bowl is empty, and so is your head.

Rock's dead! Long live Paper n Scissors!

How come leprechauns dance around gold when they love green so much?

Mommy I want to be a princess! ... Wait, parliament has more power

If at first you don't succeed you have a failure problem

(Name), I love you so muc-...Wow! A bird!

Are you really gonna remember to stop drop & roll when your on fire?

If your name is Mr. Crunch and you become leader in the military, do you become captain crunch?

Don't follow me; I don't know where I'm going!

Where are we going & why am I in this darn basket?

Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, & when I woke up the pillow was gone

I was standing in the park, wondering why the Frisbee got bigger as it got closer. Then it hit me.

It's called skill, get some

(Name) your lips keep on moving but all I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah

Don't follow in my footsteps - I often walk into walls!!

Don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself.

The voices in my head don't like you.

7/5th of all people do not understand fractions.

Dinner is not ready! It'll be ready when the smoke alarm goes off!

If your nose runs & your feet smell, you're built up-side-down

If at first you do succeed, try to hide your astonishment!

Jeez! What happened to you? Did you cross the street without looking?

Do you come with an instruction manual because you're confusing me!

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

You! Off my planet!

Just cause your not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you! It’s worse than you think; they ARE out to get you!

Sometimes I dream about being carried off by a big giant squirrel. Does that make me a nut?

I never used to finish sentences, but now I

I'd like to cancel my subscription why? Because I'm fed up with your issues!

Psychiatrists say that 1 of 4 people are mentally ill. Check 3 friends. If they're OK, you're it.

If you mess with the best, you'll go down with the rest

GO Ahead! Cry a river! I'll just build a bridge to get over it

I'm not a COMPLETE IDIOT, some parts are missing

This is an "A, B" conversation, so "C" your way out!

An answer to that nagging question... I let the dogs out!!

If you don't like the way I drive, get off the sidewalk!

I saw I went I got free Chikin

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away & you have their shoes.

Frankenstein called, he wants his brain back!

I didn't ask to be a princess, but hey if the crown fits!!!

I didn't ask to be the princess... I asked to the Queen!

In some cultures what I do is considered normal

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Funny things to do at school:

Bring some books to class and read them instead of paying attention or doing any work.

Walk around class begging for spare change.

Chew on your arm until someone notices.

Change seats every time the teacher turns his/her back.

After the teacher explains something, laugh really loud and say "Oh, now I get it!"

Lick yourself clean like a cat does.

After the teacher has explained something, say "Quite right, old bean" in the typical old English style.

Sing your questions to the class.

When the teacher calls roll, after each name scream "THAT'S MEEEEE!!! Oh, no, sorry."

Page through the textbook scratching each picture and sniffing it.

Address the teacher as "your honour".

Sit in the front, sniff suspiciously, and ask the teacher if he's been drinking.

Present the teacher with a large fruit basket.

Ask for an extra copy of each handout, for your invisible friend sitting next to you.

Claim that you wrote the class textbook.

Stand to ask questions. Bow deeply before taking your seat after the teacher answers.

Laugh loudly at everything the teacher says. Be sure to snort and make weird noises while you laugh.

When the teacher turns their back to the class, scream and bang desks, then when they turn around act normal and get on with your work.

Get everyone in the class to start humming softly, and gradually hum louder.

At a completely random time, put up your hand to ask a question. When the teacher picks you, ask a question about a different subject and pretend you thought it was that class.

Put your hand up, and when the teacher acknowledges you, just say "I'm pointing at the ceiling".

When a substitute introduces himself as a substitute, have you and your friends all yell "FRESH MEAT!!!!" at the same time.

Raise your hand as if to ask a question, then just say 'buh buh bah buh buh buh?' or similar nonsense. Then act like the teacher should get it.

Say you're invisible and when people say you're not, start crying.

Superglue a coin to the ground and watch people try to pick it up.

While the teacher is writing, hide the board rubber. When he/she goes to get somebody (like the principal), replace it in the same place & make him/her look insane.

Tell your teacher that you don't do homework because it's against your religion.

Draw a smiley face on a piece of paper, and talk to it.

While taking a test, get up about halfway through and point at the teacher or someone random and scream "You ruined Christmas" and then storm out of the room, slamming the door on your way out.

