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IMPORTANT : ha, yeah, like anyone's reading this. I seriusly, seriously doubt that i will update much, if any. i dont think anyone really cares, but if someone reviewed and said something i might make an effort to find the five chapters i'd written out and post them... or write out a basic plot to what i'd had planned. Because, yeah, i don't like writing unoriginal stuff, and i realized ummm was just that, unoriginal and mary0sue ish. but that writing kicked ass. so lemme know if you liked it or i should burn in hell for writing a mary sue. five reviews gets another chapter, im not doing this if no one's gonna read it.
//UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 18, 2004, thus the below information is outdated!!//

UPDATED 12/15/03, or actually, toned down on hmm, lets see its 0130, so that makes today.. feb. 19, i thinks. haha, no school.

Yes, terribly long time since my last update. Hoping to fix that.

I am a 15 year old American girl. Live in the States (that's all I'm sayin for you stupid stalker people).

I am a major book worm. Yeah, the list is rather long (I apologize for the last whatever you would call the updating of this part of the profile thing a ma jiggy... it was just really, really NOT my day. so heres something hopefully not quite so in your face.)

I like anything with fighting, as far as movies go... and sci-fi/fantasy. LOTR are the best damn movies ever made. Orlando is the hottest man, in holly wood, (had to amend that, i kno a few guys who aint so shabby, and one might actually complain, so there, just in case, whine your butt off to toto, see if she cares!! lol)

I wanna write for a living. Big whoop. There. It's revised, cuz the whole perky shit from two years ago annoyed the hell outta me. (yeah, it really really, did. it was bad.)

BTW, I seriously doubt that anything beside umm, here or on fiction press will get updated. I apologize. If you still have a problem, tell me and i will be more than happy to give a bigger one by shoving your effin comp up your ass. ( this i aint gonna change, cuz my life is stressed. school is stressful, having a job and outside activities is stressful. writing around that, while attemptign to finish five ( yeah, i can count, i said five) original novels, 2 poetry collections, and this, umm, it just aint happenin. so complain, maybe i'll try a little harder, or better yet, review...lol. again, not the greatest day.)

Yeah, can we tell toto pissed? (Toto's a nickname of mine.) (( well, i was. if you have a prob, then stop reading the frockin profile!!))

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