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Hello, I'm CTSael. Regardless of if you read what I'm currently posting on this site, just let me tell you that I'm not someone you should at all be inclined to talk to if you ever met me in person. Sure, I'm an oddball, and yes, I have friends who are even crazier than me, but I'm just not the type to... well... be very approachable. It's very different if I'm not looking at someone's face when I'm talking, so I tend to be more relaxed and (oftentimes) kinder if I'm talking to someone indirectly.

My favorite books: The Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass, and her sequel trilogies, The Wayfarer Redemption and DarkGlass Mountain, respectively. The Zoe Martinique Investigation series by Phaedra Weldon is always a great go-to for laughs, as well as the vampire love-story comedy series by Christopher Moore. Actually, any books by Christopher Moore are good for laughs, especially "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal". Let's see... I've always appreciated the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkein and the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. Don't get me started on the Japanese novels I've read. Excluding all the samurai and assassin stories (the really fun stuff), Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata has to be my favorite. If I'm not reading novels and short-stories, then I occasionally read manga. My favorite manga is definitely Vampire Game, although Skip Beat! is a near second.

My favorite movies: Way too many... as long it's not an outright Western, I'm willing to watch almost anything. Especially fantasy and/or foreign films. Among my favorites, the ones for which I hold the highest re-watch value are Slumdog Millionaire, Mononoke Hime (anything Miyazaki, really), Song of the Sea, and Un Monstre a Paris/A Monster In Paris. I also watch a bit of anime, to add onto that list.

My favorite video games: Well, Pokemon for starters. As much as I love playing it, I also love to bash it relentlessly. Other video games include Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series (particularly IV and VI), Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters series, Okami and Okami-den, Journey, the Silent Hill series, The Legend of Zelda series, and several more. Getting away from the console titles, I also love [World of] Warcraft.

I usually spend my leisure time writing my own original creations, but now I've finally decided to post some fanfics. Of course, not all of my fanfic ideas are ever going to make it onto the internet, as I have plenty listed under different titles. The main titles that I primarily read (and write) are Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. So, just to lay them out on the table for you, here's also a list of my favorite characters from each.

Chrono Trigger: #1 is Magus/Janus. (I discriminate between the two by referring to the Zealian prince as Janus and the Mystic as Magus. It's out of habit, not just because I'm writing a fanfic about Janus and Prophet[Magus].) Second is princess Schala. Number three is Alfador -- yes, the cat counts, dammit! -- I love the little fur-ball! And the last is Queen Zeal, though closely followed by Ayla.

Final Fantasy VI: I would never neglect to add Shadow to my team whenever possible, and I find both Sabin/Mash Rene Figaro and Relm Arrowny to be quite charming as well. I also really enjoy having Gogo as a playable character, this was my favorite boss from FFV. These four characters are always my first team to hit max level, stats, spell cap, etc. Though these may be my favorites major character-wise, my true #1 is actually Atma/Ultima Weapon. I doodle this creature excessively on an almost daily basis, as it's my favorite video game boss, period.

And here are the others:

Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters: This spin-off series is far more addicting than Pokemon could ever hope to be! Character-wise, Terry and Tara are fun (I wish Mileyu was playable in the spin-off series). The monster capturing and breeding processes are much better and far more complicated than what you'd find in a Pokemon game. My favorites are Coatol, Jamirus, EvilArmor, Shadow, WhipBird, Sagittar and the Incarnus. This doesn't mean that I exclude the main series of Dragon Quest from my favorites. Not in the least. VI is obviously my favorite, having Mileyu and Terry. If the new 3DS re-release of the original Monster title comes to America, I'm going to explode with happiness!! (But that also means that I will hardly ever be on the internet whatsoever, DQM is a world that I could be forever absorbed in.)

Final Fantasy IV: Cecil, Kain, Edge and Rydia. Including Eidolons, I'm particularly fond of Leviathan, although this can also be said for FFVI as well since he's an Esper summon in the re-releases.

Legend of Zelda: Both character-wise and story-wise, my favorites are Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Link's Awakening is also very close to my heart, as it's the very first Zelda game I ever got a personal copy of. Sheik is an obvious choice as a favorite, but I'm okay with that. As far as bosses/villains go, Bongo Bongo, Zant and Ghirahim I find the most fascinating/enjoyable to fight.

Mortal Kombat: OK, first off, I refuse to watch the rest of the movies after seeing how much they whacked it with the first one. So anything I know MK-related is all from the games. I've never thought too much about favorites, but I definitely have ones that I hate. Judging by my in-game records, my most-used character would be Scorpion, followed by Ermac, Mileena, Sub-Zero, then Sindel.

Okami and Okami-den: Who doesn't love Amaterasu? This pair of games is a set of those rare gems in which there aren't too many characters to dislike, although many may beg to differ where Okami-den is concerned. Almost every single character has a traditional Japanese folktale or myth tied to them, which is why I have such a major soft spot for these titles; I'm a sucker for Japanese mythology. Aside from the great sun goddess herself, my major favorites are Tsudzurao/Rao (both true and false identities), and certain individuals from the Moon Tribe: Ushiwakamaru, Kurow and Sugawara no Michizane (aka Phantom King or King Fury).

Pokemon: I love the older generation Pokemon, just like most fans of the franchise. However, the fifth and sixth generations have brainwashed me. While that does sound odd, these two generations have greatly expanded the play experience, as well as drastically modified my lists of favorite Pokemon. Johto is honestly the only region from which I like all three of the starters it offers. I'm just as tired as anyone else of fire/fighting, so Blaziken is the only one of this combination that I do love. My favorite starter of any region is Samurott, simple as that. The ones who immediately follow on my list are Serperior and Greninja.

Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits): Galford. :) Nakoruru, Charlotte, and Hattori Hanzo are also very fun fighters. This game has been with me for nearly as long as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, so it's very close for sentimental purposes. That doesn't mean that I can't still enjoy it even now. Time to bring out the SNES!

[World of] Warcraft: There are so many characters within the Warcraft universe, so I'll go ahead and say it outright -- I'm a complete fangirl when it comes to the Scourge. And when I say Scourge, I mean the true Scourge. Not that band of defectors known as the Knights of the Ebon Blade, although I do have mixed feelings about Darion and Koltira. Aside from certain significant figures of the true Scourge (Arthas/Lich King, Kel'Thuzad, Baron Rivendare, Lady Blaumeux, Sir Zeliek, Razuvious and Sindragosa), I'm also very attached to Nozdormu and Malygos of the Dragon Aspects.

I apologize for the length of time between updates, since I'm saddled with so many other things that prioritize over fanfiction. I promise that I am working on new chapters in the little spare time that I get. (I should really write out the final draft of the story before posting, shouldn't I? That would make updating much easier, and I could get a chapter in at least once a month!) :D I'm very open to healthy doses of criticism, but don't overdo it, OK? If there's something you see that I might be able to improve on, please tell me. It would be greatly appreciated! ;)

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