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Picture and copyright to Apofiss of Deviantart, ya'll should really go check out all his stuff, it's convincing me to order things from Canada

Name: Cheza, Caz, Cathyrn, Brushy, Meow-Mix,

Gender: female :D (Like most people on here that I've met)

Age: Give you a hint, double digits.

Desp: Frizzy brunette, hazel blue-green eyes, Caucasian

Occupation: Student

Person: I love cracking jokes, feel free to PM me, I don't bite. Much. You try and hold me down, boy, and I will maul you 0.0

Relationship: Have boyfriend. Love him

Sport: Aged out of Marching Band (HS) Joining new one next year.

Friends: Can't Silence(irl), Chased up the Sky(irl), Amelia Greene (irl) BeautysHarlequin

Location: U.S, northeastern portion, you may know where.

"Writers are themselves half-human. One half is Muse, the other Flat-Footed Folk. I live in my head part-time and [reality, the other]"- Jane Yolen

"You are not the first, you are not alone"-Me



There are literally no words for how long I've been away. Almost two years since I last posted here, probably about a year since I've updated absolutely anything. That's disgustingly bad of me.

I feel like I almost need to re-introduce myself, it's been so long. Nvm, y'all probably don't care anyway :3

So all of my college admissions are in (But Ash, you never told us you even started them) Well yea that's the point of having a terrible two years of public education and the stress equivalent to the flames of a thousand suns pressuring me to get a job. I have an internship now at an animal hospital-- I never shared on here that I wanted to be a Vet did I?

That's close enough to a job right.

Can't Silence and I are still together... I guess. It's weird. Don't grow up, I'm sure you've heard that a million times. It's not as simple when you grow up. Really though.

Anyway, I have some free time because Midterms just finished, and the new semester has... dun dun DUNNNNN... Creative Writing class. So either you'll see a spike in the work I already have up, or new work going up. Or just improved writing in general idk what to expect.

Pft. you don't care about my life though, you care about the stories yea? Yea.

The Last of Them-- next update will be the last regular-length chapter, the one after will be the finale and probably 4.000-5.000 words long. Excuse me for any character mistakes, I've been away for a lonnnnng time.

Next? I don't really know. Whatever catches my fancy.



So I haven't wished anyone a happy New Years/Christmas/ Chinese New Year/ Boxing Day/ etc.

Wow I'm a terrible person.

So, happy (Holidays listed above) and have a great year people. Obviously it's going to be better than 2013 purely for the fact that it's an even year.

Speaking of a better year, already I've made a Tumblr account which you can find me at here (My Username is literally "Pen name" in Spanish and Swedish purely for the fact that I didn't want my friends finding me XD) and I wouldn't mind if you followed XD

In other news though, my Winter Percussion Season is taking forever, and it's aprox. 16 hours a week. That paired with ACTs, SATs and such, leaves me with little time to sleep or eat, or hang out with my boyfriend, ya know? So I'm sorry that not only have I been absent, but also completely halted in any and all progress on everything. And that would be because my computer crashed. Entirely. There is no way to retrieve the two chapters of Last of Them and the One of my PewDieCry, neither my list of colleges or a few other school projects. I have two laptops I have to share with my two other siblings, both are slow as all hell. Between all of us, it's challenging to put time aside to write for you guys.

In short, I'm sorry =/ But I'm gonna be taking a bit of time to put everything back together. I'll try and put stuff out sometime soon.



You know, pretty much two months later you get me bak :) Thaz just how it works.

So, what to talk about, what to talk about? I don't even know really. Marching Season has ended, which means it's only the beginning for the winter season. We've not been in competitions for a long whiles, and now we're back, which is excellent. It's kinda expensive though, and my Pit is slightly... dramatic. Like, the season was bad because there were all kinds of potential gay relationships going on and such, but now without the rest of the band to let us each have our space... Two of the girls are already fighting over the two marimbas (Bestie and Caustic). The Drum Goddess, our section leader, has claimed one with her senior-ific powers, and the other is up for grabs between my bestie, and a younger girl who had it for the season (Caustic).

Pretty much it comes down to Caustic should give it up because she had it for the season and they'll both have one next year, but she's got a somewhat dominating spirit over the girl (Little Bird) on the Xylophone right now. Little Bird played on the xylophone for the season and feels that she needs to play with harder mallets and be the lead voice in order to show her seniority over Caustic. And I have a Vibraphone. Squee :) But uuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It's a fat mess.

Skip those paragraphs please.

I feel that there's a reasonable portion about my personal life, here's some more about on here now:

The Last of Them is my main focus, it's almost done and I'm so excited; it's going out with a bang ;)

PewDieCry is next, hopefully that will be below fifteen chapters...? It depends on if I come up with an actual plot.