When the teacher turns his/her attention to you and calls you to answer the question, act as if you're an undercover agent and refuse to give information.

When you have a 2000 word essay due, hand in two pictures related to the topic. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

When a teacher asks you for your homework, angrily exclaim that you are a member of Greenpeace or the Earth Liberation Front, and that the mass slaughter of innocent trees is unacceptable.

Raise your hand, and when the teacher calls on you, ask where babies come from in a childish voice.

Raise your hand and ask to go to the nurse and say, "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE."

When the teacher hands out an assignment, put your shoes on your hands and attempt to do your work while whining about how hard it is. If the teacher tries to say anything, say, "You don't know me!" and run away crying. Works best with numerous people.

A good friend will comfort you when he rejects you. A best friend will go up and ask him, "It's because you're gay, isn't it?"

A good friend will be there for you when he breaks up with you. A best friend will call him up and whisper, "Seven days..."

A good friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend keeps on walking saying, "Walk much, dumb ass?"

A good friend helps you find your prince. A best friend kidnaps him and brings him to you.

A good friend will ask you if you're okay when you're crying. A best friend will laugh at you and say, "Ha Ha, Loser!"

A good friend will offer you a soda. A best friend will dump theirs on you.

A good friend gives you their umbrella in the rain. A best friend takes yours and says, "Run - beep - run!"

A good friend will help you kill your ex. A best friend will help you move the body into a ditch.

A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend would be in the room next to you saying, "That was awesome! Let's do it again!"

A good friend has never seen you cry. A best friend won't tell anyone else that you cried...just laugh about it in private with you when you aren't down anymore.

A good friend asks you to write down your number. A best friend has you on speed dial.

A good friend will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. A best friend will kick the whole crowds ass that left you.

A good friend knows a few things about you. A best friend could write a very embarrassing biography on your life story.

A good friend tells you she knows how you feel. A best friend just sits down and cries.

A good friend helps me find my way when I'm lost. A best friend will be the one giving you bad directions.

A good friend will help you learn to drive. A best friend will help you roll the car into a lake so you can collect insurance.

A good friend will watch your pets when you go away. A best friend won't let you go away.

A good friend will go to a concert with you. A best friend will kidnap the band with you.

A good friend will call your friends "Mr." or "Mrs." A best friend Will call your parents "Mom" or "Dad".

A good friend will hide you from the cops. A best friend is probably the reason they're after you in the first place.

Good friends fade. Best friends are with you forever.

write the name of a person of the opposite sex. Nico

2. which is your favorite color out of red, black, blue, and green. green

3. your first initial? d

4. your month of birth? may

5. which color do you like more, black or white? black

6. Name of a person of the same sex as yours. zion

7. your favorite number? 4

8. do you like California of Florida more? florida

9. do you like the lake or ocean more? ocean

10. Write down a wish (a realistic one.)to be a famous author

1. You are completely in love with this person.

2. If you choose:

Red: You are alert and you life is full of love.

Black: You are conservative and aggressive.

Green: Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.

Blue: you are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the one you love.

Yellow: You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are down.

3. If you're initial is:

A-K: You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.

L-R: You try to enjoy life to the maximum and you love life is soon to blossom

S-Z: You like to help others and your future love life looks very good.

4. If You were born in:

Jan-Mar: The year will for very well for you and you will discover the you fall in love with someone totally unexpected.

Apr-June: you will have a strong love relationship that will not last long but the memories will last forever

July-Sept: You will have a great year and will experience a major life changing experience for the good.

Oct-Dec: Your love life will not be too great, but eventually you will find your soul mate.

5. If you choose...

Black: your life will take on a different direction; it will seem hard at the time but will be the best thing for you and you will be glad for the change.

white: You will have a friend who completely confides in ykou and would do anything for you but you may not realize it.

6. This person is your best friend.

7. This is how many close friends you have in a lifetime.

8. If you choose...

California: You like adventure.

Florida: You are a laidback person.

9. If you choose...

Lake: You are loyal to you friends and you love. And you are very reserved.

Ocean: You are spontaneous and like to please people.

10. This wish will come true only if you Re-post this bulletin in one hours and it will come true before your next birthday

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