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Alright, wow. I don't know what to write here, now.

Many of you have read the last chapter for In Love With a Vampire and you now know that the author- Anna- has passed away. The complete truth is that there were two authors- the first one couldn't finish the fic and ended up giving it up somewhere around chapter six. Anna wrote from whatever chapter it was abandoned from then on. I've had a couple of people PM me telling me that what I'm saying is bullshit because they know the FIRST author and she's still alive and kicking. Yeah, SHE is still alive. Anna isn't. So before you PM me and bitch at me that I'm a fucking liar, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

"Yeah but it was never mentioned in the fic!" So? Is it really your business what the authors decide to do with the fic? No, I didn't think so. Good, now that I've cleared that up, I can put on a cheerful facade and write what I really wanted to write.

I don't personally know the original original author of this fic, but she knew Anna and she's pretty upset about it too. I think we all are- Anna was golden. Her writing was remarkable and entertaining, and if you ever actually met her, you'd know she didn't deserve to get sick and die. She was everything good and sunshine and golden and whatever the fuck god there may be took her away.

I'm not good at this kind of thing- I'm still trying to recover. So, I'll wrap this up quickly.

Anna, I love you and I miss you so much I just want to curl up and sleep and never wake up. They took you away from me, and I won't ever forgive them. Whoever they are. Just... fuck, I miss you. Come haunt me, you sexy fuck. :c

I'm going to remain anonymous now so that I don't get any more PMs about it because I'm tired of it. If you have a question PM this account and I'll get around to answering it eventually.

Note: 2013/6/28

I got a review on In Love with a Vampire saying it had been reported. Thanks for that, anon. Just what I wanted to hear. I've done as you asked and removed the chapter but I refuse to change anything else and if it gets taken down then I understand. It does go against the rules of FFN but I still will not change it because it is not mine to change.

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