Nikki will come after that (I want to get all my messups over with in the PewDieCry) and when I say Nikki, that includes the Wolf's Rain Crossover and the NCIS that you guys seemed to like :)

In between all of this I may write a short story for Unwound because I can.

So that's the schedule for the next couple of months at least, if not for the next year because I'm so sloooooow at working! :)

Btw, my parents have cut off all communication with the outside world, along with blocking YouTube and a RP site that I had friends on. Threatening Winter Percussion and my piano lessons unless I can get all my homework done. You can see why this isn't top priority, unfortunately.

Have the best of days!



Oh Geez, I'm not ready to go back to school, how about you?

One good thing, new phone ;) Hooyea. My old one I've had for a good six years, I think that its run its course pretty well. You don't know how many times I consider posting it on here just to see who would call me. But then again, you know, there are not-nice people in this world that I would like very much not to meet. But thank you, kind sirs (and Ma'ms) for keeping my paranoia alive and perky.

The last of summer is this Sunday ): Well, officially. I feel its the end of summer when the leaves begin to change up here, the wind picks up and the clouds come in. But then again, I don't like the winter months. They keep me inside; but I suppose you'd like me to actually complete something for once so... Yea...

As anyone who follows my alerts knows, yesterday I published my first human-based story. And then had that minor heart attack for the hours following, wondering if anyone would actually read it or even like it. I have to admit, the dialogue is going to be incredibly rocky for a while, and unfortunately, it's going to show up in my first PewDieCry. Oh Lord.

Btw may or may not be my first smut as well.

Well, 'first'. Don't try and deny that you haven't attempted to write smut, and maybe, if you were bad, threw it out shamefully. Well unfortunately, there is no 'throwing out' on the internet. So this is worse.

Marching Season is back, complete with myself feeling a lot like a section leader when I'm not supposed to be... Huh. Well, experience for next year I assume. Maybe if you see the Night Hawks in your area, I'll meet up with you. Small-talk and such.

I have homework xP Freaking AP classes. Philosophy is what's really killing me though, thank god it's only one semester.



And into the lapse of summer we drew/ Forgetting everything we once knew/Only to return with the leaves/ When I wonder where my happiness could be

Yay, Summer...

It's really just an excuse to the teachers to give us giant projects and watch us squirm when we come back to school in the fall. I mean really, I have three books to mark up (600 pages) and two different essays (That I should've been printing out while I was writing the latest chapter of 'The Last of Them'

That story man. I gotta stop multi-tasking while I write, I can see my style and intuity go down when I do. Mono-tasking. The way things should be. I don't know how many chapters are left in that thing actually, we're getting down to the bear minimum of what is considered a 'Clan'. Don't worry, I'm keeping the hierarchy alive for the rest of the story.

I think I promised a Nikki story next, so I'm going to be stepping out of my comfort zone... very much. A Nikki/NCIS crossover (Of which I have never written) and maybe I'll have the guts to continue the Wolf's Rain/ Nikki crossover that I had the idea for earlier last year as well. Ohhhh Exciting XD

Either way, I felt the need to apologize for Recent chapters and their lack of... good-ness, and blame it on Cry. Cryaotic. Daw.

Marching Band is back in season, and I have a Permit to go study for, so if you'll be so kind and excuse me, I'm off to bed.




Hello there, friend!

i'm writing to you when I should be writing an essay! (Again! I must stop this XD) Although it's one of those essays where it has to be doubled spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman, and no longer than two pages O.o. Do NOT tell me to go under two pages, b*tch. Ugh, it's frustrating and due Tuesday so I don't really give a crap right now. Monday is Pit practice, Tuesday is my Anniversary with Silence, and Wednesday is Orientation for Band! WHOO!

Sorry, a bit excited for that. But anyway, I have this week of school left and then finals. Oh. My. God.

Thank you.

No more classes, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks! XDDD That was from some poetry book (Shel, is that you? It's me, Caz) in second grade. Upperclassman next year, trying to figure out how to make myself "Noticeable" to colleges. Proabably by trying to get published some time over the summer, going around campuses, etc. Shooting for an English (Duh) or Bio Major, so who knows where I'll be?

Anyway, i feel like I don't thank you enough. Should I say 'you' or 'you guys'? I like being personal, so you. Yes you. Hello there, I think this is the first time I've said hello directly to you.

How was your day?

Anything bad?

I can relate.

I hope it gets [even] better.

But really, thanks! I mean, you're the whole reason I'm here right now! It's a wonderful feeling, to write and edit and read and help others, (Well, you being the others, just tell me if you need help, okay? I don't judge easily at all.)

