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Author has written 1 story for Pokémon, and Final Fantasy VII.

My fics have an unfortunate tendency to be delayed; if I'm going to make a fic, it has to be PERFECT. If it's not, I'll keep revising it until it is.

Expect updates every other day on weekdays (hopefully), since it takes a day or two to write a chapter, and I usually don't have computer access on weekends for very long. Some delays may be expected, but keep in mind that if I start a story, I PROMISE to finish it. Even if my hiatuses become ridiculously long (which they won't unless I'm stranded in the mountains or something), I will finish any and all stories eventually.

Er, about me... Here goes:

Name: Naomi Hadasa (not sure on the spelling -- I'm not used to writing it in English) G.
Age: 17, with the mind of either a seven year-old simultaneously on crack, paint thinner, and Pixie Stix, or an angry, cynical, bitter, menopausal hag in her late 40's (I alternate)
Hair: Brown, frizzy, needs to be combed
Eyes: Black
Occupations: Video games, school, wire art, and video games. Oh yeah, and writing.
Languages: I speak English as a first language, and I happen to be pretty damn good at it, if I do say so myself, so any spelling errors or grammar fuck-ups on my part are me being lazy. I know a bit of Spanish and Hebrew, and the only Japanese/Korean I know is what I picked up from hearing others talking/text, so my stories will be entirely in English, in case I screw a translation and make a fool of myself. Sorry, no _-kun or _-san unless absolutely crucial to the plot. I've been taking Chinese for two years, and will be starting a third, but my prowess with it does not exceed basic conversational skills.

Things I like:

The Legend of Zelda, Death Note, Sonic the Hedgehog, YuGiOh The Abridged Series, Doctor Who, any video game ever (not an exaggeration -- with the exception of Dirge of Cerberus and Sonic '06), Mythbusters, Daft Punk, Eminem, Hayao Miyazaki, Harry Potter (NOTE: You will never, EVER see me write a fic for this, simply because I am under the impression that I could never come up with anything even vaguely on par with J. K. Rowling's masterpiece), Final Fantasy, TOME/TTA, and Hamsteak.

I am involved in a few roleplay threads, casual, formal, and everywhere in between, where I almost always use Cloud.

Upcoming Projects

Press F5 to Refresh -- Death Note -- Semi-Darkfic (if there is such a thing), and AU. Drama/Mystery. Will most likely be very weird.

Pairings: None (for the record, my works will be mostly gen-fics. Sorry!)

Description: Light always did feel a strange disconnect between him and other people. Perhaps that was what made it so easy to judge them, even if the means was slightly ridiculous. I mean, a killer notebook? How unrealistic.

My Son by Blood and Soul -- Doctor Who, Final Fantasy VII -- Possibly a darkfic. Depends on my mood. Suspense/Fantasy

Pairings: Canon only

Description: The hum never truly left. He could always feel it, eating away at the corners of his mind. It sang its sweet song to him, but by the time he understood what it meant, it was far too late.


Pokeymans Adventeur! -- Pokemon, Final Fantasy VII -- A badfic parody with more plot than you would think at first glance. Will have multiple crossovers.

Pairings: AshxMary Sue, any canon pairings

Description: ASH METS A BEUTIFUL GURL AND EH IS IN LUV LIEK ZOMG AND THEN THER R SUM EVIL PPL! FIRST FIC PLZ B NICE!111 The figure watching from a nearby tree scowled. It never did seem to end.

Also, with BF's permission, I'd like to put part or all of the badfic up here (with full credit, by the way) so you can all bask in its horrifying glory, but don't hold your breath.


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I want to know why he leaves the flowers on the grave of someone named Soichiro Yagami. I want to know why he lingers outside the old Sakura TV station. I want to know what the ominous tombstone marked only with the letter L means." Kira Victory AU
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