And I do believe I fangirled a little while ago while uploading a chapter because of you. Even if you don't leave reviews, I value your consideration. Your allowance of letting me take up just a little while in this oh so long life that we have ahead of us. I hope my stories stay with you, and help you on your way maybe? I'm sorry, I just got deep there XD Believe me when I say that my speaking voice is nothing like my writing one, I feel all prim and proper here. Keeping a diary and all.

Yuck. Diaries.

Anyway, I think I gotta go finish that essay. So close to the end... Anyway, PM me if you like to talk to creepy girls that write . I try and respond within a day, normally come on at night. Night!


Currently Reading: One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (God it's a bore)

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Nobody's going to win the battle of the sexes. There's too much fraternizing with the enemy.

Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell’s afraid I’ll take over.

You are most like SAPHIRA


Longest story: The Last of Them

Deleted Stories: 1

Most Reviews in One Story: The Last of Them (42)

My Favorite Story: Antithesis, Harry Potter and the Theories of Rationality

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On Favorite's List of: 11 people

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Total Hits on Profile Page: 594

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I'll be throwing out the next chapters of Last of Them, only a few left to go

To do list has returned: *These are my ideas, please do not steal. I will be incredibly displeased.

From what I've seen recently most people don't have the skill to write these like I want to anyway.

Who the hell offered 50 Shades of Gray a contract. God dammit there are so many better pieces on this site.

Lochinyvvr- When Ciren refuses to conduct Lochinyvvr with his prey, and the MacAngus Clan is horrified and casts him out; telling him to associate with other wolves like himself. he considers the MacHeath or the Outskirt wolves; but once the Clans drive him out as a whole, Ciren starts on an adventure to find where he belongs. Along the fringes of the territories, he meets a seductive she-wolf, Mala, and decides to join her Pack of Outclanned wolves where there are no rules. Is this what he really needs? (T) (Most likely will be short)

Dismembered- Nathanial, a husband at the age of twenty one, knows what's coming for him. The government has desicded that children below eighteen are too chaotic to unwind. Instead, they've devised an entire isolated neighborhood of tithes that would be a perfect plan to raise happy, perfect bodies. But when a regular Unwind child from long before, Haley, shows up with her little boy, the entire neighborhood is thrown into chaos. Nate starts to question his destiny as he and Haley grow closer, until she convinces him to run away, leaving his wife and child behind. Can a fugitive grown-up make the journey of the previous Unwinds?(K-T)(Also, very likely to be short)

God Handmade- Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu's twin brother, fell to Earth the night Lechku and Nechku were defeated by the Okami. The moon God heard the fight of his sister and crashes into the east slope of Ezofuji. A lone herder woman finds this downed god and offers him shelter, as he still looks like a man. The next day, the man is gone and the herder cannot forget what she saw. When she describes it to the Shaman of her tribe, she is thought to be cursed. What does she have to do to cleanse herself of the dark Kami Moon God? And what side is Tsukuyomi on?(T) (This will be a good sized project)

Just a slight Misjudgment- (After the current season (3...?)) After the death of the 'President' of the United States, things went downhill fast. Not only is Nikita now Public Enemy #1, but Gibbs and his team were seen with the supposed 'assassin' just two weeks before the event. Threats and conspiracies leak into the NCIS team as its own members begin to doubt one another; when Ducky is called to autopsy the President, Palmer goes in his stead and is abducted by Amanda. Will Nikita be able to help Team Gibbs, or will she turn her back on them in her rush to hide? (Rated T)(Probably a good sized project)

Animal Within- Kiba always believed that after his death, he would go to Paradise. If this is Paradise, why are there people? There are no Lunar Flowers, no wolves in Washington D.C! That is, until he witnesses an assault, where Alex needs his help to get away. With Percy watching, threats begin appearing from the shadows- It turns out that this Paradise isn't any closer than the last world. Division wants him- a unfamiliar face with no ID that seems more than adept at quiet murders. But it turns out that Division harbors a secret that only Kiba can see. (Rated T)(I'm looking forward to this, you have no idea 8))

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Gamble On by madsthenerdygirl reviews
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Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Family - Chapters: 24 - Words: 178,752 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 7/10/2014 - Published: 5/6/2014 - [Dean W., Castiel] Sam W. - Complete
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The Last of Them reviews
The Last Hope? No. Just no; last book in this series fell short of my expectations for this grand finale that has taken over my entire household. This is my version of the Last Hope's final battle, and I promise: it will make sense, scores will be settled, and the bodies will fall as the Clans battle for their right to the lake and life.
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